DWTS Season 10: Second Elimination

Oh, Buzz! I know you tried. But apparently I was not alone in my inability to watch you dance another week. The elimination of an American Hero (and the oldest contestant ever on the show) was not the only thing that went down on the second elimination night. Here’s the recap…The ten couples are already on the stage at the beginning of the show. Immediate results (I like that!).

The first couples safe: Aidan & Edyta and Erin & Maks.

Next, a look at the routines from this week from Len:

  • Jake & Chelsie’s quick step was OK.
  • Niecy & Louis are in the middle of the pack. He wants a different Niecy.
  • Pamela & Damian’s paso doble has passion and intensity but it was not neat.
  • Chad looked great during his paso doble with Cheryl.
  • Aiden has analysis paralysis and is unable to move in his quick step with Edyta.
  • Nicole’s quick step broke all the rules with lifts, hold breaks and lack of body contact. Nicole & Derek were full of slapstick.
  • Kate’s paso doble lacked fire, aggression, didn’t have attack. It was like a stroll in the park.
  • Buzz did the waltz and told a really good story. The story was charming, the dancing was alarming.
  • Erin’s waltz was very nice. It was beautiful. He said he overmarked the dance (and should have given it a 6 instead of a 7) because there wasn’t enough waltz content.
  • Evan came out full boar. He loved the performance.

The judges chose to see Evan and Anna perform their quick step one more time.

Reba McEntire took the stage to perform “I Want A Cowboy” from her album “Keep on Loving You.” Reba said she loves Erin, Evan and Nicole.

Here’s the leaderboard.

1. Evan & Anna – 26 points

2. Nicole & Derek – 23 points

2. Erin & Maks – 23 points

4. Pamela & Damian – 21 points

4. Niecy & Louis – 21 points

4. Jake & Chelsie – 21 points

7. Chad & Cheryl – 20 points

7. Aiden & Edyta – 20 points

9. Kate & Tony – 15 points

10. Buzz & Ashly – 13 points

The next couple safe: Niecy & Louis.

Mark, Derek and Chelsie performed a paso doble. Derek played the guitar at the beginning, then danced with Chelsie. Wow! They were so good! Mark did not dance. He played the guitar.

Len revealed the next challenge: Double Score Showdown. Len said each dance will get two scores – one for technique, one for performance. Also, the couples will be given specific moves. Len said, “Season 10 is turning into ‘Season Tension.'”

The next couple safe: Nicole & Derek.

Reba returned to perform “Consider Me Gone.”

Melissa Rycroft will perform in the Macy’s Stars of Dance with Joey Fatone in a tango. Their song will be “Rock & Roll All Night.” You can go here to vote on their costume design. Melissa talked to the audience about what it’s like to sit and watch the show. Sorry, folks. I hit FF.

The next couples safe: Evan & Anna and Chad & Cheryl.

Next, a taped piece (AKA time filler) showing how nicey-nice everyone is while training. Once again, I hit FF.

The next couple safe: Pamela & Damian.

Now, the couples in jeopardy: Buzz & Ashly. He seemed genuinely surprised by that. Jake & Chelsie. Seriously – was he going to cry? MAN UP!

Kate & Tony are safe and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone who wanted to go home more.

Len was surprised about Buzz because he thought America would have kept him in.

The couple going home: Buzz & Ashly.

I think people either love or hate (or love to hate) Jake and Kate. Both will have to step it up, literally, to stay in this competition. The others are just too good for these two not to do some actual dancing. And if this doesn’t work out, perhaps Jake and Kate should get a reality show of their own – of the non-dance kind.

I’ll be back next week with a recap of the fourth week of performances. Don’t forget: you can watch the performances online right here.

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