LOST: Follow The Leader

“Follow The Leader.” Hmmm. We know now Ben is not the leader. So which leader are we following this week? Find out after the jump!

On the island: Daniel is demanding Richard tell him where the bomb is. Kate says Daniel is crazy. Jack asks if it’s where they’re supposed to be. Daniel is shot. Jack and Kate go to run and one of The Hostiles gets them. The guy, AKA Widmore, knocks Jack down and kicks him in the face. He asks who they are. Eloise finds Daniel’s journal. Widmore brings Kate and Jack. Widmore asks why The Dharma people have declared war on them. Eloise says they’re not from Dharma.

Thirty Years Later: Richard is working on one of those ships in a bottle on the beach. John shows up with a dead boar. He and Richard shake hands. Richard asks what happened and where John was. John says they have an errand to run and he’ll explain. Richard says there’s something different about him. John says, “I have a purpose now.” Ben and Sun show up. John says Ben helped him get back. Sun asks why John said they were his people. Ben says John is their leader now. Sun asks about Richard and Ben describes him as an advisor who has had the job for a “very, very long time.” Sun shows Richard the Dharma picture. She wants to know if he was there when Kate, Jack and Hurley were there. Richard says he was there 30 years ago and remembers meeting them very clearly because “I watched them all die.” What?!?

Sun is sitting on the beach holding Jin’s wedding ring. She asks John if it’s true that they’re all dead. John says he doesn’t think he went through all of this for nothing this time. Richard still has the compass John gave him. John asks Ben to join them. Ben asks if he’s afraid he’ll stage a coup. John says he’s not afraid of anything. Ben says he’ll go. John promises if there’s a way for Sun and Jin to be together and save “our people,” he’ll find it.

Thirty Years Earlier: Kate is being beat up. Both she and Jack are handcuffed. Kate asks what Jack meant by putting things back the way they were supposed to be. Jack says if they do what Daniel says, their plane never crashes and everyone they lost since they got there would all be alive. Kate asks, “What about us? We just go on living our life because we never met.” Jack says, “All the misery that we’ve been through – we just wipe it clean. Never happened.” Kate says it was not all misery. Jack says, “Enough of it was.” Eloise says, “The man I shot – what did he need the bomb for?” She flips through his journal. Jack says he doesn’t think she’d believe him. Eloise says when she was 17, she took a young man to the bomb. He told her if they buried the bomb, things would work out. She says the guy said he was from the future. Then he disappeared. She says she shot that man in the back. Before he died, he told her he was her son. She wants Jack to explain how her handwriting is in the journal if she doesn’t remember writing it. Jack says, “Because you haven’t written it yet.” He says what she just did was an accident and he thinks there’s a way for her to take it all back. He says Daniel came back because he figured out a way to change things. Jack says, “If we do what’s written in that journal, none of this would have happened.” Eloise asks Kate if he knows what he’s talking about. Kate says, “He thinks he does.” Eloise says she’ll take them to the bomb. She says there’s one small issue: since it was buried, someone built an entire village over it. That someone is Dharma. She thinks they’ll be able to help because they’ve been with them. Jacks says it might be complicated.

Sawyer and Juliet are handcuffed to a chair. Stuart smacks Sawyer while asking where Kate is. Horace tries to stop the assault saying he’s still in charge. Stuart says Horace doesn’t have the stomach for what may be to come. He tells Sawyer to explain where Kate is or he’ll kill him. Sawyer won’t talk. Stuart wants to know where Kate took little Ben. Stuart keeps hitting Sawyer. Sawyer tells Juliet not to talk to them because it will only get more people hurt. Phil hits Juliet. Sawyer tells Phil he’s going to kill him. A guy comes in and says there were three people added to the sub’s manifest. They notice Hugo is missing. Hugo is in the kitchen stocking u on supplies. He tries to make a run for it. Dr. Chang sees Hugo go off into the jungle. Hugo meets with Miles and Jin. Hugo says they have to help Sawyer and Juliet. Dr. Chang walks up. He says wants to know if Daniel was telling the truth when he said he was from the future. Dr. Chang asks when Hugo was born. Hugo says 1936. Dr. Chang eventually asks who the President is and Hugo says they’re from the future. Miles admits he’s Dr. Chang’s son. Dr. Chang asks if Daniel was right about getting people off the island because of an incident at The Swan. Dr. Chang says, “Let’s hope he knows what he’s doing.”

Widmore is looking at Daniel wondering why he looks familiar to him. Eloise tells Richard to come with her. Eloise puts a blanket over Daniel. She tells Widmore she’s taking Jack and Kate to the bomb. Apparently, Eloise is pregnant. Richard tells Jack the man she’s talking to is Charles Widmore. They set off for the bomb.

Thirty Years Later: Richard asks John where he’s been the last three years. Richard says he knows on the day Ben turned the wheel, they were sitting on a log. There was a loud noise and bright light and John disappeared. John says he’ll show him where they went and then tells Richard to take him to Jacob. Richard says that’s not how it works. John asks if he’s the leader now. Richard says he is. John says he wants him to take him to see Richard. They come across that small plane. John says a man will walk out of the jungle. He’s been shot in the leg. He tells Richard he’ll need to remove the bullet and tell him he has to bring everyone who left back to the island. When he asks how to do that, “You tell him he’s going to have to die.” Then, here comes the guy. It’s John. Richard goes to help him. John asks how he knew there was a bullet in his leg. Richard says he told him. John says he didn’t. Richard say, “You will.” John and Ben are watching. Ben asks how John knew when to be there. John says the island told him. John says Ben has never seen Jacob. There was a whooshing sound. Wounded John disappeared. Richard returns with the bullet. Richard says wounded John seemed convinced – but didn’t die. John says it happened.

Thirty Years Earlier: Dr. Chang tells the security people they need to evacuate the island. Chang says they can’t continue drilling without risk of bad things. Stuart says they keep working. Sawyer says Chang is right. It’s not safe. He says to put the women and children on the sub. Sawyer says if they put him and Juliet on the sub with them, he’ll tell them anything they need to know. He says to Juliet, “You OK with that, sweetheart.” She is. Stuart wants Sawyer to draw a map of where the hostiles are. Sawyer does it.

Eloise says they have to swim under the pond to get to the tunnels. Kate says she can’t go any further. Jack says she can’t go back because they’ll be killed. She asks what he’s trying to do. Kate starts to walk off. Shots ring out. It’s Sayid! He shot one of The Hostiles. Richard asks Eloise what they’re doing. She says they’re right about what they’re about to do. Richard asks what that is. Sayid tells Jack he killed Ben. Kate says she and Sawyer brought Little Ben to The Others so they could help him. Sayid asks why they did that. Jack says they have to change things – it’s their destiny. Kate asks if he knows who he sounds like. Jack says maybe he was wrong. Kate says she’s going to find the rest of their people because they might be able to stop him.

Women and children are getting on the sub – including Young Miles and his mother. She doesn’t want to go. Chang yells at her. Miles realizes it’s the only way he can get her to leave. Miles sees Jack and Juliet being put on the sub. Hugo says it’s going to be OK because “Sawyer always has a plan.” Sawyer tells Juliet they’ll buy Microsoft and bet on the Cowboys to win the Superbowl – they’ll be rich. Juliet asks why Sawyer tried to talk her out of getting on the submarine earlier. Sawyer doesn’t explain. Juliet gets in the sub first. Sawyer looks back at the island, says, “Good riddance,” then gets in the sub.

Richard jumps in the water. Before Jack goes, he tells Sayid if he doesn’t see him on the other side, he won’t blame him. Jack goes under. They surface in the tunnels. Eloise shows up. So does Sayid. He says, “If this works, you might just save us all. But if it doesn’t, at least you’ll put us out of our misery.”

Thirty Years Later:Jack, Richard and Ben return to the beach. John nods at Sun. Richard says they can go for Jacob in the morning. John wants to go right away. John wants to talk to everyone on the beach. He says, “I’ve been told that for some time, you all have been accepting orders from a man named Jacob. Yet oddly enough, it seems that no one has actually seen him. Now, I’m sure there are very good reasons why his existence and whereabouts are secret, I just don’t know what they are. And to be honest with all of you, if there’s a man telling us what to do, I want to know who he is.” Sun asks if Jacob can tell them how to get Jin and their people back. John says he’s going to see Jacob and he wants all of them to come with him. Richard says he thinks John is going to be trouble. Ben says, “Why do you think I tried to kill him?”

Thirty Years Earlier: Sawyer says once they dock, he and Juliet are free. Juliet says, “Real world. I don’t even know what that means anymore.” Sawyer says, “Whatever happens, I got your back.” Then, Kate shows up on the submarine. She’s handcuffed with Sawyer and Juliet. The sub takes off.

Richard, Eloise, Jack and Sayid are headed to the bomb. Sayid points out Eloise setting off the bomb will kill the Dharma people. Jack says he still trusts her because 30 years later, she’ll tell them how to get back to the island. They find the bomb. Eloise says, “Now what?”

Thirty Years Later: The beach people follow John and Richard to go see Jacob. Ben says to John, “Richard had some concerns. This pilgrimage to Jacob makes him uncomfortable. He’s expressed reservations about whether or not you know what the hell you’re doing.” John says he appreciates Ben telling him that. Ben says he’s there to help – if that means reuniting John with his people. John says that’s not why they’re going to Jacob. John says it’s “So I can kill him.”

WOW! You’ll have to wait a few days to get the finale recap. It’ll be two hours long and I won’t have that kind of time until the weekend. Please share your thoughts, theories and ideas in the comments section. Can’t wait to see how this season ends!

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