DWTS Season 10: On To The Finals!

Cheryl, Chad, Chad’s abs of steel – all gone. No chance at that silly disco trophy. BTW – that photo makes me wonder what the waxing budget is like on this show? Back on track! Let’s relive the next to the last elimination once more!Right off the bat, we learn the first finalist is: Evan & Anna. Well-deserved!

Now, Len’s recap:

  • Erin did a beautiful Viennese waltz, but to get to the finale, she needs to get rid of the nerves.
  • Nicole’s Argentine tango – the music was a joy to my ears, the technique beguiled my eyes and the performance tickled me taste buds. Every sense was satisfied.
  • Chad was a revelation. Any other season, he would be a shoe-in for the finals.
  • Evan’s fox trot was brilliant.
  • Erin’s paso doble was full of intensity.
  • Nicole’s cha cha cha – this girl can dance. If she’s not in the final, something’s wrong with the world.
  • Chad danced a samba that was good, but not quite good enough.
  • Evan’s paso doble was genius.

The judges chose Evan & Anna’s paso doble for the encore performance.

Last night’s time filler showed the stars growing up. Tonight’s time filler shows the pros growing up. Why isn’t Maks’s hot brother on this show? I ask the real questions, folks.

Sarah McLachlan performed a medley of her hits “Angel” and “Loving You Is Easy.” Couldn’t watch. Reminded me of those super sad ASPCA ads. You can see it here.

Evan hoped for a twist, that there would be some way to keep all four couples on the show. Tom burst his bubble by saying, “There’s not.”

Next time filler: profile on Cheryl. I know some of you like these, but here’s the thing: these pros are not new to the show. If they haven’t let us learn all about them so we can love/hate them by now, well, DWTS has failed. I WANT MORE DANCING! BRING BACK THE KID DANCERS!!!

Remember that Macy’s “Stars of Dance” online thingy? Melissa Rycroft & Joey Fatone performed it. Joey looked like he was wearing one of those suits you wear to sweat and lose weight. Hold on. When I said I wanted more dancing, this was not what I meant. What happened to these two? Were they only good dancers with their pros? I didn’t think they were great. And the guy who designed their costumes – well, he didn’t seem happy to be there. DUDE! You’re on one of the most-watched TV shows! Smile! You can see their performance here.

It’s time for the college team dance contest.


This team has only been around for one month. I’m hoping their cha cha cha doesn’t look like something we might do in the newsroom during a slow time (we don’t do that – or do we?). This felt like the world’s slowest cha cha. There was so much stopping and starting, I wouldn’t have been surprised to see Kate Gosselin in there. Nice try, not great.

Len said it was a great effort considering how short a time they had to rehearse. He liked the pattern changes. He spied a few moments where things weren’t quite right. Bruno said they did a good job for a new team. He said they were not together at all times. Carrie Ann said they have a future. She loved the beginning, but there were a few slip-ups. SCORE: 21

Utah Valley University

You can get a masters degree in dancing? I had no idea! Do you have to actually dance or can you just be a sofa critic? I’m focused again. They tackled the cha cha cha. You can definitely tell this bunch has been together for a long time. They were in near-perfect sync the whole time. They were amazing! College kids, that’s how you dance!

Bruno said the choreography was fantastic, precise, well-executed. He said their technique was incredible. Carrie Ann broke out into a cheer. She said it was effortless and high-impact. Len said it was a very accomplished performance. He said the choreography had a high degree of difficulty. SCORE: 29

The winner will face Purdue in the finals next week.

Brief profile of Anna right before the break.

Miley Cyrus performed her new song “Can’t Be Tamed.” I couldn’t watch. Miley and I have a little feud that’s been in my dreams the last three nights. I’m trying my best to avoid her in my awake moments in hopes of keeping her out of my dreams. If you missed it, you can see her performance here.

Last profile of the night features Derek.

Back to business. The next couple moving on to the finals: Nicole & Derek.

That leaves Chad & Cheryl and Erin & Maks. Carrie Ann said they had high expectations for Chad in the beginning and he wasn’t what they thought, but watching him grow impressed her. Bruno said Erin would enter the finals with incredible momentum – she’s gotten better each week. Len said under normal seasons, both couples would be in the finals. He said this is the highest standard they’ve had.

The couple leaving the show: Chad & Cheryl. Trivia: they’re the 100th couple eliminated from the show.

Next week, the three remaining couples will perform four dances – including a free-style! If this recap left you wanting more, you can watch the show online here.

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