DWTS Season 11: Second Elimination

The pain. The agony. I’m not just talking about what it looks like Michael Bolton was experiencing on the dance floor Monday night. This dance hurt me, too, Michael. And can you see the faces on those audience members? They don’t exactly look like they were enjoying this either. Did the voters (also known as those of you with phones and computers) want to take the pain away – or will we suffer through  yet another performance from the dog house?


That was my Tom Bergeron. Needs work? Whatever. Let’s get to the results.

Kyle & Lacey and Brandy & Maks are the first couples to learn their fates. Kyle & Lacey were in third place with 22 points. Brandy & Maks were in fifth place with 21 points. Wow. Those two argue a LOT. Kyle & Lacey are safe. Brandy & Maks are in jeopardy.

Tom said Bruno is in jeopardy with some of the audience. Bruno said, “Fox is waiting.” Is he going to that other dance show? HMMM. Tom said Bruno was harsh with his comments about Michael. Bruno said, “I’m the nicest person ever. I think Rin Tin Tin would have done a better jive. He’s a fantastic singer. He’s a wonderful person. It’s nothing personal. But I’m here to call it like I see it.” And he did. Len said disagreed. He said, “As much as you can think that sometimes I am a harsh job, I always try to show a little bit of positive, and maybe then some negative…He was too harsh.” Bruno told Len not to “wind it up.” Len asked Bruno to give a little bit of encouragement. Tom broke up that little judge fight.

Len said everyone agreed about the encore dance: Kyle & Lacey returned to do their fun quick step.

Janelle Monae performed “Tightrope.”

Florence said if she made it to week three, she’d lock lips with Bruno. Then, she said if she makes it to week four, she’d lock hips with him. EW. The Situation said he’s willing to put in the work and time to see if he can make it happen. He speaks athlete speak – words that say nothing. Bristol said she’s excited to keep improving. Brooke sent those three couples out to the floor to learn their fates. Brooke then asked Jennifer and Derek about the booing that has been implied was directed at Sarah Palin. Video rolled showing the judges giving their scores. The crowd booed and the judges were shocked. The crowd started yelling, “NINE!” Ahh. The other side. Who knew DWTS was fair and balanced? Tom said Sarah Palin was surprised by the controversy because “She was booing you guys (the judges), too.”

Florence & Corky were in eighth place with 19 points. The Sitch & Karina were in ninth place with 18 points. Bristol & Mark were in third place with 22 points. The next couples safe: Florence & Corky and Bristol & Mark. The Sitch & Karina are in jeopardy.

The next couples to take the stage: Audrina & Tony and Jennifer & Derek. Audrina & Tony were in second place with 23 points. Jennifer & Derek were back in first place with 24 points. Both couples are safe. As they should be!

Next, a time filler. We get a glimpse at the dancers’ rituals. Basically, these dancers are crazy. Examples: Derek puts his socks in the fridge. Corky sniffs the ballroom floor. Cheryl puts hand sanitizer under her armpits. Louis has to eat chocolate cake. Lacey has to eat her mom’s chocolate chip cookies. I will not discuss my pre-NightBeat ritual here. Don’t even think about asking.

A reminder about that design a dance: the cha cha cha has been chosen, now voters choose the song.

Macy’s Stars of Dance take the stage to perform a dance that should not be tried at home unless you’re really bendy.

Seal performed “Weight of My Mistake.”

Another time filler: this one shows how competitive the couples are. I’m not interested in these unless we see them sabotaging one another. Here’s where I hit the FF on my remote.

Four more couples take the stage. Michael & Chelsie were in last place with 12 points. Kurt & Anna were in fifth place with 21 points. Rick & Cheryl were also in fifth place with 21 points. Margaret & Louis were in ninth place with 18 points. The next couples safe: Kurt & Anna, Margaret & Louis.  Rick & Cheryl and Michael & Chelsie have to wait through yet another commercial break.

Back with more results…

Rick & Cheryl are safe. Note: Anyone else think Michael looks like he absolutely does not want to be there? UGH. Another commercial break?

AAAAAAANNNNNNDDDDD we’re back. The final three couples are on the stage. The next couple safe: Brandy & Maks. The Sitch & Karina and Michael & Chelsie are the only ones left. The couple leaving: Michael & Chelsie. Michael apologized to Chelsie. He wanted Chelsie to go on. He said it was disappointing. His body language seems to be saying, “I’m so glad I’m outta here!” Me, too, Michael. Me, too!

Will The Sitch find his groove? Will Jennifer get a perfect score? Will Bruno find his happy place? We may find answers next week. Or not.

If you want to see the show online, go here. To vote on design a dance, go here.

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One Comment on “DWTS Season 11: Second Elimination”

  1. I was very excited to see Michael Bolton go home from DWTS. Bruno was a little rough but Bolton was not worth watching. Little did we know he would never go away.

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