DWTS Season 11: The Semifinals

Is this the week America really bends over backwards to keep Bristol in the competition? Or will the other three stars rise up and leave the teen activist in their dancing dust? (Did you see what I did there with my words and the picture ?) It’s the semifinals, so I expect everyone to dance like they want that silly trophy. The couples perform two dances this week: one Latin, one ballroom. I’m so excited (and not just because I can finally see the light at the end of this recap tunnel)!

Couple: Brandy & Maks

Dance: Paso Doble

Brandy is putting her acting skills to the test here – either that or Maks is being so rough he’s actually hurting her. Brandy’s face is fierce, almost making up for her lady pirate costume. This is not bad, but it seems like more posing than paso. No? Hey! I spotted Monica, as in “The Boy is Mine” Monica. She was on her feet cheering for Brandy.

Len said Brandy came out 100%. He said it had a lot of aggression and attack. Len said it went a little bit quiet once or twice. Bruno thought Brandy needed to go to anger management. He said there were a couple of mistakes because she was so into it that she lost it. Carrie Ann agreed with Len and Bruno. She said she’s never seen Brandy more connected to a character. She thought Brandy’s upper body shapes were beautiful.


Dance: Argentine Tango

Before we get to the second dance, we get a refresher on the contestants. I call this “The Time Filler.” Look, if I needed to learn more about Brandy, I’d go to VH1 or Wikipedia. Can I have more dancing? I’m hitting FF on these. If you think I missed something, let me know. This was not easy choreography and I like it that way! Prove that you deserve to be here by doing a complicated dance and you might win me over (though it’s way too late to get my vote). Wow! Great lift! Great footwork! Perfection! Maks even lost an earring.

Len said Brandy moved in and out of the steps with ease. What he loved most was that Brandy created an atmosphere. Bruno said it was lush, voluptuous and had great emotional depth. Bruno started dancing in his chair. Note: I am so glad I don’t share office space with Bruno. Tom said Bruno’s book of effusive adjectives will be available for holiday gift giving. Carrie Ann said Brandy’s trouble is gone. She said it was a moment of – well, too many nice adjectives for me to keep up with. Perfect score?



Couple: Jennifer & Derek

Dance: Cha Cha Cha

I was a little disturbed by Derek blowing on the feathers of Jennifer’s dress before the taped piece of their rehearsal. Ahh. Flirting with the judges at the beginning of the performance. It’s a gimmick the judges usually like. I don’t know if it was Jennifer liking the song or her desire to get through this competition, but she was totally on! I should probably confess that it’s possible I stopped working Monday night to make sure I used up all my votes for Jennifer. Possible. What? I clearly cannot trust America to do this! Jamie Lee Curtis probably did the same. Did you see her in the audience?

Bruno started singing and dancing. He said Jennifer’s cha cha cha was luminous, vibrant and sexy. He said her execution was flawless. Carrie Ann was not disappointed except that Jennifer did “the shimmy booby thing” on Bruno and not on Len (or her). Len said Jennifer combined good technique, really high performance level, introduced fun and entertainment – no easy achievement. I smell a perfect score cooking…


Dance: Waltz

Oh. My. Banana Clip. Is that what’s happening with her hair? Sorry. I’ll try to watch the dancing. There’s no question that Jennifer is a great ballroom dancer. I can’t believe the transition she’s made from that saucy cha cha cha to this lovely waltz. So pretty and elegant. She almost reminds me of one of those dancers in a music box. Love.

Bruno said it was a gem of a waltz. He said it was full of stylish, elegant detail, danced with ease. He said her quality of movement is stunning. Carrie Ann said because the dance was so simple, she said it was one of the most beautiful things she’s ever seen. Len said sometimes a whisper can speak louder than a shout. He said this quiet, delicate, poignant – he said, “If I’m dreaming, don’t wake me up.” Whoa. Is she getting ANOTHER perfect score?



Couple: Bristol & Mark

Dance: Paso Doble

Mark and Bristol talked about why she’s still in the competition – is it her mom’s fans/Tea Party peeps or is it because she’s just like them (no dance training, no performance experience)? I say yes to all. The pressure seems to be getting to Bristol. OOOH! A solo to start the dance. Wait. What in the waxed chest is happening with Mark? I’m trying to focus on the fact that Bristol might be dancing better than she’s ever danced and all I can see is Mark’s shiny chest! The dance was good. Not super technical, but she did it. Definitely most improved celebrity in the competition.

Carrie Ann called Bristol over to the desk and hugged her. She said Bristol was on fire. She said Bristol came out and nailed it. Len said Bristol has been in the bottom two six times and while she’s fired a few blanks, tonight it was “all guns blazing.” Bruno said “the little lamb is turning into a tigress.” He said Bristol had beautiful Spanish lines.

SCORE: 27 (her best score)

Dance: Waltz

Oh, I don’t envy Bristol following Jennifer’s waltz with her own. This was more dramatic than Jennifer’s dance. WHAT HAS HAPPENED? BRISTOL IS A DANCER! I think this is her best dance of the season! If she does not get at least one “10” from the judges, I will be shocked! SOOO GOOD! Wait. What has happened to me? I’m cheering for Bristol? I can read lips and I see that her mother said it was beautiful. I agree.

Carrie Ann said there were moments where she thought Bristol drifted out. Len said there’s a vulnerability about Bristol’s dancing. He disagreed with Carrie Ann. He said it was beautiful. Bruno liked the way Bristol approached the dance – like the woman of mystery. He said Bristol has beautiful lines. He said Bristol had a journey and worked her way to this day.

SCORE: 26 (I’m kinda surprised by that score)


Couple: Kyle & Lacey

Dance: Samba

Moonwalk at the beginning? Yeah. I saw that. If Kyle were a dance, he’d be the samba. This kid clearly loves to dance and it shows here. He was really good! Not Jennifer good, but good. The crowd loved it.

Len said there’s no backstage drama with Kyle. He said Kyle has a bionic bum – he had more bounce to the ounce, great rhythm. Bruno said Kyle is a bouncing bundle of joy. He said Kyle is a natural generator of fun. He said Kyle can bounce. Not. Creepy. At. All? Carrie Ann said she’d never seen so much pelvic action. She said there was an amazing blend of bounce, entertainment and technique.

SCORE: 29 (Len gave it a 9)

Dance: Argentine Tango

What the – “Jai Ho?” For a tango? Do they tango in Bollywood? Great lifts! The music is so fast and it looks like Kyle’s feet are keeping up. I’m still rattled by this music. I don’t know what to think.

Len said Kyle is a star. He said he’s never seen anyone performed with so much attack and enthusiasm as Kyle does. Bruno said Kyle was strong, sharp and masculine. He loved that Kyle can switch between fun and drama. He said Kyle is “Mr. Charisma.” That’s not a trophy, Bruno. Carrie Ann said Kyle reminds her of Emmitt Smith.

SCORE: 29 (Len gave it a 9)


Tuesday night, Annie Lennox and Enrique Iglesias will perform. One couple will go home (again, eyes on you Bristol & Kyle – though I think Kyle has shown he deserves to be in the finals). If you want to know more about the music used during the show, click here. If you want to see the performances, watch ’em here.

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