DWTS Season 9: The Final Three

I think this photo says it all. Kelly has surprised herself by making it to the finale – and there’s a chance (really, there is) that she could win it all. Who would have thought Joanna would be sent home instead of Donny? Wait. I did. Because Donny has fans. Harsh, I know. So, let’s see how the final three do in their last chance to woo the voters.

Couple: Kelly & Louis

Dance: Argentine Tango

Carrie Ann paid the couple a visit. She told Kelly she’s the one who has had the biggest transformation of all the couples. She gave Kelly a few pointers. OMG! Who is this girl? Kelly is a dancer! No, not just a dancer, but a dancer! Wow! I have never seen her move with such confidence. This is my favorite dance from Kelly. LOVED IT!

Len said Kelly epitomizes what the competition is about. She has little or no dance experience, but she’s made it to the finals. He thought she danced right up there – very good. Bruno said he never would have thought that Kelly came as she started and ended up in the finals. She mastered the intricacy, but he thought her free hand was loose and he wanted more sensuality. Carrie Ann said she was proud of Kelly. She said she made the emotional connection she hasn’t seen before. She called it a very sophisticated routine.


Couple: Mya & Dmitry

Dance: Paso Doble

Len showed up to give Mya some tips for the paso doble. Len thought their dance was lackluster. He wanted it bigger and stronger – with more attitude. Watching this dance, I kept forgetting that Mya is not the professional here. She is fantastic! I didn’t see a thing wrong with this dance.

Bruno said, “The power of Mya unleashed for all to admire.” He called the dance amazing. Carrie Ann dubbed Mya “The Queen of the Paso Doble.” She said it was dynamic and hot. Len said Mya came out like “The No-Stress Express.” He said it was right up there with the paso done by Mel B. and Maks a few seasons back. I agree!


Couple: Donny & Kym

Dance: Cha Cha Cha

Bruno visited Donny & Kym. He said Donny has to be technically sharp and a great performer to win. Sooo afraid they’ll make out! Bruno worked on getting Donny to move a little differently than Donny is used to. No kisses. I don’t know if it was the music (“September”) or the sparkly dress Kym was wearing or the fact that I was on my second cup of coffee, but this made me happy. It was so light and fun!

Carrie Ann asked Donny where his hips came from. She pointed out a little problem with his hands. Len said that was a cha cha cha! He said Bruno worked some magic because it’s a tough dance. He said Donny coped great. Bruno said Donny is a credit to his profession. Bruno said he shouted at him for an hour and Donny discovered parts he didn’t know he had.



The couples have to perform a group dance where they perform three dances at the same time back to back.

It started with the Viennese Waltz. Then a little Latin dance. The final dance: a jive. I don’t know how the judges are going to score this. The couples were in near perfect step the whole time. I kind of hope they don’t bring this back. It was too hard for me to concentrate on anyone. Perhaps if they bring it back, they shouldn’t score it.

Len thought it would be easy to judge. He said it was difficult. He said there’s no clear winner of the show. He thought they were all good. Bruno said Mya can samba. He said Kelly’s waltz was good. He said he thought Donny was one of the professional dancers – showing age doesn’t mean anything. Carrie Ann said she was impressed with the way Donny kept up with the professionals. She loved Mya’s samba. She said she loved Kelly’s back in the waltz.

Here are the rankings:

1. Mya & Dmitry – 30 points

2. Donny & Kym – 28 points

3. Kelly & Louis – 26 points


Couple: Kelly & Louis

Kelly has torn the cartilage in both of her big toes. How has she been dancing? LOVE that she got to dance to “I Will Survive.” Loved all the sparkles she was wearing. Love that she was having so much fun while dancing. Oh no! Big slip during a stunt, but she made a quick recovery. Then, her last lift at the end went a little slow. Still, this made me so happy. And there was something happening with my eyes. They were a little misty.

Bruno said Kelly had all the glitz and glamor of the disco era. Then he had flashbacks to the 70s. Carrie Ann said Kelly is a survivor. When she falls, she gets back up. When she forgets, she laughs at herself. Len said Kelly smiled through it, she was singing, he enjoyed it. Kelly did say on one of the lifts it looked like Louis pooped her out of him. Toilet humor on a family show – love it!



Couple: Mya & Dmitry

Mya doesn’t want to play it safe. But she ended up going with Dmitry’s choreography. This was a little Broadway (“Hairspray” music, y’all). This was crazy fast and fun! But I wanted a little more.

Carrie Ann said it was high energy, fun but not outstanding. She said if you do “Hairspray,” you’re competing with that. She said it didn’t showcase Mya. Len said it’s clear Mya has great dance talent. He said he was expecting something to happen and it didn’t. Bruno said Mya had the joy and owned the beat, but he said at this stage he wanted something more spectacular. He said it wasn’t bad. Uh oh. Dmitry might be in trouble.



Couple: Donny & Kym

Marie tried to distract Donny during rehearsals. Donny stayed focused. If Donny doesn’t shine here, I will be incredibly disappointed. I could have done without the 30 seconds of wasted time at the beginning. Once they started dancing, it was fun. There seemed to be some sync issues. And it seemed like Donny stopped dancing to wait for Kym on the lifts. So much fun!

Len said it was an absolute showstopper. He feared Bruno was going to shout so he moved out of the way. Bruno said, “Mr. Show Business at his best!” He called Donny the master. Carrie Ann welcomed Donny to the “Hall of Fame of Freestyle.”

SCORE: 30 (Donny’s first perfect score)


The disco ball will be awarded Tuesday. Whitney Houston will perform. Former contestants will take the stage again. It’s two hours of entertainment. I challenge you to count the sparkles.

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