DWTS Season 10: The Top Three

I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is Nicole’s mirror ball trophy to lose. Still, this is quite possibly the best top three this show has ever had! Evan and Erin are also really good dancers. So how will they do on their last night to impress the judges and the viewers? Here’s my recap.

Before we get to the actual dancing, the finalists will tackle the first two of four dances they’ll have to perform before the big prize is awarded. Yep, that’s right, two dances Tuesday night (look, it’s a two-hour finale). Side note: holy Bump It! What is going on with Brooke’s monster hair? Here we go!

Couple: Erin & Maks

Dance: Samba

Bruno helped Erin with her dance – this is the one she needs to improve. Bruno was working on getting Erin to loosen up her hips. I was a little shocked when he started yelling, “Look at her ass!” Um, family show, no? A little funny business before this started with Maks trying to take off his vest and Erin stopping him. Once they got to the dancing – wow! No sign of Erin’s nerves! This girl is dancing like she wants to win. Nothing like a little sucking up to the judges to boost the scores – Maks danced for Carrie, Erin danced for Bruno and they finished by kissing Len.

Len said Maks fulfilled one of his dreams – he always wanted to be kissed by a man with a beard to see if it tickles. Then, he thanked Maks for keeping his clothes on. He said Erin has improved and that her samba was full of energy. Bruno said Erin is hotter than noon in the tropics. He said she worked the butt like – he couldn’t believe the results. Carrie Ann said this dance was about redemption. She said Erin’s movements were sharper, she had confidence and it was fun.

SCORE: 29 (Bruno was the hold out!?!?)

Dance: Freestyle

I’m really surprised they’re going with a contemporary dance. They brought in the talented Mandy Moore (choreographer, not singer/actress). What the – there’s a sofa and bed on the stage? Wow! Maks tossed Erin all over the bed. Are we getting a glimpse into their off-stage lives? Amazing lifts! If Erin did anything wrong here, I did not see it! I might just be on Team Erin now! Beautiful!!!

Len said Erin took an enormous risk. He said it was a mix of emotion and commotion. He didn’t love it. Bruno said it was a psycho drama unfolding. He said Erin took a huge risk and some of her steps were incredible. Carrie Ann loved it. She said it was so risky, even for Maks because that is not his specialty (to make his partner look good – I believe there was supposed to be a comma there). She noticed one stumble on the tosses on the bed. Maks said it wasn’t the bed they rehearsed on. HA HA! Gotcha!

SCORE: 26 (Len gave it an 8!)


Couple: Evan & Anna

Dance: Viennese Waltz

Len showed up to teach Evan about chemistry. He basically taught Evan to look at Anna while performing. Hope that works! It looks like Evan is skating across the floor. If I look at him from the neck down, I love this. When I look at his face, I want more of a connection with Anna. I don’t see much of that. His lines are beautiful. I just feel like he wants to do this alone. And if that was the competition, he’d be a shoe-in. But it’s a couples contest. Did not love this as much as I wanted to.

Bruno said Evan’s fluidity and lyricism were as good as always. He liked the connection between them. He said he could feel the sparks. Carrie Ann said it was a beautiful, emotional, endless, enchanting dream. Len said it had grace and elegance and a lot of movement. He said Evan collapsed a bit through his standing leg. Then came the boos. Len said he thought Evan did a wonderful job.

SCORE: 28 (Carrie Ann gave them a 10)

Dance: Freestyle

They’re doing a Broadway-type dance with a little bit of jive. Evan was very critical of Anna’s choreography. Anna cried because she was freaking out about the freestyle. Oh, please let them work through that before they take the stage! Oh, Bobby Newberry showed up to help them with choreography! This was high energy (and high pants on Evan). But something seemed off. I don’t know if Evan was not on the beat or if he and Anna were out of sync. And those super white shoes made me watch his feet – not pretty. It’s a shame because I love “Footloose!” I wanted everybody to cut out the dancing. Sorry, Evan. I wanted to love this. I couldn’t.

Bruno said Evan went for it. He said Evan was demented. He didn’t know if he was watching “Footloose” or “Screw Loose.” He said it looked like Evan was bitten by a tarantula. He said Evan lost his precision and slickness. Carrie Ann said it was odd. She said they needed to match their lines. It was like they were doing to separate dances. Len said it wasn’t want Anna or Evan wanted to do. It wasn’t what he wanted to see.



Couple: Nicole & Derek

Dance: Rumba

Carrie Ann came in to teach Nicole to get into the emotion of the dance. Nicole might be the most flexible amateur to ever perform on this show. Seriously. This girl is so bendy I’m jealous! She started with the splits and had such amazing control of her every movement. Wow! She ended with herself wrapped around Derek like a pretzel! Such strength!

Carrie Ann said as far as the performance goes, the only way Nicole could grow was to be vulnerable. She was mesmerized. She called a lift – because Derek picked her up before the music was finished. OH NO!!!! Len loved the choreography, the in your face and subtle moments. He thought Nicole lacked some confidence. Len apparently didn’t think there was a lift. He thought it was great. Bruno said it had sensuality and romance woven into something of extreme beauty. He said it was superlative.

SCORE: 28 (Bruno gave them a 10)

Dance: Freestyle

This should be lift-tasatic! That’s right – I expect this one to be so good, I’m making up words! What an amazing mix of every style they’ve performed this season! OH NO! Trouble with the last lift! It was SO good until then! I don’t think I could use any more exclamation points!!!

Carrie Ann said that was the freestyle they’ve been waiting for. She said they never stopped dancing. She said the slip on the last lift killed her. Len said he saw lindy hop, salsa, quick step, jive, fun, entertainment. He said it was fantastic. Bruno said it had dazzling creativity. He said they pushed the bar so high, it was technically superb. He said the slip at the end was because what they did has never been done. He gave it an “UH-MAZE-EEENG!”



Tuesday, all the cast members will return to perform an all new dance. The top three couples will perform two more dances. Also, someone will win that silly trophy. If you want to know what music was used, go here. And if you want to see any of the performances right now, go here.

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