LOST: The Incident

John is going after Jacob. Will everyone stuck in the 70s catch up with everyone else? What will they do with that bomb? So many questions and I’m guessing this finale will leave me asking a whole lot more! Get the recap after the jump.

Somewhere in time: A man is using a loom, then goes out to the water where he has caught a fish in a trap. He cooks it on a rock. As he sits back to eat, he looks out to to see a ship coming in. Another man joins him. They look like castaways. They’re there because of the ship. One guy asks how they found the island. Then he says, “We brought them  here.” He says, “They come. They fight. They destroy. They corrupt. It always ends the same.” The other guy says, “It only ends once. Anything that happens before that is just progress.” The other guy says he’ll find a loophole to kill him. Turns out, the guy he wants to kill is Jacob. WHAT!?!? The giant statue is there on the beach.

Somewhere off the island in another time: A little boy and a little girl walk into a store. The little girl steals a lunchbox (it’s New Kids on the Block), but gets caught at the door. The girl’s name is Katie. The store clerk says he’s calling her mom. A man (Jacob) offers to pay for the lunchbox. She thanks him. He says, “You’re not going to steal anymore, are you?” She shakes her head. He tells her to be good.

On the submarine: Sedatives are being passed out to everyone on board. Kate says they have to get out. She says she came back to get them. She says Jack is going to blow up the hydrogen bomb. Sawyer says he’ll pass on stopping Jack. He says, “We were happy in Dharmaville until y’all showed up. Now that’s all over. So we’re going to drink our OJ and take our chances in the real world. If Jack wants to blow up the island, good for Jack.”

On the island: Jack is trying to figure out how to detonate the bomb. He and Sayid are looking at Daniel’s book to figure that out. Richard questions whether it’s a good idea to detonate the bomb. Eloise says they have to do it. Sayid says they have 2 hours to get the bomb to The Swan. He says that’s the timetable Daniel laid out.

At The Swan, Dr. Chang stopped the drilling because the drill temperature got too hot. Stewart insists they keep drilling. He says he’s been designing the station for six years. Dr. Chang says he doesn’t know the consequences. Stewart says he came to the island to change the world and orders them to start drilling.

Thirty Years Later: John is leading everyone to Jacob. Sun asks Ben about Jacob. Ben says Jacob is in charge of the island. John is the leader. She asks what Jacob is like. Ben says he’s never met him. Richard asks John about Ben killing him. He asks John how he’s a live. John says if anyone should have an explanation, it should be Richard. Richard says he’s never seen someone come back to life. John says he’s never seen someone who can’t age. Richard says he’s that way because of Jacob and suspects Jacob is the reason John is back alive. John says he wants to thank Jacob. Then, he says they’ll have to deal with the Ajira flight passengers.

The Ajira people who have Frank Lapidus paddle to shore. Ilana says they might need him. One guy says Frank didn’t know the answer to the question, then asks if Frank is a candidate. Frank wakes up and asks what he’s a candidate for. He asks who they are. Ilana says they’re friends. Off they go with their big, heavy box into the jungle. Frank asks what’s in the box. Ilana tells the guys to open it. Frank looks inside and says, “Terrific.”

Somewhere in time: There’s a funeral. The focus is on a young boy. Later, he’s sitting alone. Jacob walks up. He hands the boy a pen and tells him he can keep it. It’s young Sawyer! Jacob tells him he’s sorry about his mother and father. He’s writing that letter to Sawyer. A man comes up and asks what he’s writing. He takes the letter and reads it. He tells young Sawyer he knows he’s angry, but he has to move on. His parents are gone and there’s nothing he can do about it. Then, he says, “What’s done is done.” Then, he asks him not to finish the letter. Young Sawyer promises not to. Off they go to the cemetery.

On the submarine: Sawyer asks about Jack resetting time so the plane lands in LA. Kate says it will kill everyone on the island. The guy comes to hand out the sedatives. Juliet knocks him out. She says, “We decided to leave the island…and now we’re going back.” Sawyer has changed his mind about leaving the island. Juliet orders the captain to take the sub to the surface, then go about their trip once they get out.

On the island: Sayid has removed the core from the bomb. Richard asks Jack about John walking into the camp and saying he was going to be the leader. Richard says he left the island a few times to see him but didn’t think there was anything special. He asks if Jack knows John. Jack says he shouldn’t give up on John.

John asks Ben why he hasn’t told Richard about his plans for Jacob. Ben says he assumed John would want to keep it a secret. Ben says he started thinking differently about things when his dead daughter told him to do everything he said. John asks where that happened. Ben says in the cabin. John asks if Ben is really willing to do whatever he says. Ben says he is. Then, John says, “I guess I won’t have to convince you after all.” Then he says he’s not going to kill Jacob. Ben is.

Somewhere in time: Sayid is walking with Nadia, planning an anniversary trip. As they walk across the street, Jacob asks for directions. They’re in Los Angeles. Nadia gets hit by a car and the driver takes off. She says something to Sayid in Arabic, “Take me home.” She’s dead.

Back in time: Sayid wraps up the bomb part. They set off for The Swan. Richard busts down a wall with a sledgehammer. It’s a Dharma house. Eloise stops Jack from going first. She tells Sayid not to go until she gives the all clear. Richard knocks her out and says he’s protecting the leader. He tells Jack they’re on their own. He says he’ll take Eloise back to their camp. There’s a siren wailing. They’re walking through the Dharma house. Everyone is running around. An announcement is warning people to get their guns and how to deal with hostiles. Jack and Sayid put on Horace’s uniforms. Roger starts shooting at Jack and Sayid. Sayid is hit in the stomach. Everyone starts shooting at them. Jack helps Sayid and shoots at the people coming after them. A van pulls up with Miles, Jin and Hurley. They speed off.

Juliet, Sawyer and Kate row a boat onto the island. Kate says, “Thank you” to Juliet for backing her up on the sub. Sawyer says he doesn’t know where they are. Vincent runs up to them. Then Rose shows up! And a bearded Bernard! Rose says, “Oh no. They found us.” Bernard says, “Son of a bitch.”

Jack is trying to treat Sayid. Jack tells Hurley to drive to The Swan. Jin asks what’s at The Swan. Jack says, “I think I found a way to get you back to your wife.”

Rose and Bernard say they’ve been living in the jungle by themselves for three years. Sawyer says Jin was looking for them. Rose says they know. Sawyer asks why they didn’t want to come be with them at Dharma. Rose says, “Because we’re retired.” Bernard and Rose seem quite happy with their situation. Kate says Jack has a bomb. Rose says, “Who cares?” She asks if they’re going to try to stop him. Juliet asks which way the Dharma barracks are so they can stop Jack. Bernard says they just care about being together. He says, “That’s all that matters in the end.” Rose points them to the barracks. Sawyer shakes their hands and they set off. Bernard offers them some tea. Juliet says, “Mabye another time.”

Somewhere in time: Frank says he wishes he never knew what was in the box. A guy says they’ll know what they’re up against and that it’s something scarier than what’s in the box. The guy tells Frank they’re the good guys. Frank says usually the guys who go out of their way to say they’re the good guys are usualy the bad guys. They walk up to the cabin. The guy points out the ash. Ilana tells them to wait as she walks up to the cabin.

Off the island: Someone is speaking Russian. A woman is bandaged up. A nurse asks if she’s thirsty and offers her something to drink through a straw. The nurse says the woman has a visitor. It’s Jacob. In Russian, he tells her he’s sorry he couldn’t make it sooner. She says it’s OK. He says he needs her help. It’s Ilana. She says she’ll help him.

On the island: Ilana walks into the cabin. She puts down the rifle. She takes something off the wall, grabs her rifle and walks out. She says someone else has been using the cabin. She tells the guys to burn the cabin. Ilana hands a guy a drawing of the statue. Off they go.

Somewhere in time: Jacob is reading “Everything That Rises Must Converge” by Flannery O’Connor. Glass breaks and a person falls to the ground. Jacob gets up and walks over to see John in the grass. He touches John. John wakes up. Jacob tells him, “Don’t worry. Everything is going to be alright. I’m sorry this happened to you.” Then – poof – he’s gone.

On the island: John and his crew are still walking. They get to the old camp. John tells everyone to rest because they’re going to need it. John points out the door to the hatch behind Ben. He asks Ben what happened at the cabin when he first took John to meet Jacob. Ben says he was talking to an empty chair, pretending. He says he was surprised when things started flying around. John asks why Ben would go to all that trouble. Ben says he didn’t want John to know he had never seen Jacob. Ben says, “So, yes, I lied. That’s what I do.” Ben asks why John wants him to kill Jacob. John says Ben has cancer. He had to watch his own daughter gunned down in front of him. His reward for those sacrifices was to be banished in the name of a man he never met. John asks, “Why the hell wouldn’t you want to kill Jacob?” Then, John walks away. Sun sees Aaron’s crib. She sees a Charlie’s ring.

Somewhere in time: Sun and Jin are getting married. They are reciting their vows. Sun says they’ll spend their lives together. Jin says they’ll never be apart. A woman asks when they’re going to start their family. Jacob shows up. He says he wants to offer his blessing. He tells them (in Korean) their love is a very special thing that they should never take for granted. Then, he leaves. Sun and Jin say they don’t know who he is.

On the island: Hurley is driving to The Swan. Sayid says Jack can’t stop the bleeding. The van comes to a screeching halt. Sawyer, Juliet and Kate are there.

Richard leads everyone to the leg statue. He says it’s where Jacob lives.

Sawyer tells Jack they need to talk.

Somewhere in time: Jack is in surgery. He cut someone’s dural sac. His father tells him to calm down. He tells Jack to stitch the sac. He says Jack should close his eyes, count to five and then fix the girl – or he’ll do it for him. Jack closes his eyes, counts and then goes back to the surgery. Later, he goes to a vending machine to get an Apolo bar and it gets stuck. He walks away. Christian tells Jack there was no paralysis in his patient. Jack tells Christian he embarrassed him. He says Christian put him in a “time out” in front of his team. Christian asks if Jack’s sure he’s the one who doesn’t believe in him, then walks away. Jacob appears and asks if one of the Apolo bars is his. Jack takes it. Jacob says, “I guess it just needed a little push.”

On the island: Sawyer tells Jack his parents died when he was 8-years-old, that a conman took his dad for everything he had. His dad shot his mom, then killed himself. Sawyer heard it all. Jack apologizes. Sawyer says it was a year ago (July 1976). Sawyer says he could have walked into the house and stopped his dad from doing it. He says, “What’s done is done.” Jack says it doesn’t have to be that way. Sawyer asks why Jack wants a second chance. Jack says three years ago, John told him them being on the island was their destiny. Sawyer asks Jack what he wants. Jack says, “I had her. I had her, and I lost her.” Jack is talking about Kate. He says it’s too late. Jack goes back to the van. Sawyer says, “If what you’re doing even works, you and Kate will be strangers and she’ll be in damn handcuffs.” Jack says, “If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.” Sawyer punches Jack. They fight. Sawyer says he had a life on the island. Sawyer starts strangling Jack and asking if he’ll stop. Jack says he won’t. Juliet tells Sawyer to let him go. She says Jack is right. Sawyer asks what happened. Juliet says she changed her mind.

Somewhere in time: Two kids are learning their parents are getting divorced. One of the girls is named Rachel. The other girl, Juliet, asks how they can know that the parents are not supposed to be together. The mother says when she’s older, she’ll understand.

On the island: Sawyer is mad at Juliet. He wants her to explain why she changed her mind so quickly. She says, “I changed my mind when I saw you look at her.” Sawyer says, “I don’t care who I looked at, I’m with you.” Juliet questions if they were ever met to be together. Sawyer asks why she’s doing it. She says, “If I never meet you, then I never have to lose you.”

At The Swan, they’re still drilling and hosing off the drill to keep it cool. Chang says if they hit the pocket, all hell will break lose. Stuart tells them to keep drilling. He learns Jack and the others are on the loose with a bomb. Stuart says they’ll be ready for them.

Jack asks Kate why she promised to never ask about Aaron. Kate says she was angry because Jack asked her to come back to the island. She says she came back so he could be with his mother. Jack says if what they’re doing works, then Claire and Aaron would be together. He says nothing in his life has ever felt so right. He wants Kate to believe that. There’s a crashing noise and an alarm. Stuart tells them to keep the drill going. Jack says, “It’s about to happen.” Then he asks Kate if she’s with him. She says she is.

Somewhere in time: Hurley is getting his wallet, cash, pen and fruit roll-up back from a cop. Hurley says he killed a bunch of people. The cop shows Hurley he’s been cleared. Hurley says there are guys with tranquilizer guns hunting him down. The officer points him to a cab stand. Hurley opens the door and Jacob is inside. He asks Hurley if he wants to share a ride. Hurley offers him some of the fruit roll-up. He asks what Jacob was in jail for. He says he wasn’t in jail. He says he was waiting for Hurley. Hurley says, “Then you must be dead.” Jacob says he’s not dead. He wants to know why Hurley won’t go back to the island. He says, “Because I’m cursed.” He says that’s why the plane crashed, his friends died and they visit him and he can’t make it stop. Jacob asks if perhaps Hurley was blessed. He says talking to people you’ve lost seems wonderful. Hurley says it is, except for the part where he’s crazy. Jacob says Hurley is not crazy. Hurley asks who he is. Jacob tells him to get on Ajira flight 316 out of LAX in 24 hours. He tells Hurley it’s his choice – that he doesn’t have to do anything he doesn’t want to. Jacob gets out of the cab. Hurley tells him he forgot his guitar. Jacob says it’s not his.

On the island: Hurley tells Sayid everything will be OK. Jack tells Sayid The Swan people hit something. Sayid tells Jack to be careful and that he has to get the bomb as close to the magnet as possible. Jack says it’s going to work and that it will save Sayid. Sayid says nothing can save him. Jack stops to look at Kate, then hits the jungle. As he passes Sawyer, he says, “See you in Los Angeles.”

John is staring at the leg statue. Richard tells John if he waits, Jacob will come to him. John asks where Jacob is. Sun asks what happened to the rest of the statue. Ben says it was like that when he got there. John tells Ben it’s time to go. Richard asks why Ben is going along. Richard says only the leader can request a meeting with Jacob. John says Richard is making up the rules. He takes Ben. Richard pushes a stone wall open, then tells John to tell Jacob he said hello. John asks Ben if he’ll be able to kill Jacob. John says, “Things will be easy once he’s gone.” John hands Ben a knife.

Sayid is still bleeding. Miles asks Sawyer if anyone questioned whether Jack is going to cause the thing he’s going to prevent. He says the best thing to do might be nothing. They see Phil headed to The Swan. Sawyer asks Juliet what she thinks. Juliet says, “Live together and die alone.”

At The Swan, everyone is securing the site. Chang is telling Stuart they need to get everyone away from the station. Phil sees Jack and everyone starts shooting at him. Jack shoots back. The van pulls up and they’re shooting at the Dharma people. Sawyer takes out Stuart and Phil at the same time, getting everyone to drop their guns. Sawyer tells Chang to stop the drill, but it won’t stop. Jack holds the bomb over the drill. He looks at Kate, Sawyer looks at Juliet. Jack drops the bomb. Still drilling. Sawyer says, “This don’t look like LAX.” There’s that magnetic noise, everything metal is drawn to the drill. It collapses, pinning Chang. Miles tries to help him. Jack gets hit in the head by a tool box. Stuart tries to drive away, but the jeep is pulled back to the drill. Phil pulls a gun on Sawyer, then he’s impaled by a metal bar. A chain grabs hold of Juliet and starts pulling her into the drill. Kate grabs the chain and tries to pull her out. Sawyer reaches in and grabs her hand. Kate tries to get the chains off her. Kate can’t reach her. Sawyer says, “I got you. Don’t you leave me.” Juliet says, “It’s OK. I love you.” She lets go. Sawyer cries.

Richard sits next to Sun on the beach. Sun asks if he has any alcohol. Richard says he doesn’t. Ilana and her bunch show up. They put down their guns. She asks for Richard. She asks what lies in the shadow of the statue. Richard says, “Ille qui nos omnes servabit.” That’s what my captioning said – I don’t speak Latin, so I hope someone will translate this. She introduces herself, then they open the big case and roll it over. It’s a body. Ilana says it was in the cargo section of their plane in a coffin. It’s John! Sun says, “If this is Locke, who’s in there?”

John and Ben are making their way to Jacob. There’s a big fire pit inside and torches on the wall. Ben is looking at some drawings on the wall. Jacob asks if he likes it. Jacob says, “It takes a very long time when you’re making the thread, but I suppose that’s the point.” John says hi. Jacob says, “You found your loophole.” John says, “You have no idea what I’ve gone through to get here.” Ben asks if they’ve met before. John says in a manner of speaking, then tells Ben to do what he asked him to do. Jacob says to Ben, “You have a choice.” Ben asks, “What choice?” Jacob says, “You can do what he asked or you can go – leave us to discuss our issues.” Ben says, “Oh, so now after all this time, you’ve decided to stop ignoring me. 35 years I lived on this island and all I ever heard was your name over and over. Richard would bring me your instructions – all those slips of paper, all those lists. And I never questioned anything. I did as I was told. But when I dared to ask to see you myself, I was told ‘You have to wait. You have to be patient.’ But when he asked to see you, he just marched straight up here as if he was Moses. So, why him? What was it that was so wrong with me? What about me?” Jacob says, “What about you?” Ben stabs him in the chest. Jacob falls to the ground. Then he says, “They’re coming.” John pushes Jacob into the fire.

At The Swan, Jack comes to and everything is muffled. He sees Kate trying to pull Sawyer away from the drill. Everything is pulled down with the drill. Juliet is alive. She’s crying. She sees the bomb. She starts hitting it with a rock. BIG BANG! Everything is white.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I can’t wait until next year to find out what happens! Oh, what a final season it will be!! The promo promises, “Destiny found.” Whatever that means.

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One Comment on “LOST: The Incident”

  1. “Ille qui nos omnes servabit” means [roughly] –
    “He who will protect us all”

    now u know 🙂

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