DWTS Season 8: Down to 3

Let’s face it: Ty is the least talented among the final four. I think his time is up! Get my recap of the next to the last elimination show after the jump!

Raphael Saadiq started the show with his song “100 Yard Dash” as pro dancers did their thing.

Here’s the leaderboard:

1. Gilles & Cheryl

2. Shawn & Mark

3. Melissa & Tony

4. Ty & Chelsie

Shawn and Mark got to show off their Argentine tango again.

Brooke Burke, Drew Lachey and Helio Castroneves talked about the current finalists. Brooke said Melissa makes dancing effortless, Drew complimented her lines, Helio said she’s a beautiful dancer. Brooke said Gilles looks amazing, Helio said he’s a good dancer and good looking – like himself. Drew said Gilles needs to relax and let the style of the dance come through. Brooke said Ty has determination. Helio said Ty has to get loose and have fun. Drew said Shawn has discipline. Brooke said Shawn is determined but wants to see her have more fun. Helio said she needs to relax.

Now to the pro competition.

Couple: Mayo & Kym

Dance: Tango

WOW! He’s tall. When he stretched his body, it was like he took up half the floor! He’s a great ballroom dancer.

Len said he loved the tango. Bruno said Mayo has great lines and provides a beautiful frame. Carrie Ann was impressed with the dynamic, traditional choreography. She wanted to see more of his personality.

Couple: Anna & Maks

Dance: Quick Step

Right out the gate, this was one fast dance. Anna made it seem light and lovely – and not at all like it was a lot of work.

Tom said he hadn’t seen Maks had that much fun since he was locked in a hall of mirrors. Bruno said it was magnificent and radiant. He said she put all her technique on display and sold it. Carrie Ann said she thinks any celebrity would be lucky to have her. She thinks Anna even outshined Maks. Len said she danced with elegance and maturity. He said she brought the best out in Maks.

Now, the dance decided by the viewers: A quick step to “It Don’t Mean a Thing if It Ain’t Got That Swing.” The dancers: Derek, Julianne, Mark and Lacey. It was wild and crazy fun!

Back to the pro competition.

Couple: Mayo & Kym

Dance: Cha Cha Cha

This was more disco than cha cha. I didn’t really enjoy this. It was just OK.

Carrie Ann said Mayo is a wonderful dancer, but it takes more than that. She is concerned he won’t be versatile enough. Len said Mayo is a great choreographer, but he thought this lacked rhythm and wow. Bruno said Mayo is stronger at ballroom than latin. He said Mayo needs to be careful about taking risks and thought a proper cha cha cha would have been better.

Couple: Anna & Maks

Dance: Samba

Wow! Is this the fastest samba ever? I like that Anna didn’t go for a skimpy costume. She just let her dancing be the showcase. I liked her solo at the end, too. Is there anything this girl can’t do?

Len said the competition is about the four week process and he thinks she’s done a fantastic job. He said if she’s not the one back next season, he’ll show his bum in the supermarket. Please pick Anna! Bruno said she’s a stunner at latin and ballroom. Carrie Ann said she wants to see more of Anna.

Now to the real business at hand…

The first couple who will move on to the finals: Gilles & Cheryl.

The next couple in the finals: Shawn & Mark.

Len said Ty has climbed mountains and is a credit to everyone on the show. He said Melissa had four days notice to come on the show, and from week one she’s been a potential winner. Bruno said Melissa has been stunning from the beginning.

The last couple going on to the finals: Melissa & Tony.

Ty & Chelsie get the boot. That’s about right.

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