DWTS Season 11: Fourth Elimination

I heard you people loud and clear yesterday: The Situation must go! But did your votes match your feelings? Or did someone who actually can dance without making me flinch get the boot? Let’s get to the results.

No messing around at the beginning of the show. The three top scorers (Jennifer & Derek in first place with 56 points, Brandy & Maks in second place with 48 points, Audrina & Tony in third place with 46 points) find out where they stand. They’re all safe. That’s good. These three will likely be in the finale (unless one of the guys steps it up).

Next stop: audience predictions. FF.

The judges brought back Jennifer and Derek’s Argentine tango. Anyone else think no other star could pull off this dance?

Goo Goo Dolls performed a medley of their hits. I’m not goo goo for these dolls, so I can’t tell you exactly which songs they played. If you know ’em, drop ’em in the comments section for your fellow readers.

Tom brought up Len’s comment about us not seeing him take off his shirt. Oh. My. Naked. Video of Len and the “Dance Center” guys topless. MY EYES! MY EYES! Tom said now he knows what to get Len for Christmas: exercise equipment.

More results. Bristol & Mark (eighth place with 32 points) and Kyle & Lacey (fourth place with 40 points) take the stage. Kyle & Lacey are safe. Bristol & Mark are in jeopardy.

After the break, back to the results. The two athletes are on the stage. Kurt & Anna (seventh place with 34 points) and Rick & Cheryl (fifth place with 39 points) are waiting. The next couple safe: Rick & Cheryl (sans mustache, thank you very much). Kurt & Anna are in jeopardy. Boos from the audience.

Oh, joy. A time filler. Len tells how to score a ten. For one point: just show up. Two points: move your left foot. Three points: move your right foot. Four points: get through the routine. Example: Billy Ray Cyrus doing something. Five points: show rhythm (stop the slow motion Hoff). Six points: show potential. Seven points: chemistry between the couple. Eight points: get on with the dance, no messing about – come out with confidence. Nine points: not sure what the tip is here except that a nine from Len is a ten from Bruno and Carrie Ann. Ten points: great technique, performance, personality, chemistry and something that lights up the ballroom. I have no idea what I just typed.

Back to the show. The cast seemed to take off. Tom called them back and reminded everyone about the Design a Dance contest. Someone was a little hands-on with Tom (he must have one great behind as it seems everyone grabs it). Macy’s Stars of Dance performed a dance from Forever Tango.

Florence & The Machine performed an acoustic version of their “Dog Days Are Over.”

Back stage, The Sitch didn’t think it was fair that he received fours. He & Karina (ninth place with 28 points) and Florence & Corky (sixth place with 35 points) take the stage. Can I deduct points for The Sitch calling the judges “unpositive?” Florence & Corky are safe. The Sitch & Karina are in jeopardy.

Another time filler. This time, we hear from the couples about what their week is like. Excuse me if I don’t pity them. They’re getting paid to learn to dance. And workout. WAAAAH.

The last three couples are back on the stage. Oh, please make The Sitch make his chest stop dancing. Tom said Bruno just gave The Sitch a ten. Ew. Annnnnd commercial break.

The next couple safe: Kurt & Anna. The couple going home: The Sitch & Karina. Whew! Don’t worry, Sitch fans. He’ll be back for the finale. Bristol & Mark gets to dance again (and for her sake, I hope it’s not an uncomfortable sexy-type dance).

Next week: TV theme week! Bets on whether Florence Henderson gets something Brady Bunch-y?

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One Comment on “DWTS Season 11: Fourth Elimination”

  1. Ado Says:

    best talents don’t go there
    They don’t need to proove anything,i got tired of watching ppl that don’t know how to dance…

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