DWTS Season 10: Week 7

Don’t cry for Jake. Seriously. Don’t. He’s probably crying somewhere (look, he’s a crier, so there’s a good chance I’m right). Now, the remaining six couples not only have to do their own dance, they have to compete in the team cha cha challenge. OOOH! Can’t wait to see how they do!

Couple: Erin & Maks

Dance: Quick Step

Last week, Len told Maks Erin is a better dancer and they don’t need gimmicks (um, hello, Len, Maks taking his clothes off is no gimmick). He and Erin had a little spat because Erin doesn’t want to make Len mad. Lots of bleeping. They both did a little clothing change at the beginning. I don’t know what happened, but I saw Erin looking over to Maks like she was lost. After that, they were together and in step. Not my favorite dance on this show, but I think they did a fine job.

Len didn’t mind the change because they were dancing to “The Dancing Fool” and they brought fool-hardiness into the beginning. He’s dreading Maks dancing to “Great Balls of Fire.” He said it was Erin’s best dance. Bruno said it was quick, lightning fast and brighter than Len’s tie. He said sometimes Erin gets tense in the shoulders. He thought it was brilliant. Tom said it looked like Len got dressed at Pixar. Len said it looks like Bruno’s going to a funeral with fairy lights. Huh? Carrie Ann said there was a moment when Erin’s head got a strange line, but she thought it was gorgeous.


Couple: Chad & Cheryl

Dance: Viennese Waltz

Chad wants to get 10s from the judges. Cheryl brought Tony Dovolani in to give Chad some tips. I never thought I’d say this about Chad, but he is LOVELY! Once I got past his see through jacket and Cheryl’s see through dress, I spotted a beautiful dance. Wow. I am amazed!

Bruno said he couldn’t believe Chad could be so graceful and gentle. He said Chad maintained his focus. He said Chad sometimes had funny hands. He said Chad is sometimes a little heavy in his footwork. Carrie Ann said Chad’s arms are sometimes elegant. She said there is nothing sexier than watching a man find out how to be tender and graceful. She was mesmerized. Len said Chad’s arms were full of fluidity. He said this was the night Chad became a contender. Monday was Cheryl’s birthday and Chad gave her a big diamond necklace.


Couple: Nicole & Derek

Dance: Viennese Waltz

They’re dancing to “You Light Up My Life,” which is Nicole’s aunt’s favorite song (her aunt has Down Syndrome). I expect emotion out of this performance. I liked this, but I felt like some of Nicole’s moves were cut short. I don’t think she made any mistakes, but then, it’s possible I have the bar set really high for Nicole and am being a little harsh. Wait. I just melted when her aunt gave her a lei. I take that all back. This was perfect.

Carrie Ann said Nicole is the best dancer that has ever been on the show. But, she said Nicole dances as Erik’s equal. She said it felt like they were side by side and did not get lost in one. She said the movements were gorgeous. Len said he loved the routine and performance. He said there were a couple of technical things with the hold (he invited her to his trailer – creepy). Bruno said Nicole is as close as dancing royalty as can be. He said the choreography was difficult and Nicole made a few mistakes. But he said Nicole was amazing.


Couple: Pamela & Damian

Dance: Viennese Waltz

Damian said Pam needs to work on her hips. His solution: he tied a piece of fabric around their waists, binding them together. Let’s see if helped. I don’t know what was happening, but there seemed to be something stiff in Pam’s legs. And was that a lift at the end? I’ll let Carrie Ann decide.

Len said Pam’s waltz was quiet and understated. He said she doesn’t get a chance to show off all her assets. He said Pam needs to firm up her upper body. Tom said, “If you’re just joining us, welcome to ‘Double Entendre Theater.'” Bruno said Pam always gets the character. But he said she has to work on her top line. Carrie Ann said last week, she asked about Pam’s legs. She saw more extension. She said it was the tone of the waltz she wanted to see. So, no lift?


Couple: Niecy & Louis

Dance: Quick Step

This was cute. It reminded me of a cupcake. I don’t know if that’s because Niecy was eating in rehearsal or her big puffy sleeves (or maybe I’m just hungry). I liked it, but didn’t love it.

Bruno said Niecy never looked more gorgeous. He said her footwork was better than ever. He said it was her best dance to date. Carrie Ann agreed. She said everything worked well. Niecy was light on her feet. Len said it was Niecy’s best dance. He said she needs to lift her rib cage. Niecy said she has a lot to lift.


Couple: Evan & Anna

Dance: Argentine Tango

Last week, the judges thought he was too balletic. Now, Evan has to be strong and in control. There was nothing soft in this dance. Evan was in charge. He was strong. Great lift with Anna’s leg on his shoulder. OMG! FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!

Carrie Ann said Evan has the eye of the tiger. She said it was sexy and refined – the perfect combination of power, control and she growled. Len said he knew Evan was nice on ice and had his doubts he would be good on wood. He said he was going to dust off a paddle he hasn’t used because that was fantastic. Bruno said Evan danced like a true alpha male. He said Evan was strong, powerful, determined, aggressive, sexy – everything a girl would want.

SCORE: 30 (first perfect score of the season)

Now, the team cha cha challenge!

Team GaGa

Pamela & Damian, Chad & Cheryl, Nicole & Derek

I wanted more from Pam. She spent a lot of time pushing her hair out of her eyes. I am really surprised at her lack of flexibility.

Chad’s solo was OK. He didn’t seem to be feeling it, which was surprising because his girl, Cheryl wasn’t wearing a whole lot and she was all sexified.

Nicole – I mean, if you didn’t think she’d kill her solo, you’ve been in a cave!

As a team, they were good.

Len said he thought the parts when they were in formation were right. Len said he can’t wait to see Nicole’s cha cha cha because he thought she really performed. Bruno said the end sequence was great. He said Pam did a great job of keeping up with the girls. He said Chad turned up the heat. Carrie Ann said Pam struggled with certain points. She said the sexual energy this team has will make them hard to beat.


Team Madonna

Erin & Maks, Niecy & Louis, Evan & Anna

More clothing on this bunch. They were more 80s Madonna than current Madonna.

Evan was plenty hippy (Len should like that).

Niecy was cheeky. No way you could watch her shake her jiggly bits and not smile.

Erin was fun to watch. I don’t know how much cha cha was happening.

I loved how they came together at the end. They weren’t always in step, but they were good. Oh my! They lost their skirts at the end!

Bruno said it was like a cha cha cha with a lot of samba. Erin was into the groove. Evan had the look of a lottery winner with two girls. He said Niecy was shaking it. But he said they lost sync at the end. Carrie Ann thought it was fun. She would have like to have seen the skirts come off a little sooner. Len said it’s different when Erin takes off her skirt. Carrie Ann said Erin rushed at the beginning and was off at the end. Len thought the celebrities were brave to start without their pros. He thought they did a fantastic job.


Tuesday night, Train will perform and one more couple will go home. I’m afraid it could be Niecy or Chad. Maybe the viewers will prove me wrong! If you want to see what songs were used this week, go here. And if you want to see any of the show, watch it here.

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