DWTS Season 9: Down to 10

I’m still insisting the DWTS people need to ease off the baby oil! I mean, look at pretty Mya and Dmitry, all greased up. I can’t believe their lambada wasn’t a big slippery mess! I feel better now that I got that out of the way. Now, let’s see who’s going home.

I am so happy Len decided to bring back Melissa & Mark’s Charleston! It was just as fun the second time around!

Shakira performed “Did It Again.”

Here’s the leaderboard:

1. Melissa & Mark – 28

1. Mya & Dmitry – 28

3. Joanna & Derek – 26

4. Donny & Kym – 24

4. Natalie & Alec – 24

6. Kelly & Louis – 23

7. Mark & Lacey – 22

8. Aaron & Karina – 18

9. Chuck & Anna – 17

10. Louie & Chelsie – 16

10. Michael & Anna – 16

The first couples safe are: Mya & Dmitry and Melissa & Mark. The first couple in the bottom two: Aaron & Karina.

Jake, the new “Bachelor,” was in the audience. Look for him on ABC in January.

The pros showed off the dances the stars will learn next week  – a little Argentine tango & paso doble. The group dance returns! It will be a hustle (can’t wait for that as I’m a sucker for a disco dance). Len said it will be double the entertainment.

The next couples safe are: Kelly & Louis, Natalie & Alec and Joanna & Derek. That means all of the women are safe!

Two more couples safe: Mark & Lacey and Michael & Anna.

A little taped piece showing off the adorable kids of the stars. Mark’s little girl in her pink cowboy boots – how can you not smile at that?

Shakira returned to the show to prove that her “Hips Don’t Lie.”

Another taped piece showing the stress the couples face while waiting to learn if they’ll advance to another week of competition. I would totally feel for these stars if a) they weren’t being paid to compete and b) they weren’t getting paid to workout. I’m crying a river for you people. Really. I mean, if there was a “Dancing With The Snarky” competition, I would TOTALLY kill that!

The next couple safe: Donny & Kym.

Here are the bottom three: Aaron & Karina, Chuck & Anna and Louie & Chelsie.

Back to the elimination: Louie & Chelsie are safe.

Len said Chuck is a gentle giant who has provided great entertainment. He thinks Aaron would cope better with the two dances the couples will have to perform next week.

The couple going home: Chuck & Anna. Whew! I am not at all surprised by that. I mean, I’ve been saying he should go home since week one.

See you next week when the couples really have to step it up – literally! If you still haven’t had enough DWTS, go to their website.

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