DWTS Season 9: First Elimination

I’m on Team Kelly! I think she was the biggest surprise all week! I’m hoping she can pull off more performances like she did on the first night. And I’m hoping the viewers see the potential in this rock princess! Fingers crossed as we find out which two couples get the boot.

The judges had Kelly and Louis perform their Viennese waltz. It was just as lovely as it was Tuesday.

We get to see the recap of the first two nights of performances. Here’s how the couples rank:


1. Joanna & Derek – 34 points

2. Mya & Dmitry – 31 points

2. Kelly & Louis – 31 points

4. Natalie & Alec – 27 points

5. Melissa & Mark – 24 points

6. Debi & Maks – 22 points

7. Kathy & Tony – 20 points

8. Macy & Jonathan – 19 points


1. Aaron & Karina – 32 points

2. Donny & Kym – 30 points

3. Mark & Lacey – 29 points

4. Louie & Chelsie – 27 points

5. Chuck & Anna – 22 points

6. Tom & Cheryl – 20 points

7. Ashley & Edyta – 19 points

7. Michael & Anna – 19 points

The first couples safe are: Louie & Chelsie and Aaron & Karina.

The show is letting people design for a special dance that will be performed on the finale. So far, viewers have chosen the paso doble. Go here to pick the song.

Sean Kingston performed “Face Drop” off his new album “Tomorrow.”

Next up, a silly taped piece called “The Losers Club.” It showed former contestants who, duh, did not win. Among them: Kenny Mayne, Jeffrey Ross and Penn Jillette.

The next couples safe are: Mark & Lacey, Chuck & Anna and Donny & Kym.

The last of the men to learn their fate: Tom & Cheryl and Michael & Anna advance. This sends Ashley & Edyta home. I called it! The robot will dance no more – well, at least not here.

A special treat for the kids – it’s the debut of the new Miley Cyrus video. I’ll let you guess if I watched this. If you want to watch “Party in the USA,” click here.

The first ladies to advance are: Natalie & Alec and Mya & Dmitry.

Another silly taped piece with Adam Carrolla giving the men a pep talk. I didn’t realize it had been four seasons since a man won the competition.

The cast of “The Lion King” performed “The Circle of Life.” Little plug for this awesome show: it’s coming to San Antonio!

The next three couples safe are: Melissa & Mark, Joanna & Derek and Debi & Maks.

The professionals did a tribute to the late Patrick Swayze. I’ll admit it. I cried. however, I’m hoping Cheryl was “acting” when she appeared nervous for the big lift at the end. Hopefully ABC will put this clip on its site (I know “The Lion King” performance is there).

The final elimination of the night: Kelly & Louis and Kathy & Tony are safe. Macy & Jonathan are going home. OOOH! I called that one, too!

Twitter notes: I didn’t catch any mention of it on the show, but Debi is a little banged up. You can follow some of your favorite dancers on Twitter.

Next week, the men and women compete against each other. I believe two more couples will be eliminated next week. Until then, happy dancing!

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