DWTS Season 9: The Semi-Finals

With Aaron & Karina gone, just four couples are left in the competition. I think this may be the best final four in a while. And look – three of the four stars are ladies! The couples have to perform three dances and earn some high scores to make it to the big finale. Find out who shines this week – and who is most likely to go home – after the jump!

Couple: Donny & Kym

Dance: Tango

Donny is such a natural performer. To hear him hint at being sent home – I just can’t believe it. OOOH! Gilles Marini returned to give Donny tips on the tango. I’m sorry. I just don’t look at Donny the same way I look at Gilles. Once I got over the shock of Donny’s gold sparkly jacket, I focused on the dancing. Maybe it was the fast music or maybe it’s because it was Donny, but I did not think this dance was hot. It was OK, just not hot like if Gilles were dancing. Kym got caught in her dress. The move at the end, with Kym going between Donny’s legs and then spinning around, looked like it was in slow motion. Donny sat down on the stage before the judging. He groaned.

Len said the sadness of it is when Donny did the Argentine tango it was great, but he didn’t know what it was. Donny said he saw Marie. Len said that’s enough to put anyone off. Carrie Ann told him to mind his manners. Bruno said Donny completely lost it. He said tonight, Donny couldn’t cover it up. Carrie Ann said there wasn’t a lot of push and pull, no drama. She pointed out Donny and Kym were caught in her dress.


Dance: Samba

Full disclosure: I can’t sit through the pre-taped pieces telling the stars’ back story. Can’t. Do. It. Donny seemed to shake off the problems from the first dance – literally. If any of the judges even try to say there was not enough hip action from Donny, I might throw the remote at the TV. Donny even looked like he was having a good time in his solo – which ended with a little split. Once he and Kym started dancing together again, it was fun and a huge improvement from his earlier dance. Standing ovation from the audience with Donny screaming, “Yeah!”

Bruno said a bit of a stumble doesn’t stop a professional from coming back and nailing it. He said it was carefree and fun – what a samba should be. Carrie Ann said it felt a little sloppy for Donny. She thought he was dancing small. Len said he can’t agree with Carrie Ann. He said it was a metamorphosis. He said Donny came out strong and determined.


Dance: Jitterbug

Holy sequined jacket! Donny was working hard to sell this. This was a performer’s dance – and Donny gave it his all! How did he do this without losing steam?

Carrie Ann said Donny needed this dance to be good and he got his mojo back. Len said this was another winner. Bruno said it was up beat, full of vigor and a party at St. Patrick’s Day.



Couple: Joanna & Derek

Dance: Viennese Waltz

Brooke Burke came in to give Joanna some tips. Oh my gosh! I loved this – from the song (“Hallelujah”) to Joanna’s princess dress to the way they glided across the stage. Magic! I don’t think they ever moved without touching each other. They were in perfect sync and, just, wow. I have never seen Joanna move so gracefully.

Bruno said this waltz had the grace of angels in heaven. He said there was a slight hesitation that didn’t allow him to get to paradise. Still, he called it fantastic. Carrie Ann said Joanna has grown into an amazing statuesque beauty. She said Joanna took her breath away. Len said their hold when dancing together is as good as any professional’s. He loved the choreography. He thought her pointing was a little odd. He called it a beautiful dance.


Dance: Cha Cha Cha

Interesting. This dance started with Joanna’s solo. Thanks to this song, I can’t get “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” out of my head. Seriously, what’s the deal with the fringe pants? I think they’re silly. That said, Joanna worked it! Derek has done a fantastic job of putting some difficult steps in these dances. Wow!

Carrie Ann loved how Joanna can go from statuesque to the wild child. She said Joanna is a dancer. She thought she did a great job. Len said it was clean, it was crisp, had great rhythm. He wanted a little more cheeky. Bruno said he can’t get Joanna out of his bed (awk-ward). He said Joanna is natural sex. He said Joanna is not a dancer, but what she’s done in ballroom and latin is amazing.


Dance: Salsa

More difficult choreography. Derek brought back the under the leg thing. Sorry, I don’t know how else to describe that move. This seemed to be little more about posing than Mya’s salsa. And Derek had to hold on tight to Joanna at the end as she nearly slipped out his arms.

Len said the dance was tasty and full of spice. Bruno said it was delicious and flirtatious. Tom asked Joanna if Bruno creeps her out and she said he doesn’t. Carrie Ann said Joanna generates heat. She loved it. She wants to see Joanna in the finals.



Couple: Kelly & Louis

Dance: Rumba

One of Kelly’s dogs died and she was very emotional while rehearsing. Is there a heavenly theme this week? Kelly & Louis danced to “Angels.” Kelly had to do a solo (as all stars will in their latin dances). She was so good! The move at the end, with Louis just holding her by her leg – such control. I’m so proud of Kelly, I might cry! Standing ovation from the audience.

Carrie Ann said Kelly brought her to tears. She said Kelly is not the strongest dancer, but she reached into her heart and made her love Kelly. Len said he can’t be as airy fairy as Carrie Ann. He said Kelly has turned into a competent dancer. He doesn’t think it was one of her best, but it was not her worst. Bruno said the dance did not have eroticism. He said she had to push her hips to the extreme. He commended her for attempting difficult positions and doing them well.


Dance: Quick Step

Kelly was a color explosion in her dress! How she managed to smile while practically running through these steps I’ll never know! They did get out of step a little towards the end. Louis had to hold on tight at the end – Kelly nearly slipped out his arms and hit her head on the floor. Another standing ovation from the audience.

Len said there are two people who are really happy: her mom and him. He said it was beyond his expectations – not as a person, performer and dancer – she has blown him away. Bruno said she was like Speedy Gonzalez. He said it was light, fast-footed, but she lost one foot, but overall it was absolutely right. Carrie Ann said, “Go get ’em, Kelly Osbourne!” She said Kelly nailed it. She said it was fabulous. Kelly said the comments from the judges gave her the confidence to keep coming back (and she was on the verge of tears as she said it).


Dance: Cha Cha Cha

Kelly looked like she was having a great time – just like her song (“Girls Just Want To Have Fun”). So much happiness in such a short time.

Bruno said it might have been a quickie, but it worked for him. He said her footing and timing were great. He said it was sharp. Carrie Ann said Kelly finished her lines. Len said at the start of the season, he thought she struggled through one dance and she did three at a high level tonight.



Couple: Mya & Dmitry

Dance: Waltz

They made rules to get through the competition: Don’t be tardy for the party (ha ha – “Real Housewives” reference); make a mistake, do five push-ups; breaks last ten minutes only; listen to Dmitry. Let’s see if that helps Mya win. At no point did I think this was real. Mya’s movement was like something you’d see in a fairy tale. She looked light as a feather. It even looked like they were ice skating at one point. Absolutely lovely! It did look a little like she got caught in her dress at the very end – still amazing! Standing ovation from the audience.

Len said he loved it – it had romance, elegance, beautiful movement, she was in total control throughout the dance. Bruno said it was love set to music. He said he loved that Mya put a touch of the exotic in it. Carrie Ann said she loved it. She felt Mya was slightly not connected in the hold just a hair. So, I guess that means no perfect score.

SCORE: 28 (10 from Bruno)

Dance: Salsa

This was not choreography for beginners. This dance was fast and hot! Mya’s solo was so hippy I thought I was in the 60s (that’s my best Bruno). Uh-maze-eeeng! The crowd was on their feet.

Bruno said only one word could describe that: Sensational. Carrie Ann said it was hot beyond belief. She said her solo was slamming. She also said the choreography was difficult. Len said, “Tooty fruity, what a booty.” He was mesmerized by Mya’s behind. He said Mya should be in the finale.


Dance: Cha Cha Cha

This dance was so hot, Mya lost her skirt! Ending in the splits – wow!

Carrie Ann said Mya has great hip action. She said there was something off in the beginning. Len said Bruno shouts a lot. He said it’s getting on his wick a bit. Love that – I might use it. Len said he was disappointed because he wanted it to go on longer. Bruno said it was like an action-packed trailer for a blockbuster and he wants to be first in line to see the whole feature.

SCORE: 29 (Carrie Ann only gave it a 9)


Tuesday, Alicia Keys, Leona Lewis and Barry & Robin Gibb will perform. Melissa Rycroft will also dance with Tony Dovolani. Oh, and one couple will go home.

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