DWTS Season 8: Down to Four

There are the top five. I like the beginning of the show when the couples are all nervous smiles, wondering if they’ll be back next week (and no doubt some of the stars hoping they can finally get out of the sequins and dance shoes for good). Find out who makes it to the semi-finals – and what I think of the pros trying out for their shot at the show – after the jump.

The show starts with an encore of Melissa and Tony’s samba. This time, there was no wardrobe malfunction. Here’s the leaderboard:

1. Melissa & Tony

2. Shawn & Mark

2. Gilles & Cheryl

4. Lil’ Kim & Derek

5. Ty & Chelsie

Jamie Cullum performed Frank Sinatra’s “I Get A Kick” with some pros dancing.

Dance Center has returned. Kenny Mayne & Jerry Rice, along with Len Goodman, break down the couples.

  • Ty: Kenny says he’s happy the show is rewarding poor dancing. Jerry says he likes that Ty gives 110%. Len says Ty gives it his all, has a strong core, wide elbows and is a good dancer. Kenny says Ty was the least likely to get into the theatrics – like spray tanning. Len says Ty is committed. He says Ty needs to loosen up a bit. Jerry says Ty is a robot sent to destroy mankind.
  • Lil’ Kim: Len says Kim is the ultimate performer. Jerry says he likes Kim’s “asset.” Len says if you got it flaunt, it. He says, “She has the gear in the rear.” Len did an Ali G impression. Jerry says they used to call him “Lil’ Jerry” and Len asked what part of his anatomy they were referring to.
  • Shawn: Len says she has that sports person’s mentality. Kenny keeps cutting off Len. They make fun of Mark’s faces – saying he looks like a chipmunk.

The first couple safe: Gilles & Cheryl.

More Dance Center:

  • Melissa: Len says Melissa has a great dance pedigree. Kenny calls Tony a jerk. Len says Tony is a gentleman, pointing out the sadness when Melissa couldn’t perform. Jerry calls Tony a bully. Jerry says Melissa’s jive was the best dance. He says it was excellent use of denim.
  • Gilles: Kenny asks what the French have done for us. Len points out culture, language. Len says Gilles has great flair. Kenny says Gilles is prostituting himself on his good looks. Then, all three of them are shirtless. Len has a tattoo and big gold chain. EW.

The Macy’s Stars of Dance take the stage. It’s a bit like one of those old Gap dancing commercials/funky ballet.

Now, it’s the pro competition.

Couple: Afton DelGrosso & Cody Linley

Dance: Samba

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be looking at. Afton’s a pro and dances very well. Cody looked like he was in it to have fun. I suppose this whole idea is to show that the pros can teach stars choreography. Mission accomplished!

Len thought Afton did a good job teaching Cody the dance. Bruno says Afton made Cody sell himself – and that’s a good ability. Carrie Ann says Afton would bring a nice, youthful energy.

The next couple safe: Melissa & Tony.

Couple: Mayo Alanen & Lisa Rinna

Dance: Quick Step

It looks like these two have been dancing for a long time! I thought Lisa’s dress was a bit much for a quick step, especially when she took the skirt off to reveal a short skirt. But it’s the dancing I’m supposed to be looking at. Well done.

Bruno thanked Mayo for taking advantage of Lisa’s assets with a Las Vegas touch. Carrie Ann says sometimes they got a bit out of control. She says Mayo would be great for the taller contestants. Len says Mayo did a good job.

Couple: Anna Demidova & Maurice Greene

Dance: Tango

Maurice has never done this dance. He chose it because he wants to see if Anna can teach him. I’m thinking Maurice chose this dance because he wanted to be really close to Anna. This might be my favorite dance of these three.

Carrie Ann gave it a “WOOO!” She says Anna brought out beautiful lines and they looked great together. Len says Anna brought the most out in her celebrity. Bruno says Anna is a miracle worker – saying Maurice has never danced better.

Next week, the two pros who survive will be paired with a current pro and will have to choreograph a ballroom and a latin dance.

The next couple safe: Shawn & Mark.

WHAT!?!? I’m not happy about Lil’ Kim being in the bottom two! However, I can’t think of anyone else who should be there with Ty.

Len says if Ty goes, it’s been fascinating watching him. He says Lil’ Kim is a fantastic performer whose Bionic Booty would be missed.

The couple going home: Lil’ Kim & Derek.


Next week, the final four will do a ballroom and latin routine.

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