DWTS Season 11: Latin Night

So, judging by last week’s comments, you people want out of this “Situation.” It’s Latin Night (or “Acoustic Week” as the hosts called it), so I expect him to put on a show (and by “show,” I mean “show his abs”). Also, this week, the stage has been transformed, the stars are getting two scores and they can do lifts without Carrie Ann waving her finger at them. Can The Situation keep up? Or will he be lost in the land of Latin dance? Let’s get to the dancing!

The dance floor is round and smaller, bringing the audience right up to the performers.  This means everyone will get a good look at their footwork. The music is acoustic, which the professionals say is a new challenge – not just for the stars, but also for the pros.

Couple: Kurt & Anna

Dance: Rumba

During rehearsal, Kurt admitted it was a challenge for him to dance intimately with someone who’s not his wife. Kurt’s wife and Anna’s husband came in to try to make him more comfortable with the moves. He certainly seems comfortable in the beginning. I know I should be looking at Kurt’s feet and hips, but I can’t take my eyes off his bow tie, which seems glued to his shirt. I’m watching this a second time so I can focus on the dancing. I see the pancake hands Bruno has been talking about. I liked it. Didn’t love it.

Len said Kurt had nice hip action. He didn’t like Kurt’s pivots. He thought Kurt and Anna didn’t go over the top with the romance. Bruno said there is still something about Kurt’s hands. Bruno stood up to demonstrate and said it sometimes looked like Kurt was going to smack Anna. He said the performance was more like brother and sister than raunchy. Carrie Ann liked the chemistry between the pair. She thought there was a good balance between them and the audience, too. She said the technique lacked and Kurt’s musicality was off. Note: Kurt said it was his and his wife’s 13th anniversary. Bet he’d have rather danced that with her!




Couple: Brandy & Maks

Dance: Rumba

Lots of Maks lecturing Brandy on how to be sexy and have feeling during rehearsals. Maks took Brandy on a little “date” to try to get her in the mood. Brandy lectured Maks on how to give flowers to a girl. Oh boy. Brandy’s wearing one of those sheet-like costumes. I am afraid she’ll get caught in the back side of it. Her arms are lovely. It was hard to see some of the moves through that costume. It was romantic. I liked it.

Bruno said he’s loving the mood of soft, sensuality. He said “it was like  watching two lovers stealing a moment of passion in a moonlit garden.” He said technically, sometimes Brandy’s hands went erratic. He said she needs to step differently to move her hips. Carrie Ann said she’s been waiting for the real Brandy to show herself and it was like her comeback night. She was lost in Brandy’s eyes. She said Brandy needs more strength in her legs. Len said the technique was good. He wanted Brandy to settle more into her standing. He said the dance was too spicy for his taste, but he still appreciated it.




Couple: Rick & Cheryl

Dance: Argentine Tango

Rick is afraid he’s going to toss Cheryl into the audience or that they’ll fall off the stage. No pressure. I wanted them to get right to it. It took a few beats, but once they did, they didn’t mess around. The lifts were great. The kicks were clean. I didn’t notice them out of step one bit. That last lift, I thought Rick was going to launch Cheryl into the ceiling! Favorite dance so far!

Carrie Ann said they came out looking like the cover of a romance novel, but said it felt one-dimensional. She didn’t feel that the passion was steaming out of them to create the movement. She thought Rick was concentrating too hard. She didn’t think Rick was fully committed. Len thought the lifts were excellent. He said Rick’s legs could have been crisper and sharper. He said the dance started full of intensity and drama, but  it lost that energy. Bruno said it was “like Clark Gable, frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn and I’m going to get it.” He said some of the passes were like megatron. He didn’t think it came across as well as it could have been.




Couple: Kyle & Lacey

Dance: Rumba

I like Kyle. It just seems a bit creepy to watch this young man be sexy on the dance floor. I don’t have cougar tendencies, but if I like this 19-year-old’s moves, does that make me a little bit sick in the head? What in the crazy tights is happening with Lacey? Oh, I see. The design from her dress is continuing down her leg. Rewind again to start this performance over. Not exactly a sexy dance, but Kyle is performing like a man, not a boy. He’s taken charge here. His feet are really good. I like this (and not the least bit in a creepy way).

Len said Kyle’s footwork was better. It was a little too sharp for Len. He said the performance was excellent. Bruno said Kyle always plays it well. He said Kyle has moments of fluidity, then Bruno jumped up and showed his kung fu moves. Carrie Ann thought it had an innocence to it and she liked it. She said Kyle spent more attention on the footwork, but he was uneven in his arm work. She loved the performance.




Couple: The Situation & Karina

Dance: Argentine Tango

Watching rehearsals, I see The Sitch is going to have some problems on the technical aspect (not his strength so far). Karina either has no fear or doesn’t mind hitting the floor as she’s challenging him with lifts. I wish I had a third hand that could cover my eyes while I watch and type. First lift, brave and well-executed (it takes strength and courage to do a full roll from the knees like that). The Sitch is strong, so the lifts don’t scare me nearly as much as his footwork. Those darned pigeon toes are even more obvious in red shoes. He lost his footing a bit towards the end. And when he kicked towards Karina, he was *this*close to hitting her in the face. Love the lifts, the footwork – not so much.

Bruno said it was a terrible mess. He said it “was like watching someone put together a puzzle and it never quite makes sense.” He said there were an incredible amount of mistakes. He said it was terrible. Carrie Ann welcomed The Situation’s abs to the show. She said it was a rough ride. She did see true improvement. She said his hardest thing is the walking. Len said it was consistent – it was bad throughout. He congratulated Karina for doing a great job with The Situation.




Couple: Florence & Corky

Dance: Rumba

This is another couple that makes me a little uneasy. PLEASE DON’T LET MRS. BRADY WEAR ANYTHING SUPER SHORT OR REVEALING. PLEASE DON’T LET MRS. BRADY WEAR ANYTHING SUPER SHORT OR REVEALING. OK. Now that I have that out of my system, I’m ready to watch them dance. I think. Oh, good. Longer dress. I thought this was supposed to be a sensual dance. It looks a bit angry and stiff. Like they’re not sure if they like each other. There was something off about this. I have never wished for a dance to end like I am with this. I think it was a hot mess. But I still love Florence! Also, her legs are amazing!

Carrie Ann has her hands over her face and asked, “What just happened? You’re Mrs. Brady!” She got a little uncomfortable. Len said it was much better than he expected. He said it was well done. Bruno said he didn’t know if it was scary, spicy, dramatic, funny. He said Florence lost timing and the hips weren’t working. He’s seen better.




Couple: Jennifer & Derek

Dance: Argentine Tango

Jennifer is hurt (pinched nerve in her foot). She apologized to Derek for being old. I think she’s a good enough actress to dance without showing any sign of pain. Wow! She has amazing extension in her arms and legs. She was in complete control of her movement during this dance. She is why I will never take a dance lesson – too good in what appears to be a very challenging routine. Derek doesn’t seem to cut her any slack. I know there are a couple of other dances left, but this is my favorite of the night!

Len said it was a dance that combined excellent technique and great performance skills. He said it was a magnificent combination. Bruno said this is “prime time delight!” He said it was fantastic. He said the intricacy of what she did was beyond belief. Her musicality was unsurpassed. Carrie Ann said the precision and the passion were incredible. She said it was “UH-MAZE-EEENG.” I predict a few ten paddles here.


PERFORMANCE SCORE: 29 (Len was the only holdout)


Couple: Bristol & Mark

Dance: Rumba

The second 19-year-old star to have to take on the sexy side. Oh my gosh! That baby of hers is super cute! Sadly, it’s a reminder that she’s a young lady. Fine line with the sexiness-raunchiness. Uh oh. Bristol starts the dance on the floor with a shirt covering her sparkly granny bathing suit. I’m so confused. She does not appear comfortable. It’s almost like she’s sleep walking through the dance. What? Helping Mark with his shirt off? Oh no. I am not feeling this at all. I can’t read minds, but I’m not sure that her parents wanted to be sitting so close to that.

Bruno said Bristol’s always clean, but her moves never go anywhere. He said she does a move and then goes vacant. Carrie Ann said Bristol has really beautiful moves, but there’s no effort. She feels like Bristol is dancing for Mark. She called Bristol out and said she wants to see Bristol dance with more intensity. She said Mark’s topless self was a distraction. Len said, “You don’t see me taking me shirt off and exposing me self to everyone.” He wants to see more “we and less me” out of the performance. Tom reminded Len the Halloween show is coming up. PLEASE DON’T LET LEN TAKE OFF HIS SHIRT!




Couple: Audrina & Tony

Dance: Argentine Tango

I am shocked, SHOCKED I SAY, at how good Audrina is! Maybe I had no expectations, but she is a dancer! She seemed to move effortlessly here. She has total trust in Tony as he leans and carries her to the very edge of that smaller, round stage. Wow! I’d give Audrina a ten!

Carrie Ann enjoyed it, but she said Audrina needs to work on extending her foot past the toe. She said Audrina lacks energy past the ankle (huh?). She said Audrina came down a little hard on some of the lifts. She said the performance was good. Len thought the lifts were good. He thought the routine was clever. He said he didn’t get transported to a seedy club in Buenos Aires. Tony said the musical wasn’t traditional. Len said he didn’t get the feeling that it was hot and raunchy. Ew. Bruno said it was effective, but Audrina performed like the ice queen. He said technically, it wasn’t bad at all. He said Audrina didn’t point her feet, so it wasn’t sharp.




Tuesday night, Goo Goo Dolls and Florence and The Machine will perform. Forever Tango will also take the stage. Oh, and one couple will go home (The Sitch, Florence and Bristol, I’m looking at you). If you want to watch the performances, go here. If you want to know more about the music used during the show, go here.

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