DWTS Season 8: Down to 5

Here’s hoping this silly “Single Ladies” type dance will be the repeat performance! Find out if Melissa’s injury keeps her from making the top five in my recap.

Tom Bergeron promises the most dramatic night of the season, then introduces Team Tango for the repeat performance. Well, it’s no “Single Ladies,” but Ty and Gilles were still there without their shirts. Consolation?

Here’s the leaderboard:

1. Lil’ Kim & Derek

2. Gilles & Cheryl

3. Shawn & Mark

3. Ty & Chelsie

5. Chuck & Julianne

6. Melissa & Tony

There was a parody of a commercial, “Ballroom Dancers of Genius.” It said the only thing hard core about Lil’ Kim was her paso doble. For Shawn, it said Olympic medals weren’t enough – she wants a mirror ball trophy. For Ty, it said he was king of the cowboys, but now he wants to be king of the congo line. Gilles wasn’t just dancing for himself, he was dancing for his country. Silly fun? Time waster? You decide.

Robin Thicke performed his hit “When I Get You Alone” as six dancers did their thing in bright yellow outfits.

Melissa said it broke her heart that she couldn’t perform. She started a new treatment she hopes will let her perform again.

The first couple safe: Lil’ Kim & Derek.

The judges talk about what it takes to make a great dancer. Len says total coordination and looks help. Carrie Ann says it starts in the head. Bruno says you need the right mental attitude. That’s Chuck. Bruno says arms add expression. He says Gilles has that. Carrie Ann says core is good. That’s Ty’s area. Len says legs are important. He says Melissa has great legs. Bruno says Melissa uses her legs like a paintbrush on a canvas. Len says footwork is important. Shawn’s feet are tops. Expression through the face is also important. They say Lil’ Kim has that going on.

The next couple safe: Ty & Chelsie.

Another parody, “Dance Match.” It’s one of those dating commercials. Chuck & Julianne are the couple finishing sentences. Melissa is the host/founder.

Robin Thicke performed “Side Step.”

The next couple safe: Gilles & Cheryl.

Another parody, this one shows dancers falling down. The professionals are talking about falling down and getting hurt because of celebs who can’t dance. They all appeared to be naked with mirror balls covering their, um, nether regions?

Time to pick the next pro dancer…

Couple: Afton DelGrosso & Genya Mazo

Dance: Quick Step

They looked lovely! WOW! This was certainly quick. This is my least favorite dance, but I really think these two were amazing. I’m sold. Too bad it’s too late for me to vote. Genya didn’t get Afton on the desk at the end, but she covered for it.

Len thought they did a great job. Bruno said he liked the characterization of the dance. He said they also showed their personality. Carrie Ann said both would be great partners for celebrities.

Couple: Anna Demidova & Mayo Alanen

Dance: Jive

These two are so tall, it looks like their legs and arms take up the whole dance floor! This was really fun. I liked it more than the quick step. For competitors, these two seem to like each other. They are really good together!

Carrie Ann was surprised by Mayo. She did not expect him to dance that well. Len said he wanted to see these two dance Latin American. He thought tall people couldn’t do the jive. He was wrong. Bruno said Mayo was so sharp and precise. He asked if there’s anything Anna can’t do? He said she danced like an angel. Bruno said he’s in love.

The next couple safe: Shawn & Mark.

The judges were asked about the final two. Carrie Ann said she doesn’t want to see Chuck & Julianne leave because they just found their way. Bruno said it’s nuts for Melissa & Tony to leave the competition because she’s one of the best dancers with the potential to be a champion. Len said, based on Monday, Melissa should go. But based on seven weeks of competition, Melissa should stay.

The couple going home: Chuck & Julianne.

We’ll see if Melissa can recover quickly enough to dance in the competition on Monday. The couples will do a ballroom and a latin dance next week.

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