DWTS Season 10: Week 6

This week, I have my eye on Jake because, well, I think everyone else should be dancing. If he doesn’t wow me (and by “wow,” I do not mean dancing without pants – knee band-aids are NOT cute), then I’ll be rooting for him to go home. All the couples learned two dances – one will be performed in a group swing competition.  That said, it’s on to the dancing!

Couple: Jake & Chelsie

Dance: Samba

From what little I have seen of him on “The Bachelor” and this show, I find Jake to be a phony. When he dances, if you watch his face, it’s like he thinks he’s better in his head than his feet area. Seriously. Watch his face when he dances. You never see Chelsie teaching him to do that in rehearsal. Now as for his performance, Jake, once again, stumbled. Chelsie is a fine dancer. It’s a shame that Jake can’t get through these performances without tripping over her. Also, Jake didn’t seem to be moving to the beat.

Len said Jake is showing more confidence. He said Jake has to try to get rhythm. Bruno said it lacked rhythm and bounce. He said Jake was comfortable with the pelvic action. Carrie Ann said Jake pushes himself so much that he falls. She said if he wants to be at the top, he needs to connect to the music.


Couple: Evan & Anna

Dance: Samba

Anyone else think it was a bit awkward when Evan was getting up in Anna’s face during rehearsal? Scripted much? BTW – ever notice how incredibly thin Evan’s arms are? Ouch! Evan banged his head while rehearsing for the swing competition! He suffered a mild concussion. It almost looked like Evan was skating on the dance floor. I’m not sure if that was a good thing. I usually love Evan. I’m not feeling it on this one.

Bruno said Evan has a good lyrical line, but for this dance, it doesn’t work. Samba requires a different action. He said Evan’s legs were turned out. He said it was pretty to look at, but not right for this dance. Carrie Ann said Evan lost the battle with the samba. She said the dance never came together. Len said he doesn’t want to be nasty, but it was Evan’s worst dance. He said it’s a carnival dance and Evan performed a ballet dance.

SCORE: 21 (Evan’s lowest score yet)

Couple: Niecy & Louis

Dance: Argentine Tango

I adore Niecy! I hope she can get through this serious dance. Oh, she brought the silly by taking a rose from Louis and biting off a petal. She also appeared to have kicked Louis in his man parts – for the dance, right? She had the attitude. Her feet looked good. Louis pulled out a cookie at the end and held it out of Niecy’s reach. And, OMG, I was afraid Niecy’s twins might pop out at the very end. Most entertaining dance so far!

Carrie Ann said it was nice to see Niecy really dancing. She said there was a new attitude – Niecy was in the zone. She loved the lift. Niecy said, “Can you believe he picked all this up?” Carrie Ann did not think they needed the comedy. Len did not think the comedy interfered with the performance. Len said it lacked intensity. He also mentioned it was clear Niecy is an enthusiastic eater (um, fat joke?) and that usually the lady is dancing to get money out of the guy, but in this case, Niecy went for the snack. Bruno said Niecy’s footwork showed a lot of work. Because Niecy was thinking about it, it lacked intensity.


Couple: Erin & Maks

Dance: Samba

Will these two PLEASE get a room already! Their tension in the rehearsal is too much! Holy pasties! If not for the nude material underneath her dress, you would totally see Erin’s twins! This became a strip tease for Maks. It stopped with him shirtless. I thought that was nice. But Erin seemed to be dancing to a different beat. And her dress made it hard to see if her hips were moving (or lying, whatever).

Len said Erin’s getting another seven from him (that’s the only paddle he’s shown her) because she should be getting eights, nines and tens. He wants to see a proper dance. He’s fed up with shirts coming off. He said Erin is a good dance and should be competing with Nicole. Bruno said Erin danced all the way through. He said her arm placement was spot on. He said it was exciting – like “girl that likes to be on top!” Carrie Ann said Erin nailed it. She loved it.


Couple: Chad & Cheryl

Dance: Argentine Tango

I really want Chad to break through! He has potential, he just hasn’t pulled it off. Yet. From the get-go, it looks like Chad just might have found his dancing feet! Wow! He has never looked so strong and confident on the dance floor as he is with this dance. Maybe it helps that he gets to put his hands all over Cheryl. Might be his best dance yet!

Bruno said it was strong, powerful, demented. He said Chad proved he can actually dance. He said Chad looked like the growling hunter out there. Carrie Ann said they were hard on Chad because he wasn’t dancing well. She said Chad nailed it. She said it was dramatic, powerful, arrogant and sensual. Len said Chad grew tonight.

SCORE: 24 (Chad’s highest score)

Couple: Nicole & Derek

Dance: Samba

She said this is one of the hardest dances yet. This was a dance carnival! Let’s face it, Nicole can dance! This was the best samba of the night. She killed it!

Carrie Ann said it was ridiculous. She was looking for something to say, but she said every once in a while, Nicole makes a face too often. That’s the only criticism she has. Len said the difficulty of the routine and the performance was great. He thought the line at the end was ugly. He thought the gyrations did not meet expectations. He was unhappy with Derek’s choreography. Bruno said Nicole is “One – singular sensation!” He said watching Nicole makes you dribble with desire.

SCORE: 26 (Bruno gave it a 10)

Couple: Pamela & Damian

Dance: Argentine Tango

OOH! Pam is rocking a brown wig. Oh my! She IS a dancer! I didn’t see any missteps here. Pam definitely had the sexy part of this dance down. No surprise there.

Len said the tango is about seduction and Pam can do that well. It had the flavor. He thought she did well. Bruno said Pam had another great character. He said she played it so well. He said she was living the part. Carrie Ann said it was sexy. She loved the commitment to the character. She wanted to see more technique in the leg.


Next up, the group swing competition. Here’s how it works: all the couples take the stage and do their individual dance while the judges pluck them out one by one. Here’s how they ranked:

Nicole & Derek – 10 points

Erin & Maks – 9 points

Pamela & Damian – 8 points

Chad & Cheryl – 7 points

Evan & Anna – 6 points

Niecy & Louis – 5 points

Jake & Chelsie – 4 points

Tuesday, one more couple will go home. Also, Melissa Ethridge will perform. If you missed Monday’s show, or want to get another look at the performances, go here. And if you want to see the music used in the show, go here.

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