Rainbows are Personal

It’s true.  Rainbows are personal things.  No two people see the exact same rainbow at the same time.  Now wait a minute you say, “I have seen rainbows before and pointed it out to the person next to me and he saw it too.  We were looking at the same thing, right?”  Not quite.  If that person were 5 feet to the right of you the rainbow he sees would be 5 feet to the right of yours.  Why?  Because rainbows are formed by rain drops that are at a 42 degree angle from your own personal shadow.  Your own shadow points directly toward the center of your rainbow.  If you could levitate yourself up high enough you would see that the rainbow is not an arc but a full circle.  The top bottom and sides would all be 42 degrees away from your shadow.  If you move your personal rainbow moves with you and that’s why no one can ever reach the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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