DWTS Season 10: Seventh Elimination

Well, America, you did it. You sent Niecy and her jiggly bits home. Now, if I want to see anything jiggle, I’ll have to either eat some Jello or watch my own bits. Let’s see how the show before the semi-finals went down.

What in the shiny mini-dress is Brooke wearing? Wow. Way to make me really notice my jiggly bits. OK. I’m over that. Here’s Len’s recap:

  • Parts of Evan’s waltz were fantastic, parts weren’t Len’s cup of tee. His cha cha cha of the future was too much of the era, not enough of the dance.
  • Erin came out with an Argentine tango that was fantastic. She is truly a contender. Her rumba had a lot of jerky stop-starts which did not appeal.
  • Niecy and Chad are pretenders, not contenders. Chad’s tango showed his poor posture. Chad did a good jive from the ’60s. It was funky.
  • Niecy’s waltz was lovely. She needs more drama in her paso doble. Niecy’s the true underdog.
  • Nicole’s fox trot was mesmerizing. Her ’50s paso was genius.

Here’s where they stand:

Nicole & Derek – 59 points

Erin & Maks – 53 points

Evan & Anna – 53 points

Chad & Cheryl – 45 points

Niecy & Louis – 43 points

The judges chose Nicole & Derek’s paso doble for an encore performance.

It’s DanceCenter! Nicole is cleaning the floor as Kenny Mayne and Jerry Rice leave the ballroom.

The Gypsy Kings perform “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from “Toy Story 3.”

Kenny Mayne, Jerry Rice (in a blonde wig) and Len analyze the final five:

  • Niecy’s nickname is “Dinner Time.” She’s President and C.E.O. of MyJigglyParts.com. Len said Niecy is a joy to watch. She’s fun, she’s bubbly, great chemistry between her and Louis. Kenny says Niecy might be one of the rare contestants to gain weight because of her love of burgers and chocolate. Len said Niecy has some excellent jiggly parts and she really flaunts them. Jerry asked what jiggly parts they were talking about and they showed Niecy shaking them in slow motion.
  • Chad is said to have the softest lips in the world. Kenny said Chad is the best wide receiver to hit the dance floor. Jerry noted he has three Super Bowl rings, Chad has zero. Len likes Chad’s improvement. Chad has a million dollar smile. Kenny said Chad gives $100,000 jewelry every show.
  • Nicole is known for loosening up buttons. Len said Nicole is phenomenally talented. Her strengths could be her weaknesses because Derek tests her limits each week. They showed Nicole spitting gum into Derek’s mouth, then they were sniffing each other hands after they came out of their armpits. EW!

More analysis later.

The first two couples learn their fate. The first couple safe: Nicole & Derek. The first couple in jeopardy: Chad & Cheryl.

Hey! Spotted behind the hunky Gilles Marini: “Real Housewives of New Jersey!”

Now, the college teams perform. UC San Diego is first to take the floor. They performed a samba. I don’t know if the floor was slippery, but it looked like their feet were sliding around the floor and that at times they were struggling for footing. They weren’t in perfect sync the whole time, but these kids were good. Len said one of the keys to formation team dancing is interesting pattern changes. He thought that was fantastic. He said one or two times the lines weren’t perfect. Bruno said they tried very intricate formation. Overall, he thought the effect was very good. Carrie Ann loved the transitions. She said they were almost so clean, that some of the movement style was lost. SCORE: 24

Purdue’s dance team is up next. They performed a mamba. I couldn’t tell if they were supposed to be in sync or not. Is there supposed to be that much stop and start in the mamba? Bruno said there was plenty of hip action. He said there were a couple of timing issues. He said there wasn’t enough changing of figures. Carrie Ann said they have great spirit. She thought they brought the mamba spirit, but they need more pattern changes. Len agreed. He said it was rhythmic and crisp. SCORE: 22

The winner of the collegiate dance contest will advance to perform on the season finale.

They Gypsy Kings returned to perform “Bamboleo.”

More DanceCenter:

  • Evan “Blades of Glory” Lysacek. Len said Evan gives it everything. Kenny and Len were jealous of Evan’s hair. Len put on a dark wig. Creepy. Kenny called Evan “Mr. Excitement.” Then, a clip of Evan not sounding excited, even though he said he was. DanceCenter team napped.
  • Erin works for the same company as Kenny, so he stepped back. Len said Erin is great at ballroom and Latin. Kenny did jump in. Clips of Erin calling Maks Russian. Kenny said Maks is from Ukraine. He encouarged Erin to step into a classroom next time she’s on a college campus. Len said he’s tired of the bickering between Erin and Maks.
  • Jerry picked Nicole to win. Kenny said the hungriest dancer is Niecy – and he picked her to win.

Back to the business. The next couple safe: Evan & Anna. Annnnnnnnnnd another commercial break.

Chad & Cheryl, Erin & Maks and Niecy & Louis are still waiting to learn their fate. The next couple safe: Erin & Maks. The couple going home: Niecy & Louis. Niecy said she feels like she redeemed herself from getting kicked out of dance class as a kid. She said she cannot hula hoop with a Cheerio, but she’s had a fantastic time. Chad had better straighten up next week (seriously, his posture is bad)!

If you want to watch the show online, go here.

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