Global Warming Facts

Global warming is real…a legit question is how much is caused by CO2 (man)?  I know we are overwhelming the planet with 500 trillion cubic feet of CO2 every year.  I know that there are only 5 quadrillion square feet of planet earth.  That is 10 times 500 trillion.  So we are coating the planet with about one tenth of a foot of CO2 every year.  That’s about one inch.  After 10 years it is a foot and after 50 years you are up to your neck in CO2.  (those numbers are conservative but real)

If you can’t fathom huge numbers then fathom this.  Every year the CO2 content of the atmosphere increases.  It has gone from 280 PPM to about 390 PPM.  It is going up about 3 PPM every year.  Basically there are not enough trees in the forest, grass on the plains, seaweed in the seas or algae in the oceans to process all the CO2 we produce.

CO2 is a greenhouse gas that traps heat.  Fact.

Bottom line is we have a CO2 problem.

Conservs (deniers) are right in that the temperature rise so far has been slight.  About 1.4 degrees F.  So instead of 30 Below it is now 28.6 below.  No big whoop.  It’s still awfully cold.

Is the slight warming bad?  There is an argument there…I accept that.  But to say that global warming is a hoax is wrong.  To report hacked emails by adding fake stuff to them like FOX News did is bad journalism.  In fact I say downright dastardly deceptive.

It is wrong to believe that temperatures have stopped warming.  That is more junk from some oil companies and Rush Limbaugh and FOX.  The latest decade, 2000-2009 was the warmest ever recorded.  (World meteorological Organization…December 10, 2009)

Global Warming.  I am fascinated by the subject and I enjoy talking about the facts.  I will never try to over-hype the phenom because I don’t know.  But I hate the politics and fake facts of the deniers.  They are spewing total fabrication. They are getting even louder and fakier recently.  They come out with fake facts like  “Oh the climate has stopped warming since 1998”.  That’s just a lie.

Conservs are right about the money/power grab.  The Libs answer to everything is “let’s tax it”.  Puhlease…How about coming up with a real answer like emission free power?  Like Nuclear, Solar, Wind.  How about electric cars that rely on emission free power?

That’s about all I know about Global Warming except I didn’t mention all the real stuff that I have actually witnessed in my lifetime (57 years of Meteorology).  Rising Sea levels, melting glaciers, shrinking Arctic ice cap, ice in dates later, ice out dates earlier, deeper droughts,  more powerful floods,  more powerful hurricanes.  These things have nothing to do with placing the thermometer too close to the air conditioning unit at the Wal Mart in Arkansas.  Nothing.

Have a good Old Fashioned Merry Christmas!

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One Comment on “Global Warming Facts”

  1. Rick Says:

    I will submit to you that in the 1300’s that the co2 was far less than it is now and yet the average temperature had risen to cause world wide starvation which help cause the massive blck plague. The arguement is not whether or not there is a climate change, but what is this cause of it. the NOAA AQUA satellite program that was launch in 2003 showed that water vapor has far more effect to the atmosphere concerning tempatures than co2. “FACT” The models that were used to predict the warming trend failed to include the water vapor effects to the atmosphere. What also has been tied more closely to the warming and cooling of the earth is ever cycleing of sun spot activity. Now, if take your chicken little approach that the earth is heating up, then why was the Atlantic so calm this past fall? Where were all the storms? Also, why did the geese that reside north of New York failed to nest this year. The weather in Canada was too cold and the geese stopped migrating hundreds miles south, never getting to the nesting area. As for the emails, if the facts as they claim them to be were in fact “facts,” then why was there a need to fudge the numbers in the first place. And as for throwing stones at other networks,do we need to bring up DAN Rather? ABC is at the bottom of the tank and UNFACTUAL CLAIMS BY IT’S MEMBERS ARE SENDING ABC AND KSAT 12 to the bottom. STeve Brown can not tell us the what will happen to our local weather more than 12 hours in the future with less than a 50% acuraticy, what makes anyone think he or the others like him can predict what will happen in the world years to come. Try working on the local weather predictions, and stop giving us your uneducated opinion on the global warming.

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