DWTS Season 9: Top 11 Perform

Now that we don’t have Tom & Debi to kick around (and I’m still a little bugged by that), get ready for four new dances!

Couple: Chuck & Anna

Dance: Two Step

I’m hoping Chuck is comfortable here. I could have done without him trying to rope Anna at the beginning. Once that silly mess was done, they got to the “Boot Scootin’ Boogie.” I don’t know if Chuck tossed Anna, but it looked like she was a little thrown. There were lots of lifts – OK if it works with the dance. This wasn’t bad.

Len said he liked the backward lift. He said Chuck brings entertainment to the show. He said there’s a novelty about Chuck since you don’t expect him to be able to dance. He said Chuck’s quality of dance isn’t there. Bruno said Chuck is not so much dance but mayhem. He said it still managed to look like a two step. Carrie Ann said Chuck suited the two step. She loves that he doesn’t have a lot of grace but he doesn’t let the dance beat him.


Couple: Melissa & Mark

Dance: Charleston

Hello, mustache! Mark looks a little like Robert Goulet. Wondering if this will distract me from watching Melissa dance? This was done in black and white at first. I don’t know much about the Charleston, but this was entertaining. It was silly fun! Hoping this gets Melissa into the 20s for the first time this season! Hey! Joey Lawrence liked it!

Bruno said Melissa brought the flapper back to life. He said she had the role 110%. He called it fantastic. Carrie Ann said it was fantastic. Len said the Charleston is about energy, excitement and entertainment and she did all of them.


Couple: Natalie & Alec

Dance: Bolero

WOW! I am amazed at how good Natalie is! I don’t think she was ever out of step with Alec. Beautiful dance!

Carrie Ann said it was beautiful and appreciate that Natalie went for the difficulty, but she thought Natalie struggled with some of the moves. Len said it had a beautiful, lyrical movement. He thought Alec’s choreography produced great romance, but he would have liked more romance between the two. Bruno is happy Natalie found her basic instinct, because at times it was like watching Sharon Stone – beautiful and dangerous. He said she needs to watch her arms.


Couple: Aaron & Karina

Dance: Lambada

OOOH! The “forbidden dance.” This seemed wild. It got better about halfway through. It had a potentially great lift at the end, but it looked like Aaron couldn’t get a grip and then Karina landed strangely. Overall, just meh.

Len liked Aaron’s enthusiasm. He said he should have spent more time getting the rhythm and raunch. Bruno said the character of this dance is Gilles Marini and Aaron is not doing that. He said Aaron missed the lift. It needs foreplay. And I’m throwing up in my mouth a little. Carrie Ann said Aaron needs to chill out. It’s like he’s trying too hard. She said he moves well, but he’s going way over the top and it turned her off.


Couple: Mark & Lacey

Dance: Two Step

I’ve seen a lot of two steps in my day (and I’m not that old), but there wasn’t much of it here. This was entertaining. Mark didn’t seem very relaxed here. I think he almost dropped Lacey at the end.

Bruno said Mark should have a roll in the hay more often because his confidence was much improved. He said it was great fun and great energy but Mark lost his footing at the end. Carrie Ann thanked Mark. She said his confidence was there and he was connected with Lacey. She said it was the best choreography of the night. Len loved the choreography. He liked that Mark wasn’t just hanging there, he was helping Lacey with her spins. He said Mark was a little heavy in his footwork.


Couple: Kelly & Louis

Dance: Charleston

Louis had more makeup than Kelly! Kelly seemed to be concentrating really hard and looking to Louis a lot here. Her legs were really stiff. She didn’t seem to loosen up until the end. I liked it, didn’t love it. And I hate saying that!

Carrie Ann said watching Kelly dance is like watching a little birdie get their wings and learn to fly. She said Kelly lived up to it. Len said he liked that Kelly came out with confidence and performed the dance. He wanted a little more swivel. Bruno said it was a great tribute to Liza & Bob Fosse.


Couple: Joanna & Derek

Dance: Lambada

Derek has lost his shirt. Joanna worked on getting a ten by flirting with the judges. OK. NOW I get why this dance is forbidden. Um, family show, right? This had the sexiness and, well, raunch, that Aaron’s dance did not have. Great spins at the end. Derek almost lost his grip on Joanna in the final lift. Really good!

Len said he knows what he wants for Tuesday’s encore. He said Derek always comes up with fantastic choreography. He said it was a little repetitious. He said he enjoyed it. Bruno said don’t try this at home without taking the proper precautions. He said it was like when animals get physical. He said he has enough sexual energy for the next six months. TMI, Bruno. Carrie Ann said she hoped the children were in bed. Tom said, “I bet some of the adults are now.” She said the dance is fueled by the crotch area and this one was.


Couple: Donny & Kym

Dance: Charleston

If I had to choose one dance for Donny to do,  this would be it. It’s a performer’s dance and Donny is a performer. He certainly performed the heck outta this! I couldn’t help but smile while watching this dance. SOOOO much fun! He kissed his wife and son, but no love for sister Marie.

Bruno said this shows a showman in his element. He liked all the theatrical touches. He said it was like watching “Hello, Dolly!” He said Donny needs to be sharper on the feet. Carrie Ann said it was excellent. She likes the way they moved together. She said she could see when Donny stumbled a bit. Len said Donny looked good and dance good and watching Donny does you good.


Couple: Michael & Anna

Dance: Bolero

I didn’t see Michael do a whole lot of dancing. Anna did most of the work. It seemed like Michael walked, moved his hips and extended his arms. Blah.

Carrie Ann said there was romance between the two. She said there wasn’t enough dancing. She said the poses were nice. Len said it was economic with the movement. However, he said of the four dances, this was the most difficult because it needs so much control. He said Michael will get more than a four from him (Len hasn’t shown Michael a score higher than that all season). Bruno said Michael is a bit like the economy: every week, you’re supposed to be getting better, but nothing happens. Bruno can see the romance, but what about the steps?


Couple: Louie & Chelsie

Dance: Two Step

This was the better of the two steps tonight – at least it was a little more true to the country dance. Am I the only one who notices Louie only smiles when Chelsie looks at him? A little mistake on the last lift. Just OK.

Len said it was a series of walks and Chelsie did something and then they walked again. Len didn’t think it had enough going on. Bruno said it was slightly dazed and confused. He said Louie made it by his charm and smile. Carrie Ann said she didn’t feel the music coming from Louie. She said Chelsie was distracting the audience, not the judges, by doing tricks.


Couple: Mya & Dmitry

Dance: Lambada

What in the shiny legs was happening here? Maybe a little less oil on Mya next time? THIS is how you end a show! This had Len’s raunch and then some! Loved it! Standing ovation from the audience.

Bruno said it was an erotic, exotic rollercoaster. “You would want to ride that over and over and over again.” Carrie Ann said, “Mya’s on fire!” She had the sexy and the raunch, but she brought sophistication and dance and made it classy. Len said he never feels Mya’s going to go wrong. He never finds her routines boring. He said Mya’s standard is high and his expectations are high. He thought he was going to get more. Huh?

SCORE: 28 (Len held out, giving her an 8, but Carrie Ann & Bruno each gave her a 10)

Tuesday night, Shakira will perform two songs. One couple will go home. Chuck and Michael, I’m looking at you – AGAIN!

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