Friday Freebies – Best of 2009

Because it’s the first of the year, I thought I’d look back at some of the freebies and tips I’ve shared over the last year. I’m bringing back the ones that are still good (last time I checked). Enjoy and happy new year!

Food Freebies:

H-E-B will help you cook healthy for your family. Just sign up for their newsletter and new recipes will appear in your inbox.

If you like Sonic, you should become one of their Sonic Cruisers. You’ll get a free cream slush, medium drink or tater tots during the month of your birthday.

Order pizza from Domino’s online and use their coupons without having to cut them out.

Looking to eat at home without breaking the bank? You might want to bookmark this blog. The writer has several recipes that won’t cost you a whole lot of money (some meals are less than $10)!

Sign up for Quizno’s mailing list here and get a free sammie along with a free cookie on your birthday!

Lean Cuisine will send you coupons and more if you register with its site.

Taco Cabana will also give you a special treat on your birthday. Just sign up here.

Check out OrangeCup at the Shops at La Cantera. Sign up for their emails for some special treats (look for “Sign Up” on the left hand side of the page).

Jack in the Box wants to give you a treat on your birthday. Just print this coupon and have your I.D. handy.

Sign up for special offers (including coupons) from Blue Bell.

If you haven’t signed up for la Madeleine’s eclub, you’re missing out on offers like this free soup or salad.

Arby’s also offers free extras just for signing up.

If you eat a lot of chicken, you might want to check out Tyson’s website. You can find recipes and a $1 coupon there.

You don’t have to just toss jarred pasta sauce on your pasta. Ragu has several recipes (for use with its sauces, of course) and will even send you coupons if you sign up here.

Shopping Freebies:

Aveda also has a birthday club. Get your free beauty product by giving them your birthday here.

Ladies, sign up for Ann Taylor’s rewards program for perks.

Parents, get your baby some free (apparently green) diapers. Who knew? Just sign up here for a sample and a coupon.

Suave will send you coupons, tips and samples if you sign up for its email list.

If you like shoes, you might want to sign up for rewards at DSW. You’ll get rewards for purchases and special online offers. You can find locations here.

This blog has found a super cool site: find coupons you can use in your neighborhood with this cool map.

Dog owners, sign up with Frosty Paws to get a coupon for the frozen dog treat on your pet’s birthday. If you haven’t let your dog have one of these treats, you can read more about them here.

Pharmaceutical companies are trying to help people without insurance. Check their sites for discounts on prescription medications. Take a look at the list of drug makers here. I searched a few of their sites and found the following offering savings: Pfizer, Merck, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Eli Lilly and Company. I’m sure there are other drug companies that can help, those are just the first few I found.

Parents, if you’re up to *here* in diapers, you might as well reap some rewards. The people at Pampers have some special offers (get points off those diaper and wipe labels and earn free stuff) or sign up here to get special offers in the mail or in your inbox.

Household Freebies:

Pick up some free frugal tips from America’s Cheapest Family.

And here are 100 tips to help you save money this year.

If you’re doing some spring cleaning now, don’t trash those old CDs, books, movies or video games! Sign up on SwapTree and list what you don’t want AND what you do want. If someone has something you want, they’ll trade you for something you want to dump. Registration is free.

Have an old cell phone collecting dust? Go here to sell it for cash.

Students (and parents, too) might like this site. It has tips to get discounts on everything you could possibly need – from discounted travel to ways to pick up discounts while furnishing your dorm.

Students might want to bookmark this site. It has one minute recaps of hundreds of literature books commonly assigned for classroom reading. You’ll have to register, but it’s free. And if you’re assigned a book that’s not in the library, request it and they’ll make a video recap.

And here’s a book freebie: this site gives away a limited number of new books. They just ask that you make a donation/pass the book on to others. If you miss out on the current offering, bookmark the site and try to get its next freebie!

Family Fun Tips:

If you have the patience (and a little bit of skill), you can use this recipe to make sidewalk chalk. The materials will cost you a few bucks, but it’ll keep the kids entertained for hours!

Have some clean fun with bubbles. This site has everything you could possibly need to know about making bubbles.

If you’re running out of things to do with the kids, check out this site. It has free craft ideas every day!

If you like movies, bookmark this site. It has all you could possibly want to know about films – and regular contests with movie freebies (pre-screening tickets, DVDs, etc.).

If you find your child’s homework is getting more difficult, bookmark this site. It might help you both get through those tough problems.

If you’re looking for more fun around the Alamo City, sign up with the San Antonio Convention and Visitors Bureau to get coupons like this.

Disney wants to get people to volunteer – and they’ll reward you for your good deeds. Spend a day doing volunteer work starting January 1, 2010, and you’ll get a free day at Disney! Read the details here.

Some might call this freebie is a time waster, but I call it free entertainment. It’s a site that streams live music. It’s even available as an application for iPhones. [via Mental_Floss]

That’s it for 2009! I’ll see you in 2010 with more tips. If you want to share an idea, send an email to with “Friday Freebies” in the subject line.

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