DWTS Season 11: Third Elimination

I knew when I saw these costumes there was no way Margaret’s samba could be great. But would it be bad enough to send her home? That was up to the voters. Let’s see how this story finishes.

The elimination show started with what Len called, “Possibly not the best dance of the evening, however, there was something fascinating about it.” The Sitch and Karina did their fox trot. I hit FF because I can’t sit through that again.

Then, the first group learns their fate. Audrina & Tony (first place with 26 points), Brandy & Maks (second place with 24 points), Jennifer & Derek (second place with 24 points) and Rick & Cheryl (second place with 24 points) take the stage. Audrina & Tony and Kurt & Anna are safe. Kyle & Lacey are in jeopardy.

Ne-Yo performed One In A Million.

Update on the Macy’s Design A Dance Performance. The music has been chosen (Billy Joel’s It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me). Now, you can choose the pro dancer to perform.

First time filler: Donny Osmond walking the streets of Las Vegas to ask people about dance and the show.

Back to the results. Rick & Cheryl, Brandy & Maks and Jennifer & Derek are waiting. The next couple safe: Jennifer & Derek. The next couple in jeopardy: Rick & Cheryl. They celebrated. Brooke repeated “in jeopardy” and they put on their sad faces. Brandy & Maks are safe.

Maks’ brother, Val, and Mark went head to head. They didn’t wrestle. Val played the violin and Mark played the guitar (Mark called this a “string dual to death”), then had a dance off. Side note: Val’s hot. Why isn’t he on the show more often? Anyone else notice Mark makes the same strange faces while playing guitar that he makes while dancing? Tom called that “High Noon with spandex.” Oh, no winner chosen? I choose Val. Debate amongst yourselves.

Michael Bolton is back to perform Hallelujah. I notice the faces he makes while singing are like the ones he made when he was dancing. Kind of strange since the song is beautiful and shouldn’t hurt him to sing (he was in pain when he was dancing, wasn’t he?). Michael was a last-second substitute for Susan Boyle. Michael talked about how great it was to see the stars and pros. No mention of Bruno (though there was a shot of Bruno with a smile on his face). End of scandal?

The next couples take the stage. Bristol & Mark (ninth place with 19 points), The Sitch & Karina (seventh place with 20 points), Florence & Corky (seventh place with 20 points) and Margaret & Louis (tenth place with 18 points) all must wait through a commercial break to learn their fates. The next couples safe: The Sitch & Karina and Florence & Corky. The couples in jeopardy: Bristol & Mark and Margaret & Louis.

Another time filler. This one has the stars talking about how emotional each week of training is. I would feel sorry for them if they weren’t being paid to work out. Yes. Bitter, party of one.

The four couples in jeopardy return to the stage. The next couple safe: Kyle & Lacey. With three couples left, that seems like a fantastic time to take a commercial break. (Sarcasm)

Side note: Anyone else want one of those dancing Mickey dolls? I rolled my eyes the first time I saw the ad, now I think I must have one for my desk!

Back to business. The next couple safe: Rick & Cheryl. They can celebrate for real this time. The couple going home: Margaret & Louis. Bristol & Mark get to dance another week.

If you want to see the elimination show, go here. Next week, the couples will perform either the Argentine tango or the rumba. I can’t wait to see how the remaining nine couples take on the sexy dances! I predict more skin and more spray tans!

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