DWTS Season 9: The Final Three

Seriously, if Mya does not win this competition, I will believe it is rigged. She is fantastic! Find out who has to hang up his/her dancing shoes after the jump.

The judges decided Mya & Dmitry’s salsa was worthy of an encore (as Len said, it showed of Mya’s tooty fruity booty).

If you’re keeping score, here’s the leaderboard:

1. Mya & Dmitry – 87 points

2. Joanna & Derek – 81 points

3. Kelly & Louis – 78 points

4. Donny & Kym – 74 points

All four couples are on the stage waiting to learn who’s safe. Then, it’s the big tease “We’ll find out later.” I hate that! Stop it!

The couples all talked about each other – in totally nice ways.

A number from the upcoming movie “Nine” called “Be Italian” was performed (without any of the big stars from the movie).

Alicia Keys performed “Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart.” Her voice is amazing, but what impressed me more was her ability to strut about in those super high blue boots!

I felt really sorry for the stars doing their own music video to “Under Pressure.” It was silly.

The first couple safe: Mya & Dmitry.

Leona Lewis performed “Happy.”

The next couple safe: Donny & Kym.

Celebrating their 50th anniversary, the Bee Gees performed “You Should Be Dancing.” Everyone was on their feet – including the judges. How do they get their voices that high? Melissa Rycroft joined the pros who performed during this song. She wasn’t wearing shoes. That aside, she did a fantastic lift with Tony Dovolani at the end.

Next, a taped piece (ahem, time filler) with the pros talking about choreographing their performances for the elimination night (like what we just saw).

Joanna & Derek and Kelly & Louis wait to learn their fate. Yet another “The couple with the lowest combined total will be eliminated after this.” JERKS!

Len said Kelly has taken dancing into her heart and has “entered all of ours.” He said Joanna has been the most consistent of all the couples.

So, the couple who will not get to dance for that mirrorball trophy: Joanna & Derek.

Wow! That is some final three! America, don’t go thinking Mya can win this without you! Tune in on Monday to see the couples perform for your votes. I’ll be back with a recap next week.

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2 Comments on “DWTS Season 9: The Final Three”

  1. jeanne mcgee Says:

    very disappointed that donny did make the finals in stead of the other couple which really surpased him. He should have gone home, It seems like every week we had to put up with donny and then his sister as well.his fans should be voting for his dance ability. Some changes should be made for next season.

  2. dwts fanatic Says:

    I totally agree. I have watched DWTS since season 1 and Mya by far has blown this competition out of the water. They ought to have all the winners from the past 9 seasons come back and perform in season 10. That would really be something. Then also bring back some runner ups like Mario Lopez and Sabrina from the Cheetah girls. Gloves up and let’s go in knocking everyone down. I think Joanna and Derek should have been in the finale. Kelly or Donny should have gone. I thought with Mya against Joanna – with Derek and Dymitry coaching – would have been a finale we that would have really gone down in the books!! If Mya doesn’t win – then I think it is rigged and I am not going to be watching another season. This show is about dancing and not popularity. Just like American Idol is suppose to be about singing and not popularity. Anyway, I guess we will see. Go Team Mya & Dymitry!!

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