DWTS Season 9: Top 5 Perform

Aaron is still in this competition – but Mark isn’t? What’s wrong with America? We’re getting down to business now. For the first time this season, the couples have to perform two individual dances – one ballroom and one latin. Aaron (and the other four stars) have to step it up this week if they want to make it to the finale for the chance to win that big, silly looking disco ball trophy. Find out who was good enough after the jump!

Want to know how a network turns an hour-long show into two hours? Check the start of this show. Instead of jumping right into the dancing, the show started with a taped piece of the judges saying what they’re expecting from the stars in the ballroom round. Aren’t we going to get these comments after the performances? I hit FF on my remote.

Once the ballroom round was finished, the professionals performed latin dances. AHEM, TIME FILLER! Way to make the stars feel good about their chances in the next round! Then, the judges talked about what they expect from the stars.

Couple: Mya & Dmitry

Dance: Quick Step

Once these two got into hold, this dance took off! I didn’t see Mya out of step once. She looked lovely and not for one second did she look like she was out of breath with this high-speed dance. If she doesn’t make it to the finale, I just might cry!

Len said his priority is how she danced and her priority is the wow in the dance. Len said there is a disappointment because he couldn’t find anything to criticize. Big, mean judge trick! Bruno said this quick step was like really fresh champagne: light, sparkling, full of flavor, after you taste it, nothing else will do. Carrie Ann said Mya made something so difficult and very intricate look like it just flowed out of her body with ease and grace.

SCORE: 29 (Carrie Ann was the only judge who did not give them a “10”)

Dance: 70s Samba

Disclosure: I love disco. Did not love Dmitry’s mustache. Did not love the super slow version of Donna Summer’s “Bad Girls.” The dancing, however, loved it! So much fun to watch! The audience loved it, too!

Carrie Ann believes Mya wants to win the competition. She said it was beyond belief. Len said Mya is absolutely on fire. He called her hips hypnotic. He said her two dances were of the highest standard with no gimmicks. Bruno said Mya is unbelievable. He said he loves bad girls and she’s the baddest of them all. Bruno broke into “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” I think my ears bled a little.

SCORE: 30 (first perfect score of the season)


Couple: Aaron & Karina

Dance: Fox Trot

Karina is the latest dancer to get sick but she refused to sit out the dance. I don’t believe Aaron is that good of an actor, so I’m going to say there’s a little romance brewing between these two. This dance was nice. I thought it was a little odd to see Karina singing along with the music in some parts. And did her foot come off the floor? Other than that, liked it.

Bruno said he could see how much work went into the performance. But he felt it was tense. He said it didn’t have the ease of flow necessary to sell the fox trot. Carrie Ann said Karina’s foot came off the floor. She said she saw Aaron’s effort, but there was a loss of fluidity. Len said watching Aaron is like watching his son in a toy shop – so many emotions. He’s proud of Aaron because he’s worked hard and tried his best. He said for a young man, Aaron danced very well.


Dance: 90s Samba

Apparently Aaron had a hit song in the 90s. He used that experience to teach Karina a few dance moves. I smell disaster. This was really fast. Why does Aaron look angry? This was not a disaster. I find if I stop watching Aaron’s facial expressions, and just focus on the footwork, the dancing isn’t so bad. The audience liked it.

Len said it was tough to follow Mya’s perfect samba. He said Aaron performed it, sold it and worked his socks off. Bruno said all the energy has made good. Bruno got up and danced. He said the marriage of the 90s and the samba was a success. Carrie Ann said Aaron is a great performer. She thought he was hitting it. Aaron did confess he almost threw up at the end.



Couple: Joanna & Derek

Dance: Quick Step

I kind of hate that the ladies wear such long dresses during this dance. It makes it hard for me to keep an eye on their feet. This was just as quick as Mya’s dance. Good thing Joanna watched tape of Mya’s past performances. She did a great job of making this dance look easy and fun. The audience gave it a standing ovation.

Carrie Ann said Joanna had a few out of sync moments. She had great frame and character, but she sometimes forgot to point her toes. Len said there was a lot of running about, it lacked body contact and it was not the standard for the quarter-final. Bruno said it looked like Joanna was running from the scene of the crime. He said she had a few issues downstairs (I think he was talking about her feet). He said it was not one of her best performances.


Dance: Paso Doble From The Future

I’m a little confused by their futuristic costumes and makeup. This started out more robot than paso. Then, it looked like some robots decided to get their latin groove on. I liked it! The audience was on their feet.

Bruno said it was a masterful reinvention of a classic. He called Derek a genius. Carrie Ann said the execution of the theme was outstanding. She said Joanna did not miss a step. She said there was a little back kick that was off. She said it was wonderful. Len said it was genius. He said he didn’t know how they were going to do that, but not only was the theme of the dance great, but the content of paso doble was great.

SCORE: 29 (Carrie Ann was the non-10 paddler)


Couple: Kelly & Louis

Dance: Fox Trot

OMG – that blue dress made me think of Dolly Parton! I quickly got past that and focused on the dancing. Kelly is blowing my mind! She is just gliding across the floor like she’s been doing this for years! She looks so light on her feet! And the confidence she’s showing – wow! This might be her best dance yet! The audience was on their feet!

Len said he forgot how much grace and elegance Kelly brings to the dance floor. He liked her posture and the routine, her footwork – not so much. Bruno said Kelly was weightless. He said she sustained the performance. Carrie Ann said Kelly has a secret weapon: the moment she has a breakthrough, the audience goes crazy for it. She said Kelly needs to work on her spot and turns and her range of motion.


Dance: 60s Jive

Kelly did some 60s dancing in her first music video. I’m so hoping this helps her pull off the dance! This started with Louis taking away Kelly’s doll. She looked a little out of step at the very beginning. Her feet looked a little heavy at times. Louis gave Kelly some tough steps. This was fun to watch.

Len said Kelly has been an absolute revelation. He thought the work, the pressure would get to her, but she comes in week after week stronger and stronger. Bruno said it was groovy, baby! Then, Kelly sat on his lap. He said it was very 60s and always a jive. He told her to go for it even more. Carrie Ann said it was one of her best performances. She said Kelly is letting go. There were a few problems (turns, the doll went on too long).



Couple: Donny & Kym

Dance: Viennese Waltz

I had no doubt Donny could pull this off. Really. This is the dance for him. He looks so comfortable gliding across the floor, going through every turn, guiding Kym around. Really good! Standing ovation from the audience.

Bruno said Donny can play it. He said it was like watching a Lifetime movie – romantic, emotional, drama, technique (and Bruno came close to kissing Len). Carrie Ann said it was mesmerizing. Len said there was improvement in Donny’s posture. He said it was a bit “arty farty.” Donny said it was cool going from “airy fairy” to “arty farty.”


Dance: 80s Paso Doble

Donny had a mullet in the 80s, so he wore a mullet in this dance. Wow. Their costumes, like, totally scream 80s. Donny’s mullet was quite Michael Jackson or Prince-like. Wow – great use of a fan in this dance. This was retro-tastic! That’s right, I’m making up words now. That’s how fun this dance was. Donny fumbled the last move, but it was good.

Tom requested this be the encore dance so Donny could get into the costume again. Len said it was a cross between Adam Ant and Adam Carrolla. He liked it. Bruno said it had more camp in it than a drag queen’s convention. He said it was like watching Donny doing Marie doing Donny. Carrie Ann thought it was hysterical. She thought they did a great job of bringing the era back. She said it was a little odd. She thought the costumes cut some of their lines.



Susan Boyle and Michael Buble will perform on the show Tuesday. I don’t think they’re singing together (though that could be fun). Also, one couple will be sent home.

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