Think It’s Cold? Wait until Friday Night…

By Brian Alonzo

The cold front has come through our area and brought windy conditions not to mention the cold temperatures. Now, we focus on the next few days.  On Friday, our high is forecasted to be in the  30’s in across the area. We’re going with about 39° in San Antonio.  When the sun begins to set temperatures will fall. By then the wind will begin to decrease in speed to about 5-10 mph. There will be a few clouds so that won’t help re-radiate the heat back to the surface so it will be a good night for something we call Radiational Cooling. Radiational Cooling is when you have clear skies, light winds, and cold temperatures. You mix that all together and the temperatures will drop like a rock. The temperatures will bottom out around 19° in San Antonio, low teens in the Hill Country and mid to low 20’s across the rest of the area.

Same thing goes for pretty much the weekend. Low temps will come up a few degrees but we will remain below freezing for several hours early Saturday and early Sunday mornings. Each afternoon we will rebound into the upper 40’s to low 50’s.

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One Comment on “Think It’s Cold? Wait until Friday Night…”

  1. Betty Says:

    I think you should use a Beef tonge to demonstrate the tounge sticking to a pole….

    that would be cool the see

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