DWTS Season 10 – Week 3

America, you got it wrong last week. This week, the couples are supposed to tell a story with their dance (challenge from the judge). I think it’s only fair that I tell you I voted online BEFORE I watched the performances. Kate and Buzz did not get my votes. Fingers crossed they aren’t the best this week because I might feel bad. Just a little. On to the performance recap!

Couple: Evan & Anna

Dance: Quick Step

In case you’re new to this blog, you should know this is my least favorite dance. Evan and Anna are playing a husband and wife. Evan had his skater face on – he never stopped smiling! I don’t know how anyone can do that with this supper fast dance. At no point did he look tired. This was super cute!  Also – Evan danced with a couple of broken toes! I liked this even more!

Len said he got the story – as all men waiting for a lady to show up and when she does, you’re euphoric. It cheered Len up. He said Evan has to work on his feet. Bruno said she might have been late, but Evan was ready to give her the run of her life and then he dumped her. He said Evan needs to work on his feet and sometimes he loses his posture. Carrie Ann thought it was great – like a nice, twinkling, energetic dance. She said they did a fantastic job.


Couple: Buzz & Ashly

Dance: Waltz

The story is Buzz coming home from war and Ashly is his daughter welcoming him. Daughter? Really? She could be his granddaughter! OK. I’m going to try to watch this without my hands over my eyes (also, it’s harder to type that way). Buzz had the uniform down. Now, about the dancing. A nice, slow waltz is perfect for Buzz. He seems to just walk through it. Ashly does all the actual dancing. I can’t tell if he’s enjoying himself. He’s a little more Buzz Lightyear in that his movement seems robot-like. OOOH – if he makes it through this week, he should totally dress like a rocket man!

Bruno said it was more like the return of the king. He said, like statues, sometimes it’s better looking at them standing still because when Buzz started to move, it didn’t go anywhere. He said Buzz looked very regal. Carrie Ann said she doesn’t know if Buzz’s dancing improved, but she believed the story. She says it worked in Buzz’s advantage because the older man might be stiffer. Len said the dance had an innocent charm. Len said the technique was poor, the routine was over-simplified. Buzz acted like he was going to throw his hat at the judges.


Couple: Jake & Chelsie

Dance: Quick Step

They’re doing “Walk Like an Egyptian.” ARGH! There is such a small amount of time for each couple to perform and they wasted a good 30 seconds with their tomb awakening scene. Once they got to the actual dancing, it wasn’t bad. I’d really like for Jake to stop making faces. He looks a little like a puffer fish. Some of his steps looked like his feet were sticking to the dance floor. Meh. It was OK.

Carrie Ann liked the story telling, keeping Egyptian moves with the steps. She said Chelsie set the bar high and it hurt Jake because his legs were soft and his knees were funky. Len said Jake has to straighten up during the quick step. He said the production was slick and the dancing was a bit slack. He thought it was entertaining. He loved Indiana Jake and Egyptian Chelsie chasing each other around. He said Jake’s feet weren’t precise and sometimes he loses the frame. He thought the performance was nice.


Couple: Niecy & Louis

Dance: Waltz

They’re playing a couple in the 60s who fall in love. Niecy was quite emotional during rehearsal. I hope she carries that into her performance because she will shine if she does. OOOH! Love the hair! There was a little stumble at the beginning. The dance was really nice. But when I looked at Niecy’s face, I wanted her to look happy, but she seemed on the verge of tears. I almost cried for her.

Len said it was brave to tell that story without props. He thought they pulled it off. He saw romance and emotion. He said Niecy needs to work on her feet. Bruno said it was a tale of love surviving against all odds and it was acted well. He saw Niecy stumble. He said she has to work on her feet. Carrie Ann said Niecy stumbled while trying to keep her feet on the ground. She said it was a very important story to tell, but she didn’t understand the ending. She thought it was about love and coming together, but she doesn’t think it came across at the end. Niecy says she stumbled because she’s not used to people seeing her cry and she felt vulnerable and nervous. Louis was also emotional talking about the performance because he said everyone should be able to get married.


Couple: Chad & Cheryl

Dance: Paso Doble

If Ochocinco can’t pull this one off, I will totally quit him! Their story is about Chad trying to seduce Cheryl and she wants nothing to do with him. Chad says it’s art imitating life. From the waist up, Chad had this. From the waist down, some of his footwork was off. He definitely looked strong and like he was in charge. I think he’s found his next end zone dance!

Bruno said Chad had the power and presence back. He said Chad needs to be careful because at time he still loses it. He said that’s the way to go. Carrie Ann said somebody really wanted the girl because Chad was focused on Cheryl like a laser. She said he needs to work on his shoulders. Len said Chad was better than last week. He needs to work on his posture. He said Chad came out with determination and dominated the dance.


Couple: Pamela & Damian

Dance: Paso Doble

Pamela is playing the role of a gypsy flamenco dancer and she’s not interested in the matador. Pamela is a PETA gal, looking at this as a dance with the devil. Charo came in to give Pamela some flamenco tips. She taught Pamela how to dance with her “big maracas.” Um, I thought Pamela had that down by now. The beginning was a bit sloppy like Pamela got caught up in her dress. She had the character down. I couldn’t tell if she forgot the steps in the middle, but it looked like she froze and resorted to shaking her skirt. I’m now watching the other couples – did you see Ashly not applauding?

Carrie Ann said Pamela has an artistry and her body moves beautifully. She said Pamela threw herself off a few times. Len said Pamela coped with nerves and was focused. She needs refinement in the dance. Bruno said it was like watching the gypsy queen played by Brigitte Bardot in her prime. He said beneath the sexy exterior is a dancer.


Couple: Aiden & Edyta

Dance: Quick Step

He threw up after last week’s performance. Their story: he’s painting Edyta and she comes to life. Oh my gosh – he has the cutest baby girl! I did not like Aiden singing along. I did like the dancing. It was more quick step, less gimmick. When did I become Len? I liked this!

Len said the quick step should be carefree, but he thought this was careful. He wanted Aiden to go for it. Aiden’s microphone dropped and that made for a little problem. Bruno thought Aiden looked happy as a clam. He thought it was a bit skippy. He said Aiden’s posture and confidence was better. Carrie Ann likes what she’s seeing. She thought Aiden was too light on his feet. She liked his posture.


Couple: Erin & Maks

Dance: Waltz

Their story is about Erin giving herself to Maks and letting him lead her. To help her, Maks blindfolds Erin. This girl never looks bad. I think the dance took a lovely turn when Erin was blindfolded. It seemed like her performance got better when she didn’t see people looking at her. Wow! Really good!

Bruno called Erin a kinky thing. He said it starts with blindfolds and ends with handcuffs. He said Erin has to start linking her movement because she stops between steps. Carrie Ann said it was beautiful storytelling. She said Erin’s hand grip gave away that maybe she wasn’t completely trusting Maks. Len said he never thought the thing was going to start. He said it was the most boring start. He said, “It’s a waltz, sunshine!” He said there was not enough waltzing.


Couple: Kate & Tony

Dance: Paso Doble

Kate is taking on the paparazzi. I kind of hoped she would tell the story of her doomed marriage. I have lowered the bar for Kate – even though she had an acting coach to help her. I feel a little sorry for her, but didn’t she want to be on this show? Not one bit of this was believable – from her really bad hair piece to Kate attempting to dance. Such an insult to Tony – she actually WALKED through the whole thing. There was nothing on her face but fear. She couldn’t even pull out her anger for this. I have watched a few minutes of her reality show to know that she has anger in her. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think Buzz was better.

Carrie Ann said it was odd. She’s happy because dance is a forum to channel emotions, but it was hard to watch. She said Kate took small steps and doesn’t feel like the emotion got to her face. Len said Kate got through the dance. It looked like she got through her nerves. She was walking through it. Bruno said for one second, Kate played the character of “Bitch From Hell,” but it needs to translate to movement. He said it looked like she was walking. He said, “Next time, dance.” Kate said despite the feedback, she’s enjoying the challenge. I don’t buy it.


Couple: Nicole & Derek

Dance: Quick Step

Their story: two sailors goofing off on the job. Nicole has a potty mouth. Sorry, kids, I like that! I like that they used mops at the beginning – not as a prop but more as a partner. Once they were together, this dance took off. Nicole managed to hold Derek (either he’s really light, or she’s super strong). This was cute and fun. I think Nicole had a little mistake around the middle, but overall, this was really good! I wanted a nap after watching this – exhausting!

Len said they took the title of the song too literally. He didn’t get quick step. They broke the rules: there was a lift, there wasn’t the hold, they broke the hold halfway through it. He said, “You are taking the Mickey out of us judges.” He said it was beautifully danced, but not a quick step. Bruno said as a performance it was incredible. He said they should have kept hold. Carrie Ann was not happy with the lift and hold broken. But she said when they take it on the road, she wants front row seats.


Tuesday night, Reba McEntire will perform and one couple will go home. Joey Fatone and Melissa Rycroft will perform the tango in the Macy’s Design a Dance. You can see the week’s performances here. Here are the songs used in the performances.

One final note: we want to send you to the finale. Go here to enter to win a chance to watch the big show in person!

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