“Which way do you want to go today?” Shannon asks on a bright, sunny morning. “Lets go by the beagle mans house” I replied as we turn the corner and start heading south.  Its about 9 am roughly a week and a half before Memorial Day.  The humidity is noticeable but the three beagles, each with their nose to the ground and tails pointing to the sky, could care less. Walking with your dog has health benefits for both you and your pet. But there is one thing I like most about our daily walks.

About once a week we meet a neighbor that we haven’t met before. We met “beagle man” a few months ago. Since I am terrible with peoples name, I gave him that nickname because he told us he trained beagles to track rabbits. Some days we go by the Apple Store peoples house. They got that nickname because one of them works at, you guessed it, The Apple Store. Today we stopped to let an excited toddler see the “puppieeeeeees!” We often stop at the end of the block to let “Cloey” an older three legged black lab socialize with our dogs while we talk with her owner. Talking to different neighbors is also a good way to find out whats going on and a little history of our half century old subdivision.

Another great benefit is draining your dogs energy. That can make a world of difference in how well behaved our four legged friends are the rest of the day. Cesar Milan is always teaching people to walk their dogs on his show. It takes a couple of hours to wear out my high energy beagle. Unfortunately I rarely have that kind of time to devote to our daily walks. I must admit that I don’t always feel like walking the dogs after waking up in the morning. Sometimes it takes a lot of coaxing to get me to out the door with a very excited beagle pulling at the other end of the leash.

After walking about a mile we approached a house with the garage door half open. As we get closer to the drive way an older man emerged to greet us. Its the man I affectionately nicknamed “beagle man.”  We stop to chat with him awhile and let him see the dogs. Turns out he is a World War 2 veteran who’s wife passed away a few months ago. He also told us their beloved pet of 14 years passed away shortly after his wife. He thanked us for stopping to let him see the dogs and invited us over anytime we want.

There are many sites that give information about the benefits of walking your dog:

Since we are talking about walking your dogs and meeting new people, Doggie Dash 2009 put on by the Schertz Humane Society is this weekend at Pickrell Schertz Park. All proceeds go to http://www.homesforpets.org/

Doggie Dash 2008

Doggie Dash 2008 courtesy of http://www.homesforpets.org/

Pet events this week:

May 30th ADL –Doggie Wash

May 30th Schertz – Doggie Dash 2009 Register here

May 30th SNIPSA –Adoption event

May 30th ACS – Houston Street Fair Adoption Event


Various – Low cost Vaccinations through Windcrest Animal Hospital

SpaySA & ACS – Free Spay Neuter

Schertz – Homes For Pets Adoption Events

Free Spay Neuter



June 6th Helotes – Herman Sons Spaghetti Dinner Benefits HHS

June 6th Helotes – Pet food Distribution

July 6th –12th San Antonio – Dog Awareness Week -Featuring Cesar Milan

July 20th –12th ACS – Tacos ‘N Tennies

Sept 11th San Antonio –Guide Dogs of Texas’ 8th Annual Golf Tournament

Oct 3rd Beorne – Walk on the Wild Side

ACS Week of 5/03/09 Statistics:
– Intake: 525
– Adoptions/Rescue: 70
– Euthanasia: 318


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