DWTS Season 10: Week 5

I don’t know how Pamela Anderson can follow up that performance from last week. This week’s performances are inspired by movies. I love movies more than I love television so I have high expectations for this bunch. So how’d they do? Here’s my recap:Couple: Niecy & Louis

Dance: Jive

Their movie is “La Bamba.” Oh, dear God, please keep her ginormous breasts in that dress! I noticed Niecy looking at Louis at times like she was looking for instruction. Her kicks were not bad, but she was not light on her feet. And what was with all the boob shaking? I thought they were going to knock my TV out of the entertainment center! Kissing Len on the head at the end was a nice attempt by Niecy to get Len on her side.

Len said Niecy needs to get her personality into the dance and she did that. He said the jive is sharp and hers was soft and needed more bounce in her feet (he said there was plenty in her bazookas). Bruno said there was so much going on on the upper decks, it was difficult to look at anything else. But he said the dance lacked the necessary sharpness. Louis said he went wrong during the performance. Niecy asked about her jiggly parts  and Bruno said, “Fabulous darling, jiggle it more!” Carrie Ann said no one shimmies they way Niecy did. But she agreed with Len and Bruno. She said it was nice to see Niecy having fun.


Couple: Chad & Cheryl

Dance: Quick Step

Their movie is “The Jungle Book,” in particular Bear Necessities. Cheryl was annoyed with Chad during rehearsals because he needs a lot of attention. They looked very jungle-y. I am SHOCKED! Chad is a dancer! His feet were so good. I think his arms were a bit loose for this dance which is usually very stiff from the waist up. I love that Chad smiles during the whole dance. He never looks stressed. It’s like he really wants to be there. I’d like to see more contestants do that.

Bruno said it was a little bit too wild. He said it lost the refinement and control. He said Chad’s frame and hold was terrible. Carrie Ann said the dance was strange because there were moments of improvement and then mistakes. She said it lacked body contact. Chad said they have plenty of contact. Carrie Ann said it was a dance contest. Tom said, “Not for him.” Len said it was lively. He said Chad’s posture was better. The problem: his body needs to be calm. He thought overall it was a good job.


Couple: Erin & Maks

Dance: Jive

Their movie is “Pulp Fiction.” They’re inspired by one of my favorite scenes from that movie (Uma Thurman & John Travolta in that crazy restaurant). They fought during rehearsals – ah, young love. Come on, you know these two aren’t just dancing partners. Right off the bat, what I love about this is that Maks is reading a menu, putting Erin on display. And this girl can DANCE. Then, the music picked up, Maks dropped the menu and they really let loose! The power in the kicks Niecy lacked were made especially obvious by Erin. Also, loved her super short blonde wig (she looked a little like Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman”). She keeps getting better each week!

Carrie Ann liked it. She said Erin seemed a little fast, ahead of Maks like she was anticipating her steps. She said the black shoes Erin was wearing drew attention to her footwork mistakes. Len said it was a tough routine and Erin coped with it well. He said it got a bit hectic at times, but he thought she did a good job. Bruno said Erin had that Uma magic just right. He said he counted all the way through and said it was her best timing ever. He said she didn’t go wrong once. He said it’s the way to go for Erin. Side note: Brooke asked if love is in the air. Erin said, “Not until he gives me a ring like Chad got Cheryl. Are you joking?”


Couple: Jake & Chelsie

Dance: Cha Cha Cha

Their movie is “Risky Business.” The scene they’re inspired by is that one – you know the one, where Tom Cruise dances in his underwear. Jake says he’s been told he looks like Tom Cruise. Really? Don’t see it one bit. Jake showed up for rehearsal without a shirt and with a volleyball. Um, hello! That was “Top Gun!” I feel the need for a good performance. Wait. Why is Jake starting out without pants. Knee bandaids are so NOT sexy. Jake put on some pants and got to the dancing. I’m trying not to look at his facial expressions – seriously, he makes a million of them. This was one of Jake’s best performances. I’m still not waiting around for my rose.

Len said Jake comes out and gives 100%. He loved the feeling of the dance. He said it was a pity Jake messed up at the end. Bruno called Jake a “Cheeky bugger.” He asked why Jake put his pants on. He said there were some good lines. He said with the exception of the mistake, it was good. Carrie Ann said, “No guts, no glory. You got the guts, so you better enjoy the glory.” She loved it.


Couple: Pamela & Damian

Dance: Quick Step

Their movie is “9 to 5.” We know Pamela has the outer Dolly Parton. But what about her inner Dolly? Pamela said she’s more a Fellini girl. Oh, wow! Her hair is wigtastic! I feel like they wasted a little bit of time with the props at the beginning. And once they finally got around to dancing, it was fun. Not as fast as it probably should have been. But I never felt like Pamela forgot what she was doing. There was a strange moment at the middle where they stopped for a couple of beats – I don’t know if they were ahead of the music or what. They also dance/hopped right over the desk prop. Pamela did not disappoint!

Bruno said what’s great about Pamela is her characterization. He said the dancing was good – her posture was nice and she could have used a bit more movement. Carrie Ann agreed with Bruno. She said she would love to see Pamela on Broadway. She said Pamela’s hold was loosey-goosey. Len said he can’t stand the props. He said he there was too much dancing around. The bit of dancing around she did, he liked. Tom said, “That was Len from ‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas.'” ZING!


Couple: Kate & Tony

Dance: Fox Trot

Their movie is “The Breakfast Club.” I still think it’s like Kate has never watched anyone dance before. Tony says she has no motivation. Um, hello, how about earning some cash for your eight kids? Uh oh. I think Kate has returned to walking through the dance. She kept a smile on her face this time, so that’s an improvement. This could not have been any slower unless they were sleep dancing. Oh, Kate. I really thought you were improving. The song, “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” made me wish I could forget I saw this. Sorry, folks.

Carrie Ann said there is some sort of grace that is developing with Kate. Bruno made a face. Carrie Ann said Kate’s dance become like Charlie Brown’s teacher – it never fully develops. Huh? Len said it was neat and precise, but it wasn’t a dance – it was a stroll. He said it had an elegance about it. He did like the lack of props. Bruno said, “Darling, I think Tony could have had more life with a frock in a coat hanger.” He said she was catatonic. He said she’s gone backwards and was not good enough. He said it needs a post-mortem, not a critique. He told Kate, “Give us something.” Kate smiled during all of that. I’d give her a full point for pulling that off!


Couple: Nicole & Derek

Dance: Tango

Their movie is “Pretty Woman.” Derek took Nicole shopping (you know, like the movie). I was a little disturbed by him sniffing a shoe. Nicole started out in a long black dress. Derek quickly pulled that off her to reveal a red dress. Wow! This girl is such a natural dancer! There was an awkward move at the end – like Nicole was going to do a flip, paused, then moved back. But the rest of it was fan-freaking-tastic!

Len said it was Nicole’s best dance and the best dance of the season so far. Bruno said, “Two players at the top of the game – walking the fine line between love and hate – bursting with sexual tension – the pride and the passion of tango portrayed to perfection!” Now, he was standing up and in Len’s face during some of that. Carrie Ann called them superstars. She said every moment was art. I predict a few 10s!

SCORE: 29 (Len was the non-10 judge)

Couple: Evan & Anna

Dance: Rumba

Their movie is “Armageddon.” Evan says the hip action required for this dance is the opposite of skating. See? It’s not just dancing on ice! Who’s he fooling? Evan is so good! He’s so tall that all of his movement looks like it takes up the whole stage. I don’t know if it had enough hip action for Len, but this made me smile. Loved it!

Bruno said Evan’s top lines are exquisite. He said he was like a ballet dancer. He said Evan’s hips are getting better, but he needs to keep working on them. Carrie Ann said there was a tender sophistication in the movement. She said sometimes there’s a break between Evan’s upper and bottom half. Len said it had artistry, musicality and fluidity. He said Evan had the hip action going. He thought Evan did a great job. Side note: Evan said he did a rumba step during his ice skating routine.


Tuesday night, the salute to movies continues. A noted movie choreographer will relive some of her finest work (with a little help from Debbie Allen – can’t wait for that!). Also, one couple will go home (Kate, Chad & Niecy were the bottom three – but I’m rooting for Jake to get the boot – AGAIN). Get my recap Wednesday morning.

You can see the songs used in Monday’s performances here. If my recap isn’t enough for you, go here to watch the show online.

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