DWTS Season 11: First Elimination

The first cut is the deepest. That’s what I learned from Sheryl Crow. Somehow, the first cut on Dancing With The Stars doesn’t hurt me as much. If you’ve been living in a cave, the photo you see is a bit of a spoiler. If you have turned on the television this morning, you know who was eliminated. Still, I hope you’ll stick around and read my recap, then weigh in!

Santana took the stage to perform Oye Como Va. I have to say, hearing this song shortly after I rolled out of bed is better than any alarm clock! The bright, barely there dresses worn by Cheryl, Anna and Kym made me think I should get off the sofa and work out. Nope. Dedicated to you people and this here recap. Besides, I get to see Maks and Tony dance. Corky was in on this routine, too.

Let’s get to the leaderboard:

1. Jennifer & Derek – 24 points

2. Brandy & Maks – 23 points

2. Kyle & Lacey – 23 points

4. Rick & Cheryl – 22 points

5. Kurt & Anna – 19 points

5. Audrina & Tony – 19 points

7. Florence & Corky – 18 points

7. Bristol & Mark – 18 points

9. Michael & Chelsie – 16 points

10. The Situation & Karina – 15 points

10. Margaret & Louis – 15 points

10. The Hoff & Kym – 15 points

The first couples safe: Michael & Chelsie and Margaret & Louis. WHAT!?! America, you failed me!

I love that Tom admitted the reason for all the waiting is that they have an hour to fill. This show is filled with fillers that aren’t always filling.

Adam Carolla is back to explain the origins of the dances. It’s called the “Tour de Dance.” First stop, the US. The jive was developed in Harlem. Adam said the variations were all named after The Hoff’s various hair styles. Next stop, Cuba. Adam said the rumba is described as making love on the dance floor. Adam apologized for doing that once. Ugh. Next destination, Brazil. The samba was invented here and is often performed at Carnival – not that place where there are clowns. Unicycle ride to Vienna leads us to the waltz. Adam said it’s the oldest dance on the tour, dating back to the 16th century. Wait. It was invented by Len? Next up, England, home of the quick step. Final stop, Southern France. Adam said the paso doble was influenced by flamenco, not to be confused by Bruno’s first record label, Flamin, Co.

Another performance to fill some time. Daughtry performed September. Same professionals danced. This time they had different costumes.

Brooke visited backstage with the four highest scoring stars. I noticed the makeup lady behind Brandy trying to put makeup on the singer’s hair? Oh. I get it. This interview was staged. OOOOH! It’s all clear to me now. Here’s where I disclose that I’ll be fast forwarding (code FF) through these bits.

Len said last night was absolutely fabulous. He said there was some great dancing. Some couples may not  have been the best dancers, but there was plenty of entertainment.

The next couples safe: Jennifer & Derek and Rick & Cheryl.

Another performance to break things up. Santana returned with India.Arie to perform While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

More backstage interview. Florence has wanted to do the show from the beginning. Hmmm. Wonder why they waited so long to bring her on? What would have happened if she danced when she was five years younger? Great. Now that’s all I’ll think about every time she dances!

The next time filler: a taped piece showing the stars all meeting for the first time. I’m only watching to see if anyone says anything bad about the competition. Most interesting piece of information I gained: Bristol drove her truck to LA from Alaska. The Sitch said he didn’t know there were roads that made that possible. Clearly he works his abs more than his brain.

The next couples safe: Audrina & Tony and Florence & Corky.

Santana returned to perform Photograph with Chris Daughtry.

Santana predicted Kurt Warner would do better than Rick Fox. One more taped piece to fill some time. The pros talked about wanting to win. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Does anyone expect a professional to say, “I’m just here for the paycheck. I really don’t care if we win.”

Six couples are still waiting for their fate and there’s about ten minutes left on the show. See? Tom was not joking when he said they were filling an hour.

The next couples safe: Brandy & Maks and Bristol & Mark. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd break.

Here’s where the suspense ends. No more commercials left in the show. The last of the results: Kurt & Anna, The Situation & Karina are safe. That leaves The Hoff & Kym and Kyle & Lacey. Sorry, The Hoff. America has hassled you one more time. I just hope his next TV adventure does not include dancing. I cannot take much more of that.

A reminder: the “Design a Dance” contest is back. Vote here through Friday. You can also watch the competition and elimination show online right here. I’ll be back next Tuesday with a recap of the second performance. See you then!

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One Comment on “DWTS Season 11: First Elimination”

  1. I really admire Jennifer Grey’s tribute to Patrick Swayze on DWTS. Last night was just special. They got to dance to a song that is so iconic and it triggered great memories.

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