DWTS Season 10: Week 8

No more Pamela Anderson to kick around! That leaves just five couples in the competition. This week, they have to perform two new dances for the first time. Let’s see how they did (and they’re dancing for position in the semi-finals, so they’d better make it good).Couple: Chad & Cheryl

Dance: Tango

There was something about Chad’s posture that made me think he was going to run off the stage and tackle someone. Besides that, I thought he was strong and in charge. He is improving. I don’t know that this will be my favorite dance of the night.

Len said learning one dance in a week is tough, but learning two dances in a week really shows imperfection. He said that’s what happened. Chad had attack and good movement, but needed more polish. Bruno said Chad went for the emotional involvement, but the dance needed to be slicker. He said his footwork and hold were good. Carrie Ann loved the attack and intensity. She sees potential. She said his posture was funky and that made it hard for that dance to come together.


Dance: Jive

Their dance is supposed to represent the ’60s. Chad lost his shirt. He was having fun. I just couldn’t get past his costume. It looked like one of those cheap pimp Halloween costumes. All he needed was the hat. Where were the jive kicks?

Len said it was high energy, it was fun, it was entertaining. There wasn’t a lot of kicks, which he thought was good because the few he did were terrible. Bruno said Cheryl pimped the jive. He said it was great to see Chad smile. Carrie Ann thought it was groovy. She said it was a bit wild at times. She said it was one of Chad’s better dances.



Couple: Niecy & Louis

Dance: Viennese Waltz

I adore Niecy. But her hands in this dance reminded be of a little girl floating around the room. Once she and Louis were in hold, the dance was light and lovely. She looked like a real princess – not a little girl playing dress up. This might be her best dance yet!

Bruno said you’re supposed to cover the floor, not polish it. He said it was frigid at the beginning. He said the way she was swinging her arms, it was like she was chased by a swarm of wasps. Bruno was booed. He said it was a tiny little thing in an otherwise good performance. Carrie Ann said there was too much push and pull. She said Niecy’s body contact was perfect, but the transitions were not there. Len said he was pleasantly surprised. He said it had a lovely, floaty quality. He didn’t like her arms. He said her carriage was gorgeous. He said it was so high, he was surprised she could hear the music. (That’s right, Len just made a boob joke)


Dance: Paso Doble

Their era is the ’90s. Not sure what’s going to happen here. Louis says it’s the “decade of the diva” and Niecy fits the mold. It looks like they’re wearing one of Versace’s old sofas. So, um, ’90s, right? There were a couple of times when Niecy stopped and it looked like Louis was moving her into position. That was strange. I didn’t love this. I didn’t hate it.

Bruno said Niecy threw herself into it, but it was more like an avalanche. He said the dance requires power and control and there was hardly any control. He said this was not very good. Carrie Ann said this dance was Niecy’s most ambitious yet. She said it felt like bumper cars. Len said Niecy got through the routine and that was not good enough. He said everyone has a dance that does not suit their personality and this one did not suit hers.



Couple: Erin & Maks

Dance: Argentine Tango

Will these two get a room already? Wow! Fantastic lift! Erin appears to trust Maks – at least enough to leap from the stage into his arms. Her lines were really good! It doesn’t hurt that she’s so tall it looks like her legs extend forever. Her best dance yet!

Carrie Ann leaned over and kissed Len. She said it was hot. She said it was finally a number that showcased Erin’s best asset: her legs. She said it was beautiful. Len called Erin a dirty, dirty girl. He loved it. Bruno said Maks is a lucky fire hydrant. He never knew Erin could be so bendy. He said she was on fire.

SCORE: 28 (Len gave it a 10)

Dance: Rumba

Their decade is the ’80s. Not to go all Len here, but the solo at the beginning seemed to slow everything down. Once these two finally got together, it was beautiful! At times, I felt like it was a little more of Erin posing and less dancing. But, the twist at the end won me over!

Carrie Ann said Erin should be up there with Evan and Nicole. The reason she is not is because she doubts herself. She said Erin moves beautiful and should love it. Len said Erin had great hip action, but the whole thing was jerky. Len was booed. He said he was not lying – she needs to smooth it out. Bruno said these two make great music together. Maks put his jacket on Bruno. He said Erin is dancing better and better and should be in the finals.



Couple: Evan & Anna

Dance: Waltz

If it does not look like Evan is skating around the floor, I will not like this. Just getting that out before it starts. Hmmm… They started the dance laying on the floor. Evan’s challenge was to look warm. Not temperature wise, but like he was having a sweet and tender moment on the stage. I got that. Evan and Anna worked the floor like it was an ice rink. Sweet and lovely.

Len said he’s not sure if he liked it or not. He said it’s one of those dances he’d like to watch again. He didn’t like the roly-poly stuff on the floor. He said Evan’s posture was great. He had lovely movement. His footwork was good. Bruno said it was a narrative – Romeo and Juliet reawakened. He said Evan’s lyrical lines were something to behold. Carrie Ann said Evan’s lines are impeccable. But when she looked closer, she said Evan has to lose himself in the moment.


Dance: Cha Cha Cha

This is a dance of the future. Robots doing a Latin dance? Their costumes are VERY GaGa. They really kept the spirit of their decade. I wasn’t so sure about this when it started (I mean, Evan’s Ed Grimley hair was a bit much). But I really, REALLY liked this. REALLY!

Len said Evan has had a bit of luck. His Latin generally lacks rhythm, and the futuristic part was great. But he lacked fluidity. Bruno said it was clear – Mr. Spock meets Barbarella. He said it couldn’t be more futuristic. He thought it was inventive and he liked it. Carrie Ann said Evan was more committed to character. She said it was perfectly lucky that he got the futuristic cha cha cha and the stiff movement worked well.



Couple: Nicole & Derek

Dance: Fox Trot

This made me smile (and I swear, that’s not the coffee talking)! They worked in a little bit of silliness with some beautiful moves. No surprise that Nicole danced well. I love that she puts personality into each dance – like the steps aren’t enough to challenge her. She wants to entertain – and she does that well. My favorite dance of the night!

Bruno said, “One and a half minutes of pure dancing joy!” He said it was like a jewel created by a master. Carrie Ann said it’s nice to see Nicole smiling again. She said Nicole defied her imagination. She loves that they are not phoning it in. She said Nicole is in it to win it. Len said Nicole took the fox trot and a Michael Buble song and turned it into an enchanting love story. He said it was irresistable. He said lack of body contact spoiled it a little bit for him.

SCORE: 29 (Len was the only non-10 paddle-holder)

Dance: Paso Doble

Their decade is the ’50s. How can this possibly work? They look the part. Within 30 seconds, I am S-O-L-D! Derek is one fantastic choreographer. Nicole is one amazing student. I wanted this dance to go on! UH-MAZE-EEEENG! If this does not get a perfect score, I might cry.

Bruno said it was a feisty, vibrant, passionate performance. He said, “The flavor of Spain has never tasted so good!” That made Carrie Ann giggle. She could not believe how they blended their decade and dance. She said it was brilliant. Len said it’s not in his nature to be nice about two dances in one night. He was disappointed because there was nothing he could see to criticize. Are they breaking out their 10 paddles?!?!



I forwarded through the couple interpreting dance through the decades. I also skipped the parts where the pros talked about the challenges facing the contestants. THIS SHOW WAS LONG, PEOPLE!

Tuesday night, one more couple will be sent home (looking at you, Niecy & Chad). Also, the Gypsy Kings will perform. There will also be the first-ever college dance championship. Huh? Look for the recap tomorrow! You can watch the show online here. If you want to see what music was used, go here.

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