DWTS Season 9: Top 7 Perform

Wow. Michael is still on this show. Dancing. What is wrong with America? This week, the couples perform one dance on their own, then take on a group dance. Who’s sick/injured this week? And which two couples are likely to face elimination? Find out after the jump.The show started with the professionals showing how a team dance is supposed to look. Ooh! I’d like to see the stars dance like this! I never would have thought “Shut Up & Let Me Go” by The Ting Tings for the paso doble and Blondie’s “Call Me” for the Argentine tango would be used in dances like this. What do I know?

Check out the costumes – designed by the stars. Oh, I feel sorry for the pros. None of these stars are designers. Len warned the couples they’re not looking for good dancers. They’re looking for great dancers. OOOH – they better step it up (literally)!

Couple: Michael & Anna

Dance: Fox Trot

Michael’s nickname: The Play Maker. He’d better make one heckuva play here. I’ve discovered if you watch Michael from the waist up, he’s good. So I’m focusing on his feet. Save this post. I’m actually impressed. He’s making me reconsider my thoughts about sending him home.

Len said the first couple of weeks, he would have been happy to see the back of Michael. But he said Michael’s waltz was fantastic and his fox trot was well done. Bruno said Michael’s musicality has improved. He said it was light and looked like Michael enjoyed himself, but his bum still stuck out. He said it was an improvement. Carrie Ann said she does not know how Michael does this. She said it was gracious and fluid and had great content. She also complimented Michael on his costume design. Is that part of the score?

SCORE: 23 (Michael’s highest score of the season)

Couple: Donny & Kym

Dance: Quick Step

You know what impresses me about this? The fact that Donny, the oldest guy in the competition can keep up with Kym! The first 30 seconds had me reaching for my water, yet Donny kept dancing and even sang along while dancing with a smile. Talk about multitasking! WOW! I’m not a quick step fan, but I really enjoyed this. The audience gave it a standing ovation.

Bruno said as a performer, Donny is solid as a rock. He said nobody could cover up all the mistakes as well as Donny did. He said it was a great performance. Carrie Ann liked the hold and Donny was light on his feet. She said he went wrong a few times. She said it was good but not Donny’s best. Len said Donny came out with a full-on quick step. He said there were mistakes, but Donny attacked the dance. He said it was great.


Couple: Mark & Lacey

Dance: Samba

Lacey has the flu. Is there no hand washing/anti-bacterial gel around that place? Tony Dovoloni helped Mark learn the steps. Then, Anna Trebunskaya stepped in. Interesting that Mark chose to wear a see-through shirt. I don’t understand why Mark did some break dancing at the beginning. This took a while to turn into a samba. I didn’t love this. It was just OK. It felt a little off. The audience was on its feet at the end. Guess they saw something I didn’t.

Carrie Ann said he had a rough week to work with another partner. She said it was a mess. She said it was disjointed, there was no flow. She said he had a lot of nervous energy. Len said Mark had a tough week and a difficult dance – a terrible combination. He said it was not Mark’s best dance. Under the circumstances, he said Mark coped very well. Bruno said it was like watching “Kung Fu Panda” does the samba on the “Planet of the Apes.”


Couple: Mya & Dmitry

Dance: Fox Trot

Cloris Leachman showed up to give Mya some performance pointers. Really. Mya looked lovely. Len probably won’t like the separation at the beginning. Her dancing, as usual, was good. Not sure why she took a ride on Dmitry’s back while he crawled on all fours. Aside from that, I really liked it. So did the audience.

Len said he liked the parts that were in hold. He said there were too many gimmicks. Bruno said it perfectly captured the glamorous aura of Hollywood’s golden age. He said her timing was fantastic. He said she looked like a dream and danced like an angel. Carrie Ann said Len is smoking crack. Bruno said she got Len confused with Andre Agassi. Carrie Ann said Mya is an excellent costume designer. She loved the dance. She said it was dynamic, fluid and graceful.


Couple: Aaron & Karina

Dance: Jive

There’s something about Aaron’s facial expressions that had me singing along with the music (“We’re Not Gonna Take It”). I focused on his feet. They were moving fast. I didn’t notice him losing pace with Karina. It was good. The audience gave it a standing ovation.

Bruno said Aaron kicks fast. He said it had unstoppable momentum. He called it Aaron’s best performance. Carrie Ann said Aaron was like a little road runner. She said it had high energy with a weird thing in the middle. Tom said, “We call that Len.” Len said it was wild but it was clean, it was fast but had control, it was fun but wasn’t slapstick. He said he was tempted to dust off his ten paddle.

SCORE: 29 (Len & Bruno each gave it a 10)

Couple: Kelly & Louis

Dance: Salsa

Wow. Kelly put Louis in fringe pants. Looks like he’s wearing a muppet. OK. He lost the fringe pants – Louis got plain black pants on. I went back and watched the dance again, no longer distracted by the fringe. I really wanted Kelly to get into this. It looked a little like she was holding back. It was fun. The audience liked it.

Carrie Ann had Kelly come over and she gave her a hug. She said it was brilliant. She said Kelly was unafraid of the dance. Len stood up and said Kelly controlled her nerves. She said all aspects of her dancing need to come up another level. Bruno stood up on the desk and danced. There was a whole lot of hip shaking going on. Louis through Bruno the fringe pants. He said once Kelly finds the character, she lets it out. There was a bit of stumble. Kelly thanked Bruno for calling her beige last week.


Couple: Joanna & Derek

Dance: Rumba

This was amazing! They moved as one at times. Joanna had a little trouble towards the end – like her foot got stuck/slipped. Other than that – perfection!

Len said it was well done. Bruno said Joanna is a love goddess. He called it a high-definition feast for the eyes. Carrie Anna said Joanna dances at the edge, but she didn’t do that tonight. She pointed out Joanna getting caught in her costume.


Team Paso

Mark & Anna, Aaron & Karina, Mya & Dmitry and Michael & Anna

During rehearsal, there was tension from the pros as they tried to choreograph the dance. Michael brought them together as a team. Loved the costumes! Individually, they were good. When they performed as a group, you could see they were off just a bit. Aaron & Karina’s solo was good – great flips at the end. Michael & Anna were next. Michael killed this. He looked like he was going to toss Anna right off the floor. Mark & Anna were good. Mya & Dmitry closed it out. Mya lost an earring, but did not lose her performance. Then, they came back together at the end. So good. Mark and Aaron did flips at the end.

Bruno said they had strength and drama and lost a bit of strength. He said Mya & Dmitry stood out. Carrie Ann loved the intensity. She said sometimes the choreography went out of step. She said Mark redeemed himself. Len said it was a full-on attack and got better as it went along.

SCORE: 24 (this is added to the couples’ score for final ranking)

Team Tango

Joanna & Derek, Kelly & Louis and Donny & Kym

Maybe it’s because there are just three couples, but the rehearsal was not as tense as it was for the other team. Donny says he feels like he’s getting the flu and is having a hard time remembering the steps. Seriously, soap/anti-bacterial gel – use ’em! There were a few moments where they seemed out of step. Kelly & Joanna ripped Donny’s sleeves off his arms. They got it together and were in near perfect step after that. Kelly & Louis were first. Kelly totally redeemed herself for her previous tango. She was perfection! Donny & Kym were next. They did not take it easy. Their solo was really good! Joanna & Derek closed it out. They used the whole stage like it was theirs. Then, the ending, the couples lined up and danced in near perfect step. This was so much better than that team paso! Loved every bit of it!

Carrie Ann ran downed and gave everybody high fives. She spanked the boys because of the lift. She said it was awesome. Len said it is easier to dance tango because they’re in hold more than the paso. However, he said this was a superior performance. Bruno said they were excellent as individuals and superb as  a team. He called Joanna a love goddess. He said Donny was dark. He said Kelly found her mojo.

SCORE: 28 (Bruno gave it a 10)

Tuesday, Rod Stewart, Colbie Caillat and Derek & Mark will perform their new song. And two couples will go home (after the two couples dance for their lives again).

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