DWTS Season 9: Down to 5

OK. This is Edyta in a crazy move from a dance she and Alec performed while Colbie Caillat sang Tuesday night. I don’t even know how that happens! Now to the business at hand: two couples go home. Get the recap after the jump!

I am so happy the judges brought back Team Tango! They were so good!

Then a look back at Monday’s performances. Bruno’s comments are even crazier the second time you hear them.

Now, the first couple safe is: Kelly & Louis.

The first couple in the bottom three: Mark & Lacey.

Colbie Caillat performed “Falling For You.” This is where that picture came from.

The next couple safe: Donny & Kym.

The next couple in the bottom three: Michael & Anna.

Ballas Hough performed “Move.” I thought these guys were rockers? I guess they’re doing dance music. Um, I think I’d rather watch them dance.

Next up, another time filler taped piece of the players talking about the rules of ballroom. Rules 1 & 2: don’t talk about the trophy. Rule 3: trust your partner. Rule 4: no risk, no reward. Rule 5: leave it all on the dance floor. Rule 6: winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. Wow. Those rules should be on motivational posters or something.

Another tense moment… Mya & Dmitry are safe. Joanna & Derek are safe. Aaron & Karina are in the bottom three.

Rod Stewart performed “It’s The Same Old Song.”

OOOOH! Time filler/taped piece with the couples talking about having to dance on elimination night to stay in the competition. Summary: no one lines doing this.

Back to the elimination… Michael & Anna wound up with the lowest judge’s score and votes. Aaron & Karina and Mark & Lacey have to dance for their lives.

Couple: Mark & Lacey

Dance: Cha Cha Cha

When they actually danced together, this was good. But Mark ‘s gymnastics were on display for much of this brief dance. I wanted more dancing, less tumbling. Lacey lost some of her hair piece at the end.

Len said Mark was back in his comfort zone with Lacey. He said it was clean and rhythmic. Bruno said Mark can turn more tricks than Heidi Fleiss. He said the little dance that was there was good. Carrie Ann said she was glad Mark was back. She welcomed Lacey back. She said Mark’s movement from trick to dance was effortless.

Couple: Aaron & Karina

Dance: Jive

This was perhaps one of the best dances Aaron has done yet. It’s like he knew he was dancing for survival on this show. THAT’S how you do it.

Bruno was surprised to see Aaron in the bottom three. He said this dance was as good as Monday’s. Carrie Ann said this was better than Monday’s. She said he’s perfectly suited for the jive. Len said Aaron is the comeback kid. Three weeks ago he gave him sixes, Monday, he gave Aaron his first 10 of the season. He said Aaron was right on the money.

Now, the judges have to decide who’s going to stick around. They are unanimous. They saved Aaron & Karina.

It’s not the easiest site to use, but ABC does have its music lounge, where you can (maybe) find songs performed on its shows. Good luck with that. If my recap wasn’t enough for you, go here to watch the show online.

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