DWTS Season 9: Down To 13

Oh, Kathy Ireland! You’re gorgeous, but your dancing…

She’s been one of the low scorers these first two weeks. Did the viewers decide she should dance another day? Find out after the jump!

The show started with an encore from Mya and Dmitry. Their jive was such fun – I wish it had been a bit longer!

Here’s the leaderboard:

1. Mya & Dmitry – 27 points

1. Aaron & Karina – 27 points

3. Donny & Kym – 25 points

4. Debi & Maks – 21 points

4. Natalie & Alec – 21 points

4. Mark & Lacey – 21 points

7. Michael & Anna – 20 points

7. Joanna & Derek – 20 points

9. Louie & Chelsie – 19 points

9. Melissa & Mark – 19 points

9. Kelly & Louis – 19 points

9. Chuck & Anna – 19 points

13. Kathy & Tony – 18 points

13. Tom & Cheryl – 18 points

The first couples safe are: Donny & Kym, Mya & Dmitry and Aaron & Karina.

Joss Stone performed her new single “Free Me.”

This show has gotten so big, they’ve built their own dance studio! So, those of you who hate this show, I hate to tell you, but this is a sign it’s not going away for a LONG time!

The next three couples learn their fate. Mark & Lacey are safe. Natalie & Alec are safe. Debi & Maks are in jeopardy. NOOOO! I love Debi! I love Maks’ chest!

The design a dance contest continues. So far, the voters have chosen the paso doble. It will be performed to “Eye of The Tiger.” Really? Now, you people can make things right by choosing one of nine former champions/favorites.

Selena Gomez performed “Kiss & Tell.”

The next two couples learn their fate. Joanna & Derek and Michael & Anna are safe.

More couples in the spotlight… Chuck & Anna, Melissa & Mark, Kelly & Louis are safe. Louie & Chelsie are in jeopardy. OK. If you were wondering who that strange guy in the audience wearing the hat was, that was Mickey Rourke. He was there supporting UFC’s Chuck. This show attracts the oddest characters. No Jacksons this week – at least none that I spotted.

The pros talked about their actor and model partners. I hit the FF on this. I hate these time fillers!

The Macy’s Stars of Dance take the stage. The choreographer of “Stomp The Yard” is behind this, with the USC Trojan marching band providing the music. All I can think is how hard it must be for the guy leading the band to march in a skirt and gladiator sandals. Maybe I should wear something like that to work today… The band was good. Then, out came four guys in sweat suits doing all kinds of crazy things on the floor.

Joss Stone performed “Son of a Preacher Man.”

The next couples learn their fate. Tom & Cheryl are safe. Kathy & Tony are in jeopardy.

Final elimination time. Louie & Chelsie are safe. Debi & Maks are safe. Buh-bye Kathy & Tony!

Next week, the last 13 couples will samba and rumba. Len will be back, too. See  ya then!

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