DWTS Season 10: Fourth Elimination

If “Dancing With The Stars” was judged by photo alone, I would say Kate deserves to stick around. Sadly for Kate fans, the show is judged on live dancing – on TV, not a blog (though if you’ve been reading my recaps, you know I’ve been rooting for Kate to take her uncomfortable dance moves – that’s me being nice – back home to her eight kids). Let’s get to the recap of last night’s elimination show!

They get right to the first bit of business. Kate & Tony and Nicole & Derek are called out. Nicole & Derek are safe. Kate & Tony are in the bottom two. I can’t tell if Kate seems disappointed (it’s the first time she’s been in the bottom two) or relieved.

Len recaps movie night:

  • He thought Erin’s jive was going to be “Nightmare on Elm Street,” but once they kicked in, Erin coped very well.
  • Jakes cha cha cha showed he could be a leading man.
  • Pamela’s quick step didn’t have enough content. He said it was not a feature film but a trailer.
  • Niecy came out and he expected a blockbuster, but it was lackluster.
  • Chad’s quick step showed better posture, but lacked technique and “wow” factor.
  • If Kate’s fox trot had been a movie, he would have walked out. He said, “This is ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ not ‘Strolling With The Stars.'”
  • Evan’s rumba was high-standard.
  • Nicole’s tango was epic. He said, “A star is born!”

They brought back Chad & Chelsie for their cha cha cha.

Maxwell performed “Fist Full of Tears” from “BLACKsummers’night.”

Here’s the leaderboard:

1. Nicole & Derek – 29 points

2. Evan & Anna – 27 points

3. Jake & Chelsie – 23 points

4. Erin & Maks – 22 points

5. Pamela & Damian – 21 points

6. Niecy & Louis – 18 points

6. Chad & Chery – 18 points

8. Kate & Tony – 15 points

Chad & Cheryl and Niecy & Louis are called forward. Chad & Cheryl are in jeopardy. Niecy & Louis are safe.

Adam Carolla is back to talk about his favorite moments from Monday’s show:

  • Niecy, I get it, but when I did the show, I didn’t dedicate the show to Italians who are mistaken for Jews.
  • Pam, a true champion doesn’t need props.
  • Three 6, 6, 6 scores. Evan & Anna got all nines, but don’t be naive. Those are upside down sixes! The dark lord is amongst us and thy name is Bruno!
  • (Clip of Pam repeating herself) Pam, if you were a jukebox, I’d kick you.
  • He watched Kate dance and was surprised it wasn’t slow motion.
  • I wonder where Evan learned to do those spins (clip of Evan skating)?

Celebration of movies continues with the Macy’s Stars of Dance. Marguerite Derricks choreographed a fun number of dancing scenes from movies. Debbie Allen also updated “Fame!” OOOH! I love that!

Debi Nova performed “Drummer Boy.”

Next week, the stars perform in a swing dance marathon. The stars also get to design the costumes. We got to see the stars talking about the ways they plan to torture their pro teachers. Sorry, kids, I hit FF.

More results. Evan & Anna and Jake & Chelsie are called forward. Evan & Anna are safe. Jake & Chelsie are in jeopardy.

Erin & Maks and Pamela & Damian are next to face the music. Erin & Maks are safe. Pamela & Damian are in jeopardy.

Another clip of the couples dancing and judges’ comments from Monday night. This time, it’s all about the four couples in jeopardy. Then, more results. Jake & Chelsie are safe. Chad & Cheryl are safe. That leaves Pamela & Damian and Kate & Tony.

Red lights cover the bottom two. Carrie Ann said Kate is different because she’s not like the other stars. She’s a housewife living the dream of being on the show. She said Kate is no quitter. Bruno said Pamela’s every performance has been a fantastic interpretation of the character. She’s a good dancer. Len said he looks forward to seeing their performances. He said his mates at the golf club just like watching them.

Dramatic music returns. The couple going home: Kate & Tony.

Kate cried and had a hard time speaking. Tony said he’s proud of Kate. Kate told Tom before the show she felt like she was going home. She said she felt it in her gut. She said she was honored to be on the show. She called Tony a wonderful teacher. Of the people at home who voted to keep her in the competition, Kate said, “Thank you for believing in me probably more than I believed in myself.” Kate said she was scared to death to be out there dancing.

If this recap leaves you wanting more, you can watch the show online here. Don’t forget: We want to send you to the DWTS finale. Go here to enter!

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