DWTS Season 10: And The Winner Is…

Nicole! Go ahead and say she’s a dancer and shouldn’t have been on the show. My argument: the dancing she’s used to is not at ALL like what she did on this show. That’s why her choreography was so much tougher – and the judges were tough on her, too! Enough with that. Here’s a recap of the final show.

First up, what I guess you could call a treat. Booted contestants take the stage for a reminder of why they aren’t in the finale. The pros did most of the actual dancing. Aiden, Buzz, Niecy and Pam did a little bit of dancing. Kate did a bit of shaking her hip and walking. Nice to know she learned something from all of this. Yes, Bitter, Party of One. Chad did not perform. He was hurt in football practice and won’t be performing on this show. Watching the intro to the final three performance, I’m listening to the audience applaud and cheer for what seems like an eternity.

ON TO THE PERFORMANCES!!! This first dance is their favorite. The judges will rank them for final pecking order.

Couple: Nicole & Derek

Dance: Argentine Tango

I have no idea how Derek moved with Nicole wrapped around him like a pretzel, but those stairs should be scared! I would be surprised if Nicole does not nail this. She is in complete control of her legs. I can’t stop watching them. I love this more than I did the first time I saw it! Dancing like a champ!!!

Len said it had intensity, passion, artistry. He said it was an irresistable combination. He said it was Argentine tango. Bruno said he was happy to see the magic continues. He called it rich, luscious and devastating intensity – the glory that is Argentine tango embodied in the two of them. Carrie Ann said each step, move and lift was artistry in motion.

Couple: Evan & Anna

Dance: Argentine Tango

I don’t envy them. It was Evan’s best dance, but he has to perform it (again) and right after Nicole just crushed it. Very nice. That lift where he spins around with Anna’s leg on his shoulder – it was like they were going to take off and fly like a helicopter. I felt a connection with these two. About time!

Bruno said Evan danced the tango like a real lady killer – strong, powerful, a hint of menace. He kept it slick and stylish. He kept the energy under control and pitched it at the right moment. Carrie Ann said this was their redemption dance. She said it was beyond perfect. Len said it was the most fantastic season – the highest standard he has ever known. He said people should not try that lift at home. Len said Evan was leading the dance and did a fantastic job.

Couple: Erin & Maks

Dance: Argentine Tango

Really? Nobody told them they were all doing the same dance? So, I guess this is where Erin loses it? That leap off the stage onto Maks’s chest – wow! Unlike Nicole’s dance, I am not watching Erin’s legs. I’m watching her face. She had this weird look – like a smirch or something. It bothered me.

Carrie Ann said it was great to see them all side-by-side doing the same dance. She said from that lift, Erin was in another zone. She said it was beautiful. Len said judging these three tangos is the hardest job they’ve ever had. Maks said, “Imagine dancing them.” Len acknowledged the hard work. He said Erin proved she is in the contest on merit. He said she has come the furthest from the beginning. Bruno called her a “sexy, sophisticated mantra.” He said out of all of the competitors tonight, Erin had the most spectacular growth.

Here’s how they rank:

  1. Nicole & Derek – 30 points
  2. Evan & Anna – 28 points
  3. Erin & Maks – 26 points

Full disclosure: Since I’m watching this Wednesday morning, I’m forwarding through the taped pieces because I don’t want to sit in front of my laptop all AM.

In order of their exit, the eliminated couples return.

  • Shannen & Mark – did she get better?
  • Aiden & Edyta – still wanted a little bit of personality out of him.
  • Buzz & Ashley – I have never been more worried about someone breaking a hip than I am right now. AMERICAN HERO. AMERICAN HERO. OK. He was as Buzz as Buzz can get. In sequins.

Break. Another look back at the couples eliminated. Jake & Chelsie and Dmitry & Jake’s fiancee, Vienna, perform. Awesome. The two of them come together to perform halfway through the dance. I cannot take this. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME, ABC? I WANT NO MORE BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE OVERLAP ON DWTS!

They ranked arguments.

1. Kate & Tony

2. Erin & Maks

3. Jake & Chelsie

4. Aiden & Edyta

5. Nicole & Derek

Seeing former champions makes me wish they would do a “Battle of The Champions” show! Can you imagine seeing all of the best couples – or at least the ones who have won – compete against each other? I would LOVE that!!!

The third place couple is: Erin & Maks. Erin was emotional. She said she knew Evan and Nicole would wind out on top. She talked about coming to the show after crummy circumstances and she said Maks put her life back together. Maks said it was a rollercoaster. He said he feels like they’ve won. He added, “I certainly have.” So, couple, no?

Erin & Maks get one last dance. How hard is that? We know you’re no longer in the competition, but please shake it off and get out there and shake it.

The college teams are next.


Cha Cha Cha time! Oh, PCD song! Um, kids, Nicole is not judging. I like my cha cha a little more high energy. They were good. Did not love them.

Utah Valley University

Samba. Fantastic start! These couples have an amazing formation. They were in near perfect sync. It  made me want more! WOW!

The judges chose Utah Valley as the winner. They get a pint-sized mirror ball trophy.

Kate & Tony return to the stage. Full plug for her new reality shows. She’s bringing back that paso doble that reminded me of a full-body dry heave. OH, PLEASE MAKE THIS BETTER! Is she over-Botoxed or does her forehead look that way because her hair is pulled back so tight? I swear her eyebrows don’t move. People, I’m not trying to hate on Kate. It’s quite possible that if I was tossed on that show, I’d move just as well as Kate (and by well, I mean not). It was fun and I guess that was the point of her performance, right?

Another look back at the past performances. I hit FF.

More performances:

  • Pamela was doing some sort of burlesque dance. Seriously. Lingerie. She can dance – or be tossed around by the fellas. She’s also really good at making love to the camera.
  • Niecy came out in her shortest, most sparkly dress. You know what? I don’t think any one is ready for that jelly. She showed she is truly “Bootylicious.”

They have really upped the production on ths show. More smoke. More lights. More getting contestants off the floor and on props. One last chance for the final two to impress the judges.

Couple: Nicole & Derek

Dance: Jive

Oh my! That’s how you do a jive! I couldn’t take my eyes off them! UH-MAZE-EEEENG!

Len said, “There are 12 days of Christmas, 7 dwarfs, 4 Beatles, there can only be one winner of ‘Dancing With The Stars.’ That should be  you.” Bruno said these two have produced the most inventive, exciting, creative, stunning dances he has ever seen. He called this one “the crowning glory of an amazing season.” Carrie Ann said she looks forward to seeing what Nicole and Derek will do. Sounds like good scores in their future.


Couple: Evan & Anna

Dance: Quick Step

I am not a fan of the quick step, but I really liked this. Not as much as I liked the jive.

Bruno said what has been amazing about Evan is that he’s always been a good dancer, but his performance level has improved. Carrie Ann said Nicole & Derek may be winning in the scoring, but Evan has won the hearts of her and everyone else. She said she sees a true champion in the way he dances and moves through the competition. Len said Evan has been a joy to watch. He said Evan has done a fantastic job.


OK. And the winners are: Nicole & Derek.

Debate her merits in the comments, but know she was the BEST dancer in the competition. That mirror ball trophy says it all. You can watch the show online here (it won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t take my recap as the final word).

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