Parade Memories

Sorry about the lack of a post last night.  A bit too tired and lazy.  So last night I covered the River Parade for the second year in a row.  It was also the second time I ever went to the river parade.  As far as family atmosphere, it does seem like a great place to take the kids as long as you’re not afraid of them falling into the pristine waters of the SA river.  Lining up at the head of the parade is the best bet, maybe not for tv, since all the lights were off and everybody was gone by the time we went on for our 10 p.m. live shot.  But it’s over before 9 so the kids don’t lose too much sleep on a school night.

I never went to the river parade as a kid.  For my family, it was always the night parades.  I didn’t have a bad childhood, in fact it was very good.  But for some reason, I have very few memories.  For instance, with the parades, I have maybe five.  I remember always having to lug the beer cooler with my other cousin to our seats but our uncles were kind (sarcasm) enough to carry the empty cooler back at the end.  But by the time I carried it, the last thing I wanted to do was sit down and watch a bunch of people walking by me and playing instruments.  Another memory is the Acme Lumber sign, the one where the guy’s hands form the ‘A.’ I guess we always parked near it.  I also remember the Shriners in their small cars and UT’s Big Bertha drum.  I have a distinct memory of my mom’s excited face telling me, ‘Look, it’s Big Bertha!’  And finally, I remember all the crap the vendors would sell.  So many lighted trinkets and other great junk that I begged my mom to buy me and never got.  I’m not complaining about that last one.  It really is just a bunch of cheesy crap.

So what are some of your parade memories?  I’m debating whether to take my kids to them one day.  I guess part of me hopes that they’ll have some more meaningful memories than I did.

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