DWTS Season 11: Eighth Elimination

It’s down to the wire, folks. Was it just me or did it seem like Tom asking “Has The Pistol fired her final round or will another front-runner go down in flames?” was questioning America’s ability to keep the better dancers in the competition?

The show started with an encore of Kyle & Lacey’s fantastic jive. Next up: a recap of their evening. I got another look at that mark on Lacey’s right side. I say tattoo. I will say tattoo until one of you can show me that it’s not ink. Kyle & Lacey learn their fate. They’re safe. YAY!

Dance Center is back. MY EYES! MY EYES! SHIRTLESS LEN! If there are typos in this post, it’s due to Lenblindness. It’s a real ailment. Look it up. Kenny Mayne, Jerry Rice (with his false eyelashes) and Len critique the contestants.

  • Kurt “Crunch Time” Warner: Len said Kurt’s previous experience working in a grocery store helps. He said Kurt’s sportsmanship has a will to win. Len said there’s nothing impressive about big hands as he was wearing a large hand. Creepy. There was tape of Kurt seeming to blow up competitors by hammering them with footballs.
  • Kyle Massey: Kenny asked what a Disney kid would have to rap about (good question). Len said Kyle has a great partner who motivates him. Then, they showed Lacey eating while Kurt rehearsed. Kenny made fun of their rehearsal attire – looked like PJs. Fashion commentary is interesting from guys wearing sheer shirts and glitter.
  • Bristol Palin: Kenny made some joke I didn’t understand about a Barth Palin. Len complimented Bristol’s footwork. Kenny and Len said her partner, Mark, is a great asset. Oh, no. Gorilla footage. Len said it was a bad move. Jerry agreed.

Taio Cruz performed Dynamite.

John Legend and The Roots performed Wake Up Everybody. Note: I am in awe of this TV magic. When I got home last night, The Roots were on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. That shoots in New York, this show shoots in Los Angeles. That’s a long flight,  yet they were on each show on the same night. MAGIC.

Kurt & Anna (4th place with 48 points) and Jennifer & Derek (1st place with 57 points) take the stage to learn their fates. Jennifer & Derek are safe. Kurt & Anna are in jeopardy.

After losing his cool Monday night with Carrie Ann, Maks said he was going to keep his cool. Then, he said, “Let us do our jobs.” Not cool, Maks.

Next, some pint-sized performers wowed the crowed. Nine-year-old Emily Bear played piano as 11-year-old Tyler Goldman & 11-year-old Sophia Latessa and 10-year-old Erik Linder and 9-year-old Rickie Taylor danced to Tutti Frutti. Once again, I make  my plea for the network to do a kid’s dancing competition. These tiny champs are so good! I want more of that!

John Legend and The Roots returned to perform Ordinary People.

More Dance Center.

  • Brandy: Brandy doesn’t like brandy, cognac, whiskey, scotch. Jerry loved The Boy is Mine. Len said Brandy has great hip action and posture. He said he loves Brandy. He looks forward to her every week. Kenny said it was every day. Then Jerry pulled out, what I presume was a bottle of brandy with Brandy on the label.
  • Jennifer Grey: Kenny accused Jennifer of faking injuries to get higher scores. Len said Jennifer was in the movie “Dirty Dancing” and was called baby. Then, video showing Derek holding her and rocking her. Len said we all need a bit of comforting. Kenny was upset that nobody comforted him when he got kicked off. Jerry put his arm around him. Video of Jennifer giggling.

Oh, my. Kenny and Jerry were wearing skirts.

Back to the elimination. Bristol & Mark (5th place with 47 points) and Brandy & Maks (1st place with 57 points) take the stage. Bristol & Mark are safe. What the huh? Brandy & Maks are in jeopardy.

Last results of the evening. The couple going home is…. Kurt & Anna.

Next week is the semi-finals. Jennifer & Derek, Brandy & Maks, Kyle & Lacey and Bristol & Mark will really have to shine. Or not. It’s all in the votes.

You can watch the show online here. We want to send you the finale (and you don’t even have to take me)! Go here to enter to win a trip.

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