DWTS Season 9: Top 10 Perform

Chuck and Anna are gone. Now, I feel like I can be as snarky as I want while watching “Dancing With The Stars” without fearing Chuck and his arms will hunt me down! Let’s see how the top ten do with their new dance – and the bonus group dance!

Couple: Natalie & Alec

Dance: Paso Doble

Is there a store where you can buy abs like Natalie’s? They were on full display as she showed her strength during the dance. Their song, “American Woman,” seemed too fast for the movement they were doing. I tried not to listen and just focus on the dancing. It was good, though at times it felt like the dance was going in slow motion.

Len said Natalie is a very accomplished dancer. Everything she does is clean and precise. He said her paso doble lacked aggression. He said they need more chemistry. Overall, he said it was well done. Bruno called Natalie “Wonder Woman,” but said the dance lacked wonder. Carrie Ann said Natalie is a great student, she does the choreography well. She said there was a lift (losing points there). She said Natalie needs to go past her body.


Couple: Aaron & Karina

Dance: Argentine Tango

Interesting. In the pre-taped piece, Karina told Aaron to turn her on, which is hard because, “I’m a cold blooded bitch.” Um, family show, right? On to the dance: Karina was super hot! There were a few lifts. I’m sorry. I just can’t see Aaron as the strong, sexy guy he’s supposed to be here. He’s cold, but a good prop for Karina to climb on.

Bruno said Aaron switched on the magnetism and was in character. He said it was like watching Robert Pattinson tangoing in “Twilight.” Carrie Ann gave Aaron a kiss. She said it was grounded and dramatic. Len said Aaron had been like a little boy who lost his daddy, but now, “You’ve come back to me!”


Couple: Michael & Anna

Dance: Paso Doble

Seeing Michael in full bullfighter attire, I am suddenly glad I’m a) not a bull and b) not near the stage. He looks like he’s ready to slay something. If you get points in this dance for stomping around, give Michael a 10.

Carrie Ann said it was her favorite dance of Michael’s so far. Len said Michael had good posture. He liked the knee walks. He said it was better than last week’s. Bruno said Michael’s stock is rising again. Then, Michael gave Bruno his lucky nickel.

SCORE: 21 (Michael’s best score – booed by the audience)

Couple: Mya & Dmitry

Dance: Argentine Tango

Wow! Mya is certainly in this to win! I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Really. I’m typing this without looking at the keyboard. Mya was amazing! Loved this!! The audience did, too. They were on their feet.

Len said he never really knows what he likes until he sees it – and he liked that. Bruno said it was precise with a great air of sophistication. He said Mya has to keep the emotional connection. Carrie Ann said Mya moves so well. She said the emotional connection was lacking.


Couple: Mark & Lacey

Dance: Paso Doble

This started off with drama. Lacey’s hair seemed to scare Mark into character. I couldn’t tell if she fell down or it was a dance move she was trying to pull off. I thought Mark’s flip mid-dance was interesting. This whole piece felt like a battle. I liked it. Standing ovation from the audience.

Bruno said Mark is a red devil. He said Mark was on it. Carrie Ann said there’s a subtle difference between force and power – he was on it from the beginning. Len said Mark had posture, passion and performance.

SCORE: 26 (Mark’s highest score)

Couple: Donny & Kym

Dance: Argentine Tango

I don’t think anyone can sell a dance like Donny. He is a natural performer. So good! I don’t think these two ever had their hands off each other. I say that in a totally non-creepy way. Well done!

Carrie Ann said the Argentine tango loves Donny Osmond. She said she just fell in love with Donny. She said it was “so darn sexy!” Len said he loved the intensity of the dance. He said it was Donny’s best dance. Bruno said it’s bonanza time! Finally Donny Osmond is turning into Donny Darko. Donny seemed to hold himself back from kissing Bruno again. He said to Bruno “You took me there!” Aw, man crushes on national TV are so cute weird!

SCORE: 29 (Carrie Ann & Bruno gave them the 10s)

Couple: Louie & Chelsie

Dance: Argentine Tango

Louie looked strong and confident – I don’t think I’ve seen that in him before. I think this is his best dance yet! Super good!

Len said he wasn’t expecting a lot and he was pleasantly surprised. He said Louie’s a little pedestrian in his walks, but he set the mood. He said it was Louie’s best dance. Bruno said it had great story telling. He said Louie is still stepping it and needs to dance – guide his feet across the floor. Carrie Ann said it was a little pedestrian. But she liked the way Louie partnered Chelsie. She said he did a great job.


Couple: Melissa & Mark

Dance: Argentine Tango

Anna Trebunskaya returned to choreograph Melissa because Mark was sick. Let’s see if that helped Melissa stay at the top of the leaderboard. This was good, but not as complicated as some of the other dances. I think Melissa could have ben challenged more. But for what it was, I liked it.

Bruno said Melissa lost it a few times. He never believed she was the harlot. He thought she was grumpy. Carrie Ann said Melissa nailed the character. She said the aggression was developing. She said Melissa had a few stumbles. Len said it lacked seduction. He liked the music was fast and full-on and Melissa coped with the choreography.


Couple: Kelly & Louis

Dance: Paso Doble

Aw. They’re dancing to “Crazy Train,” one of Kelly’s dad’s (Ozzy Osbourne) songs. Kelly was supposed to be Louis’s cape. He did spin her around like she was a cape. Kelly appears to have regained her confidence. Ozzy liked it! Hmmm – why didn’t they let him sing?

Carrie Ann said she thought she was watching Sharon & Ozzy dance. She said there were moments when Kelly lost her confidence, but she has it all. Len said Kelly was dancing with more authority. He said she needs to work on getting the character of the dance. He gave it a well done. Bruno said Kelly never went wrong. He said Kelly is on it.


Couple: Joanna & Maksim

Dance: Argentine Tango

Derek has the flu, so Maks stepped in. No offense to Derek, but these two together are amazing! There was a moment where it looked like Maks got tripped up on Joanna. Besides that, the dance was really good!

Bruno was living his fantasies until the stumble. Len said getting a new partner is like getting a new pair of shoes – it takes a while to get comfortable together. He thought they did a great job. Carrie Ann said they matched so well together. She said Joanna needs to work on her flexibility.


Group Dance – The Hustle

Kelly is dancing barefoot because she hurt her foot. No scores here. This is also where I confess my love for the disco! It’s so much fun. It’s not cheesy like “Saturday Night Fever.” Really. Mark’s dad, Corky, choreographed this number. Love the costumes! Louie & Chelsie had a fun lift – he spun her around on the floor. Mark spun Melissa upside down. Louie & Kelly didn’t do a lift, but their dance was fun. Mark & Lacey did some gymnastics. Aaron & Karina did a lift with Karina spinning on Aaron’s side. Donny & Kym did a little gymnastics, too. Joanna & Maks did two crazy lifts. Natalie & Alec did a fun split lift. Mya & Dmitry had the best lift – he had her on his shoulders. Michael & Anna topped that with him lifting her above his head. They all looked like they were having fun. I give Donny the most points for looking perfectly at home in polyester bell bottoms.

Bruno called it sublime and ridiculous at the same time. He never thought he’d see Michael as a “Solid Gold” dancer. Carrie Ann pointed out the hair and sideburns. Len said Mark, Aaron and Donny did a great job.

LaToya Jackson wasn’t just in the audience for kicks. Tuesday’s show will include a tribute to her brother, Michael. And Norah Jones will perform. Also, one couple will go home. Make your prediction in the comments!

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