DWTS Season 9: Down to 7

Since Joanna and Derek took the mambo competition last night, I think they’ve shown they’re in this to win. But it’s not all in their hands, is it? Tuesday, the lowest vote getter was sent home. Then, the second and third lowest vote getters had to take part in a dance-off, leaving their fates in the hands of the judges. So who were the unlucky three couples? And which two had to hang up their dancing shoes? Find out after the jump!

The show jumped right into things, but not with dancing. Taylor Swift performed “Jump Then Fall.”

A brief recap of Monday night’s performances. Then, it’s on to the first elimination. The first two couples who are safe: Joanna & Derek and Mark & Lacey.

The couples talked about the double elimination. Just about every couple was worried about going home (except Louie – he seemed confident they’d stay).

The next two couples safe are: Donny & Kym and Aaron & Karina.

Tiempo Libre performed “Tu Conga Bach.”

Time waster: the stars design the costumes. Really, it’s the costume designers guiding the stars. Let’s face it, these pros just need a spray tan and some sparkles.

The next couples safe are: Mya & Dmitry and Kelly & Louie (now that’s a birthday present, Kelly).

Louie & Chelsie, Michael & Anna and Melissa & Mark are in the bottom three.

Taylor Swift returned to sing “Love Story.”

Time waster: Olympic champions and sports champions talk about getting that elusive, perfect “10” score.

The couple going home (AKA the lowest vote getter): Melissa & Mark. Louie & Chelsie and Michael & Anna have to take part in the dance-off, performing a dance they’ve never done on the show.

Michael & Anna are up first. They chose the samba. Michael seemed at ease, singing as he danced. His performance was actually pretty good. I’m surprised. Len said Michael has come alive the last couple of weeks. He thought it had a lot of the basic steps, but overall it was enjoyable. Bruno said it started classically and then Michael let it all hang out in the end. Carrie Ann said Michael did well on the personality part but the technique wasn’t quite there.

Louie & Chelsie chose the jive. I couldn’t tell if Louie was trying to sing along with the music or if he was counting steps. This was kind of wild. It looked like Louie lost his place a few times. Bruno said he was impressed by the amount of content the dance had. Carrie Ann said it was good, but Louie had a bit of trouble with musicality in the beginning. She wanted more content. Len said it was sharp, fast and clean. He said overall it was very well done.

Now, the judges choose who stays in the competition:

Bruno’s pick: Louie & Chelsie

Len’s pick: Michael & Anna

Carrie Ann’s pick: Michael & Anna

Next week, two more couples will be eliminated. The team dance will return and the couples will perform a new dance. See you next week!

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