DWTS Season 11: The Final Three

FULL DISCLOSURE: Gremlins monkeyed with my DVR and for some reason, DWTS was not waiting for me. So, I’m watching it online and trying to type without being able to see what I’m listening to (so, if anyone wants to teach me how I can do that, email me – just keep it simple).

So, we’re down to the big show! Will the best three dancers or will that contestant who is most improved destined for the finale? Let’s count the time fillers and see how many times the show can stretch out the news we’re all waiting for! THIS… IS DANCING WITH THE STARS!

The show gets right to the leaderboard:

1. Jennifer & Derek – 60 points

2. Kyle & Lacey – 58 points

3. Brandy & Maks – 57 points

4. Bristol & Mark – 53 points

The judges chose Brandy& Maks Argentine tango for the encore. I actually peeked up at the TV Tuesday night and saw this. I predicted to a co-worker that this could mean Brandy’s going home. It’s true. I may strong-arm him into posting a comment to support this claim. Stay tuned.

Annie Lennox performed “Universal Child.”

Time filler alert: a taped piece with the stars talking about what they’ve learned about themselves. I shuttle through this (is it FF when you’re watching it online?).

First elimination! Jennifer & Derek are on the stage. After another taped piece rehashing Monday night, do we get to know their fates? NO! Commercial break! And they’re back. Cue the music and dramatic lighting. THEY’RE IN THE FINALS!

It’s time for the Macy’s Stars of Dance – Design a Dance. Derek & Cheryl performed a cha cha to “It’s Still Rock & Roll To Me.” You can read more about the concept behind the dance here.

Annie Lennox returned to perform “Little Bird.”

Time filler alert: a taped piece with the professionals talking about who deserves to make it to the finale. I’m not interested.

Next couple to learn their fate: Kyle & Lacey. At least they don’t have to wait through another commercial to learn THEY’RE SAFE!

Enrique Iglesias performed “I Like It.”

Back to the results, but first, a time filler recapping Bristol & Mark and Brandy & Maks week. They get the pleasure of sitting through one last commercial break before they know which one of them is headed for the finals. They do have to stand there and here the judges say nice things. Len said every week Brandy has impressed him. Len said no one on the show has had a journey like Bristol. The couple going home is… Brandy & Maks.

WHAT!?!? America, you surprise me. I agree that Bristol is the most improved, but there’s no way she can out dance Kyle or Jennifer next week! Or can she? We find out Monday.

If you want to see any of the elimination show online, go here.

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One Comment on “DWTS Season 11: The Final Three”

  1. Debbie Says:

    I think that Sarah’s tea party people got Bristal this far, because lets face she can NOT dance. If she wins and not Jennifer I will never watch your show again. She is not even a celeb, so why is she on it, because of mommy??????
    Sorry, very upset about this turn of events.

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