DWTS Season 11: The 200th Episode

America, I can accept that you sent Audrina & Tony home if you can prove to me that the remaining six contestants deserve to be there. This week is the 200th episode. That’s a whole lotta dancing. Before we get to the competition, all the professionals perform to the first ever song used in the competition (Beyonce’s Crazy In Love). There is a whole lot of sparkly silvery material flying. OOOH! Crazy camera shots (live TV, folks). Next, a look at the stars from the previous seasons. Some of the seasons didn’t have a big turnout. These “stars” aren’t that big, so why couldn’t they all turn out for the show? The couples will be judged by some of the returning stars and there’s a team competition in the mix. And that’s how this show starts off.

Team Kristi

Couples: Rick & Cheryl, Bristol & Mark and Kyle & Lacey

Dance: Cha Cha Cha

Oh, Bristol. I don’t envy her having to be the only lady star dancing with two lady professional dancers. If she doesn’t nail this, it will be obvious. She was embarrassed during rehearsals. Cheryl told her it’s not embarrassing, it’s “hot.” They’re all suited up! Wait – change-a-roo! The girls are now in bring pink dresses! And Bristol is out of step. Rick & Cheryl get the first solo. This might be the first time I don’t notice how ridiculously tall Rick is. They were good! Bristol & Mark are next. Bristol’s face had attitude but she seemed to be performing the world’s slowest cha cha. Kyle & Lacey were the last couple out. Kyle seemed to believe he had this dance down. He even pulled out a few Michael Jackson moves. The group ending was in near perfect sync and they all looked like they were having fun. I liked it! I think Kristi will be proud!

Len said it’s a tough week for all of the couples. He thought they were the underdogs, but he said “You dogs have got quite a fight.” Bruno said he loved the boys with the Michael Jackson section. He said Rick kept up. Bruno said Bristol messed up but she did a good job. Carrie Ann said she liked the way they started the dance together. She said Bristol was right with them. She also said she’s never seen Rick on fire like that.


Team Apolo

Couples: Kurt & Anna, Brandy & Maks and Jennifer & Derek

Dance: Cha Cha Cha

Kurt’s in the same situation as Bristol – he’s the star sandwiched between the professionals. If he can’t keep up, it’ll show. Oh, Kurt has Apolo’s facial hair and bandana. But he is no Apolo. He’s the first to do a solo. Oh, holy 80s dance moves! I don’t know what to think of him. Brandy & Maks are next. I think she’s been taken over by Shakira because her hips are not lying. Jennifer & Derek are last. There is nothing slow about their performance.Why was Derek holding onto Kurt’s arm at the end? Was he trying to slow him down? Strange? It was fun, but I dug the other team dance.

Bruno stood up and danced and said, “You really got into it with the hood moves.” He also stole my Shakira note. Carrie Ann said they all worked at their best. Len thought the formation was tight. He thought they all upped their game individually.


Now, we get the single couple dances. They’ll also recreate a previous dance performed by one of six returning stars who will take turns at the judges’ table. I expect them to favor the nine and ten paddles.

Couple: Kyle & Lacey

Dance: Paso Doble

Mel B is the first to return. Tom explains she’s the one who started the “Squeeze Tom’s Butt” campaign. Kyle has to be tough and hot – like Maks. I’m going to pretend like I haven’t seen Maks do this. Kyle rehearsed shirtless and drew on abs. Oh, he chose to dance with a shirt. He’s too young and I’m no cougar, so I won’t say this was hot. It was definitely tough. Wow! It was really good!

Len said that was Kyle’s best dance. Mel B said it was amazing. She said Kyle blew him away and Lacey was very sexy. Bruno said Kyle had the attack and the energy of an untamed young bull. He said Kyle has to keep his shoulders down. Carrie Ann said that was a hard number to match up to. She said Kyle had his own power and strength.



Couple: Kurt & Anna

Dance: Tango

Emmitt Smith is back! He said his tango was the worst. I want to root for Kurt, but he seems to be melting down during the rehearsals. What’s with the fake gun pose? Once they dumped the gun fingers and were in hold, Kurt seemed to be a little more comfortable. This was technically good, but not hot. I want heat!

Bruno said “Secret Agent Warner, you went from last week, Mission Impossible, to this week, Mission Accomplished.” He pointed out Kurt’s posture problems. Carrie Ann said what made Emmitt great was not his footwork, but his character. Kurt brought his own character to it. She said his posture had an authoritative tone. Emmitt said he understand’s Kurt having his neck forward (that’s a football thing). He said Kurt looked good and his technique was good. Len said he’s been critical of Kurt, but he comes back stronger each time. He said the dance was sharp and had drama. He said Kurt has to work on his knees and his hold.



Couple: Bristol & Mark

Dance: Viennese Waltz

Kelly Osbourne is the next star to return. She looks fantastic! Oh, these two girls are so similar, but so different. I think this could be a good moment for Bristol. She seems most comfortable in the ballroom dances, so fingers crossed! Wow! She has never looked more graceful. Considering this is her second dance of the night, I am actually quite impressed by her not forgetting the steps. I think this might be her best dance of the season!

Carrie Ann said Bristol has the power to touch people. She said Bristol is still slightly detached. Kelly said Bristol stole her heart. She said Bristol was unbelievable. Len said Bristol and Mark still lack a bit of chemistry, but he thought they had the dance down technically. Bruno said Bristol needs to connect a bit more. But he said she did very well.



Couple: Rick & Cheryl

Dance: Quick Step

Helio Castroneves! Has there ever been a happier contestant? And his dance was so fast and fun that I can’t wait to see how it’s recreated. Instead of duplicating Helio’s banana suit, Rick has gone green (with envy, no?). Rick’s girlfriend, Eliza Dushku, showed up during rehearsals and danced a bit with him. I smell an invite for next season! I think I liked this as much as I liked Helio’s dance. So crazy fast and Rick was having fun.

Len said Rick came out and enjoyed himself and it was slick, quick and good. Bruno said the dance had throttle. He said Rick had more faces than Jim Carrey. Helio said it was incredible. He noticed Cheryl put a lot of his moves in the dance. He was surprised Rick stole his kiss at the end. Carrie Ann said Mr. Banana Man had to pass the torch to Mr. Green Giant. She said it was Rick’s best dance.



Couple: Brandy & Maks

Dance: Fox Trot

Gilles Marini is back (sorry ladies, he’s wearing a shirt). He wants to see Brandy take charge. I think she can. And she did from the very first beat of the music. So good! She just keeps getting better.

Bruno said it was a fox trot sizzling with sex. He said every step was driven by relentless eroticism (creepy alert: he has enough for three months). He spotted a mistake. Gilles said the performance was unreal. Carrie Ann said Brandy attacked the sensuality and had elegance. Len said he’s surprised about the judges pointing out a slight mistake when he’s just seen a fantastic fox trot.



Couple: Jennifer & Derek

Dance: Tango

The last star to return: Drew Lachey. I said it last week, and I’ll say it again. I really expect Jennifer to come back strong. She had been at the top of the leaderboard for so long, she had to fall and be the underdog so some of you would stop saying she’s a shoe-in. And… she’s back! YAY! I loved it!

Carrie Ann said (through tears) what no one loves more is to see somebody come back after a really tough week and blow the doors down. Len said all that frustrated was vented in the tango. It had tension, passion attack. Drew said her lines were beautiful. He said Jennifer has to just get down to it and suck it up – she has a real shot. Bruno said it was like watching a Phoenix rising from her own ashes more splendid than ever. He said Jennifer can go all the way.



After seeing the returning stars, I really want this show doesn’t do a champions show – bring ’em all back and let’s see who’s the best! If not the champions, then how about the runners-up? ABC, can you hear me? Is this thing on? Tuesday night, Taylor Swift and Rod Stewart will perform (not together, I don’t think). There will also be a performance from the cast of the “Mary Poppins” musical. Also, one couple will go home (looking at you Kurt & Kyle). If you want to watch the show, click here. For information on the music, click here.

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  1. raymondj Says:

    I love your play-by-play! do you ever liveblog while watching? I would love to do a roundtable some day with other DWTS geeks. I write recaps too.

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