DWTS Season 10: Week Two

Oh, Buzz Aldrin! I really wanted to root for you. But then you started to move and, well, I just couldn’t muster much cheer. I’m hoping your second dance helps me find my way back to you, Mr. American Hero.

How did these stars do on their second week of performance – and who is in danger of being sent home? Get the recap after the jump.

Couple: Shannen & Mark

Dance: Jive

Can someone explain to me why Mark slips into a British accent when he’s teaching his star to dance? If not for the music, I would swear Shannen was doing this in slow motion. Mark’s feet were moving fairly fast. Shannen’s looked like she was wearing 20 pound shoes. Super slow. She smiled through most of the dance, so either she was acting like she had fun or she had fun.

Len said the jive is fun, fast and energetic and she showed that. He said Shannen lost control at times. Bruno said he likes the mean girl that does the mean jive. He said her performance level was better. He said her kicks could have been sharper. Carrie Ann said Mark was right in pushing her to do a stronger routine. She said Shannen needs to work on musicality. She said Shannen showed great improvement.



Couple: Aiden & Edyta

Dance: Fox Trot

Aiden and Edyta had some tension in their rehearsal. He threatened to leave because she was getting frustrated with him. Very soap opera-like moment – except that it was the calmest fight I’ve ever seen. They seem to have clearly made up because they looked lovely. Oh, then Edyta popped Aiden in the face with her elbow during a turn. I’m sure that was an accident. I really enjoyed this – and it looks like Aiden did, too!

Bruno sees a glimmer of hope for Aiden. He said Aiden’s footwork and framework were good. Bruno said sometimes Aiden gets his knickers in a twist (huh?) and he needs to keep focus. Carrie Ann said he did a nice job. She said last week Aiden was trying too hard and this week he let the dance flow through him. She said it was a solid dance. Len said it was a bit economic in the move and needs to flow more. He said Aiden’s footwork was good. He said there is an improvement.



Couple: Evan & Anna

Dance: Jive

OK. I adore Evan. But I just realized he has the world’s skinniest arms! Oh, please, don’t put him out there without a shirt! I’ll never be able to focus on the dancing! Now this is a jive! Fast, fun and full of energy. His feet did not seem weighed down when he was kicking. Anyone else doing the jive tonight has to follow that? Don’t envy ’em!

Carrie Ann said it was great. She said it was in control and nice. She said Evan was connected with the audience and his partner. Len said tall guys usually struggle with the jive, but Evan had a really good one. He said Evan needs to get his feet a tad sharper. Bruno said Evan is greased lightning. He said the partner work was spot on. He said Evan needs to point the feet and be careful not to go wobbly.



Couple: Niecy & Louis

Dance: Fox Trot

Niecy did not understand Louis’s instruction – until he spoke to her in terms of food. Love Niecy. She cracks me up. But I don’t think I should giggle while watching this dance. Her super long dress made it hard for me to watch her feet. So I focused on the shoulders up. I covered my eyes when she did a spin – hoping she did not lift her feet off the ground (would hate for Carrie Ann to spot a lift and take away points!). Niecy sold it. I don’t know how great a fox trot it was, but I bought it!

Len said it had musicality, ease, a sophistication, a sassy twist. He said he loved it. Niecy gave him a kiss. Bruno said she was light and frothy, it was like a strawberry milkshake. Carrie Ann said Niecy’s managed to keep her feet on the ground (no lift). She said Niecy needs to go big. Niecy says she can do that.



Couple: Jake & Chelsie

Dance: Jive

I’m hoping what they show in rehearsals is the worst of the performance. Because this is B-A-D. Jake telling Chelsie that he can’t do something and wanting to make it easier – that’s not going to help him win. Chelsie looked like she was wearing Cha Cha’s dress from “Grease.” That threw me as they were dancing the jive to a Huey Lewis song. Jake’s feet were moving pretty slow and his kicks looked like they lacked follow through. This seemed more cheeseball than jive. Did not love it.

Bruno said Jake wants this badly. His energy and determination are great. He said Jake has to work on precision and technique. Carrie Ann said there was a lift. She said it started great. It had energy. She said Jake is a joy to watch. Len said the jive is a tough dance for guys. He said it was a little bit heavy. He said he hopes Jake is not the one to go because he has great potential.



Couple: Buzz & Ashly

Dance: Fox Trot

The dance started with a salute to the flag. Ah. The moon is there because of the music. Got it. This dance suits Buzz better than the latin dance he did last week. He seemed to enjoy himself. But I didn’t feel like he was dancing. He was kind of walking through the dance. Yes, I know he’s old. But it’s a dance competition. Not a senior move around on a stage with a pretty girl competition. He’d win that FOR SURE. Sorry. I really do love America!

Carrie Ann said it was tender and charming. She said the dancing part was trepidatious. She said it looked like he was afraid of stepping on Ashly’s toes. Len said it is difficult to criticize a legend. He said Buzz inspires people to go out and do whatever they like. Bruno said the man on the moon got stuck on the fox trot. He said it looked like Buzz was avoiding craters.



Couple: Nicole & Derek

Dance: Jive

Len probably won’t like the little gimmick at the beginning with Nicole dancing solo and Derek off stage. Once they were together – WOW! This was perhaps the fastest, sexiest jive I’ve ever seen!

Len was ambivalent about the whole thing. He said parts were good. He didn’t like the first twelve bars. He liked the traditional parts of the jive. He said Nicole is a talented dancers. He said she did a great job. Bruno said it was phenomenal. He said he’s never seen a jive that good on week two. He said the jive was hip. Carrie Ann said Nicole, Derek, SOS, jive, silver costume, pony tail – perfection. She loved it.

SCORE: 28 (Carrie Ann & Bruno gave her 10s)


Couple: Erin & Maksim

Dance: Fox Trot

Maks told Erin to channel her inner princess. Then, we saw her burp during rehearsal. SOOO sweet! She looks like a princess in her dress and while dancing. Actually, she’s a little Barbie-like. She’s a dancer! I’m surprised! I don’t know why I set the bar low for Erin – no more of that! Lovely and elegant – even as her dress seemed to slip off at the end.

Bruno said Erin takes to dance like a duck to water. He said her arms are stunning. He said she needs to finish all the movement. Tom cut him off. Carrie Ann said Erin is a beautiful, lyrical dancer. She said Erin has to watch her death grip on the hold. Erin said Maks kept telling her to grab his bicep and she said she couldn’t find it. I’m guessing next week, Maks will dance without a shirt to show us all his biceps. Len said the movement was fluid, her posture was good. He said her footwork, not so much. He said there are three key words: put up, keep up and shut up. He said the stars need to trust in their pro.



Couple: Pamela & Damian

Dance: Fox Trot

Damian wants Pamela to channel Marilyn Monroe. So, I’m expecting a sexy, ditzy fox trot by a girl with big boobs and barbed wire tattooed on her arm. I’m shaking my head and hoping for a good dance. I didn’t love Pam’s arms. I did really enjoy the rest of the dance. It almost made me want to put aside my laptop and get off the sofa and glide around my living room in my pajamas. Almost.

Tom said a bus load of Kennedys just pulled up. Some boos from the audience. Carrie Ann said Pamela brought Marilyn Monroe back to life. She said Pamela needs to work on her shoulders. Len said Pamela has been titivating (um, dirty talk, no?). He said the dance had elegance and charm and she needs to work on her posture. She said Pam needs to get her bust away from Damian. Bruno said Pamela’s tribute to Marilyn was delicious. He said the dancing was good.



Couple: Chad & Cheryl

Dance: Fox Trot

Chad has a shirt that says, “If you don’t vote for me on DWTS… GIRL YOU TRIPPIN.” Like it. He was quite flirty with Cheryl during rehearsal. He needs to flirt with the audience – they have the votes! I mean, does he do that during football? That would be weird. His posture bothered me a bit. And sometimes I thought he was counting steps. He seemed to dance very tight, not extending his arms or his body fully. I loved him more last week. Lucky for Chad, I don’t vote.

Len said there was little about that he could talk about to give him encouragement. He said it was like the snow – you’re just glad when it’s all over. Bruno said Chad looked uncomfortable. He said it lacked musicality. He said Chad needs to reboot. Carrie Ann said Chad has great potential. He needs to understand his movement and let it go.



Couple: Kate & Tony

Dance: Jive

She was whiny during rehearsal, frustrating Tony. Kate cried. Tony was offended by Kate implying he doesn’t know how to teach her. She quit rehearsal. Tony quit. It’s like she’s treating Tony like he’s her ex-husband – only without the mean tone. Not that I think Kate will read this, but if she wants to continue in this competition, she needs to put a smile on her face, be quiet and listen to Tony. He apologized for overreacting. Kate said she’s had a lot of people quit on her. I’m getting close to quitting on her after that whole baby-like meltdown. Now, to her dancing… It doesn’t seem like any of that nonsense helped her. She was lost and not able to follow through with any of the steps. She was counting. Tony had to coach her through the dance. It seems like she wanted to quit in the middle of the dance. Please don’t make me watch this again.

Bruno said the song brought back good memories of him dancing in the sand with Elton John. He said Kate made it a nightmare. He said dance is a performing art and she needs to perform and sell. Carrie Ann said Kate made it through the whole routine. She could see Kate struggling. She said Kate’s feet came off the floor a couple of times. She loved that Kate kept bouncing when she didn’t know what else to do. Len said nerves are breaking her. He said she needs to come out and really go for it. Don’t go down as a wimp, go out fighting.



Tuesday the Beach Boys and John Stamos will perform (what year is it?) and one couple will be eliminated (I’m looking at you Kate & Buzz – unless America likes awkward and uncomfortable). Also, the female who will perform in the Macy’s “Stars of Dance” will be revealed. Get my recap Wednesday! So far, my favorite dance of the night!

If my recap wasn’t enough for you, you can watch the show here. Interested in the music? Go here.

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