Brutal Summer Breakdown

A lot of you folks have been asking us a lot of questions when it comes to this years summer heat and want a temperature breakdown of the past few months. So here it is for San Antonio… Be sure to read the summary at the bottom.

MAY: We hit 100° on the 8th. The average first day we hit 100° is June 30th. Way off on that one. On the 13th we tied the record of 98°. The average temperature of 79.5° made May 2009 the 7th warmest May on record. The daily high of 90.5° was tied for the 6th warmest average May, along with the May of 1933.

JUNE: There were 12 days of 100° or higher. This broke the old record of 11 days set back in June of 1990. This month was tied with the June of 1998 for the 3rd warmest June with a average monthly temperature of 86.3°. The average high of 98.1° was the 2nd warmest for June. The average low of 74.5° was the 5th warmest on record. There were 4 new record highs/tied records set during this month on the 24th (102°), 25th(103°), 26th(103°), and 29th(104°).

JULY: Was the warmest month EVER with an average temperature of 88.7°. This replaced the previous record of 88.3° set back in August of 2006 and the old July record of 1980 and 1998. July had the highest average maximum temperature and for any month, with 100.6°, breaking the old record of 99.9° in 1980. It also set the new record for the most 100° days for July and any other month with 22, 100° or higher days. This broke the old record of 21 days set back in July of 1998. New Records/Tied Records : 4th(103°), 5th(104°), 13th(102°), 14th(102°), 20th(101°), 22nd(102°). Sufficed to say IT WAS HOT!!!

AUGUST: This month also tied with Aug. 2006 for the record  warmest average temperature of 88.3°. The highest average maximum of 100.3° broke the old record of 99.8° set back in 2006. It broke the previous month record with 24 days of 100° or higher. This broke the old August record set back in 1951. Records/Tied Records: 1st(102°), 6th(103°), 23rd(104°), 24th(102°).

What do we mean when we say average? Average refers to the high and low temperature for each day.

RECAP: Days of 100°or higher: 59

The hottest day(s) in San Antonio for this year is 104°. We hit that on June 13th, July 5th, 18th, and 19th and on August 23rd.


100° = 20

101° = 12

102° = 15

103° = 7

104° = 5

Total = 59

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