DWTS Season 8: The Finale

I chose this picture not just because I think Gilles has a fantastic chance to win the competition, but because it seems he’s pretty much kept his chest covered since this performance. Here’s hoping for a shirtless performance – oh, and if it’s a perfect score, that’d be nice, too.

Find out how Gilles and the other two contestants scored in the big finale after the jump.

The show starts with the paso doble face-off! Bruno visited Shawn – whose paso earned a perfect score a few weeks ago. He told her she needs to dance like a champion (isn’t that what she wants to do?). He had her sharpen her lines. Carrie Ann visited Melissa. She had Melissa charge at her to teach her to be more aggressive. Len met with Gilles. Len took off his jacket and taught him how to move his arms (he even said, “Give it to me, Sunshine!” – which I found not at all creepy).

This was a group and solo competition. Shawn & Mark were first. I was distracted by Shawn’s dress but it looked good – the dance, I mean. Melissa & Tony were second. Melissa looked angry and aggressive. Some of her lines still looked balletic. Gilles & Cheryl were the last couple. WOW! He looked strong and confident. All three couples danced at the end – nothing that spectacular, just a few spins and a dip. Unlike previous seasons, these three definitely deserve to be in the finals.

Len said Shawn’s routine was full of excitement and energy. Len said Melissa had a slight mistake, but it was more convincing than her last paso. Len said Gilles had intensity and did a great job. Bruno said they competed as an individual and danced like a team. He said Shawn was always strong and was like a serial killer (he said she’d turn into Dexter if she kept it up). Bruno said Melissa’s confidence has grown and she’s never looked more beautiful. He also called her a bit of a drama queen. Bruno said Gilles is a leading man – self-assured, strong, fabulous. Carrie Ann said they’re all incredible dancers. She said Shawn’s moves were perfect, but there wasn’t as much of an emotional connection. Carrie Ann said Melissa hit it hard. She said Gilles was perfection.


Shawn & Mark: 28

Melissa & Tony: 29

Gilles & Cheryl: 30


Shawn & Mark

Apolo Ono visited Shawn during rehearsals. He pointed out her advantage as an Olympian and told her to use it to win. They started in black jumpsuits with creepy masks covering their faces – like wierd mimes. The dance was a little jive-ish. Then, they took off their jumpsuits to reveal sparkly black and green outfits. There were some hip hop-like moves mixed up with the quick step. Shawn worked a few flips. They did some cool lifts. It was a little hectic at times, but fun.

Bruno said Shawn is going for gold. He said it was an explosive performance bursting with creativity. He said it was funny. Carrie Ann said it was exactly what she wanted to see – youthful, energetic, precise. Len loved the jive, the fun, the speed, the precision – he just loved it.


Melissa & Tony

During rehearsals, Melissa popped Tony in the face. Melissa started by ripping off her little top. They seemed a little out of step. There were some complicated lifts.It looked like a dance Melissa did in her Dallas Cowboy cheerleader days, mixed with a little latin dancing. I think this was a little sloppy. I still like the lifts.

Carrie Ann loved Melissa’s attitude – she sees that she’s in charge. She thought the choreography was disjointed, going from lift to lift. Len said Melissa showed her versatitlity as a dancer, but he didn’t get it. He said he would have liked to have seen more elegant dancing instead of cheerleading dancing. Bruno thought he would never see the running man again, then they brought it back. Bruno said it wasn’t as perfect as they would have liked to have seen for a final dance.


Gilles & Cheryl

Love the ode to “Flashdance!” This started out slow, then quickly picked up. This was a latin dance with a lot of flair and great lifts. It wasn’t as frantic as the other dances, but this very well could have been part of the competition before the finale. I loved it!

Len said it was high energy, slick and proved to him that Gilles is a real dancer. Bruno said Gilles is going retro-fun. He wanted a little more dancing from Gilles. He said the performance was great. Carrie Ann said it was an odd choice since “Flashdance” is about the female dancer. She wanted to see more from Gilles.


Lady GaGa will perform in the big show Tuesday. Jeffrey Ross will roast the final three. Oh, yeah, one of the couples will get that coveted mirror ball trophy.

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