LOST: Some Like It Hoth

FINALLY our island dwellers learn that Miles can speak to the dead! That has to be one of the most useful skills on the island – or is it? Get my recap of this week’s show after the jump.

Some time in the past: A woman is looking at an apartment. She has a little boy. The landlord doesn’t really want to rent to the woman and her child. It’s young Miles. He walks to a vending machine, then hears noises. He walks to one apartment, touches the door then finds a key and opens it. He screams for his mother. She comes into the apartment, where a man is dead. His mother asks what he was doing. Miles says he was scared and alone and calling for a woman named Kimberly. The landlord says she died a year ago. Miles says he can still hear the man talking.

On the island: Sawyer asks Miles to erase security tapes from the pylons. Sawyer sends Kate back to talk to Juliet to see if anyone is missing little Ben. Just as Miles is about to start erasing the tape, Horace shows up. He tells Miles he’ll allow him into the “circle of trust.” He hands him something to take to Radzinsky at grid 334. He’s supposed to bring back something to Horace with “no questions asked.” Miles says they’re not supposed to be in that grid because it’s hostile territory. Horace tells him “Welcome to the circle of trust.” Miles drives off. He’s stopped by Radzinsky. Miles explains that he’s in the circle. They bring out a dead guy who Radzinsky says fell in a ditch – only he has a bullet hole in his head. That package Miles delivered was a body bag. Once Radzinsky and his crew walk back into the jungle, Miles opens the bag and asks the guy what really happened.

Some time in the past: Miles goes to see his mother. He appears to be a teenager – with a LOT of piercings. His mother is very sick and losing her hair. She asks why he came to see her. He says, “I need you to tell me why I’m this way. How I do the things I do. And I need to know why you won’t talk to me about my father.” She says he never cared about them. He wants to know where he is. She says he’s dead. She says he kicked them out when he was a baby. He asks where his father’s body is. She says, “Somewhere you can never go.”

On the island: Horace is telling someone something is gone. Miles shows up. He’s told to take the corpse to Dr. Chang at the Orchid. Hurley is loading sandwiches into Miles’ van that he wants to take to the Orchid. After some resistance, Miles tells him to get in.

Kate shows up to see Juliet. Kate tells her Sawyer helped. Roger shows up and sees Ben is gone. Juliet apologizes to him. Roger storms off and goes to security. Juliet looks at Kate and says, “Well, here we go.”

Miles and Hurley are driving to the Orchid. Hurley is writing in a notebook. He asks Miles how to spell “bounty hunter.” He tells Miles it’s personal. Hurley says it stinks. He says there’s something foul in the van. Miles suggests it’s Hurley’s garlic mayo. Hurley makes him pull over so he can check. Hurley finds the body. Miles tells him not to worry about it. He says his name is Alvarez and he was digging a hole  and thinking about Andrea. He felt a sharp pain in his mouth – a filling from his tooth being yanked out of  the socket right into his brain. Then he was dead. Hurley asks how Miles knows what Alvarez was thinking. Miles says he just knows. Hurley says, “You can talk to dead people.” He tells Miles his secret is safe with him because he can talk to them, too.

Sometime in the past: An adult Miles is talking to a man about his dead son. The father says his son was cremated. Miles says he needs a body. The dad wants to know if his son knows that he loved him. Miles tells him it will cost extra. Miles holds the dad’s hands. He asks him to concentrate on his son, Russell. Miles closes his eyes. He says, “Your son says he knew that you loved him. He always knew.” Miles leaves. A woman walks to him – it’s Naomi. She says her employer wants to retain his unique services.

On the island: Roger is drinking beer. Kate walks over. She asks if he’s OK. He says he’s far from OK. Kate says she’s sure things will work out. He hands her a beer and thanks her for the pep talk. Kate says she has a feeling he’s going to be OK and that Roger shouldn’t give up hope. He asks if she knows something. Kate says she doesn’t. He tells Kate if she wants to help she should mind her own business.

Miles and Hurley are cruising through the jungle. Hurley wants Miles to admit that he can talk to the dead. Hurley says sometimes he even plays chess with the dead. Miles says that’s not how it works. Miles says it has nothing to do with chatting with ghosts. He says it’s a feeling. He says when they’re dead, their brain stops functioning. Hurley says that’s not how it works for him. Hurley says, “You’re just jealous my power is better than yours.” They reach the Orchid. Miles tells Hurley to shut up and deliver the sandwiches. Dr. Chang walks up and asks what Hurley is doing there. Hurley says he won’t tell anyone about the body. Dr. Chang tells Hurley that if he doesn’t keep the secret, he’ll be shipped to Hydra island to weigh polar bear turds for experiments. Dr. Chang has two guys take the body, then tells Miles to wait for him. Hurley says, “Dude, that guy is a total douche.” Miles says, “That douche is my dad.”

Sometimes in the past: Naomi takes Miles to an empty restaurant for an “audition.” There’s a dead body. She tosses a wad of cash at Miles and asks what he can tell her about the man. Miles says his name is Felix. He was on his way to deliver something to a guy named Widmore. He says he was taking a bunch of papers and photos of empty graves. He says it was a purchase order for an old airplane. Naomi zips up the body bag. Miles asks if he passed. Naomi tells him she’s leading an expedition to an island and there’s a man that’s difficult to find. She says there are a lot of deceased people there. She says they believe they can provide vital information on his whereabouts. Miles says he’ll pass. She says her employer will pay him $1.6 million. Miles says, “When do we leave?”

On the island: Hurley asks Miles to talk about his dad. Miles says the third day they were on the island, his mother got in line behind the cafeteria. Hurley asks if he wants to save him. Miles says he can’t. Dr. Chang tells Miles he needs him to take him to Radzinsky. Miles asks what happened to the body. Dr. Chang says, “What body.”

Roger shows up to clean a room to find Jack. Jack says he was covering for him so he could take care of Ben. He asks Jack if he arrived with Kate. He says Kate has some kind of weird thing for Ben – she gave him blood, then came to him and told him Ben was going to be OK. He says he thinks Kate has something to do with this. He wants to go to Horace and report her. Jack points out that Roger is drunk and has some crazy ideas in his head. He says Kate would never do anything to hurt Ben. Roger leaves.

Miles is driving the van. No one is talking until Hurley asks what happens at the Orchid. Dr. Chang says it’s classified. He asks if he can’t tell his family. Dr. Chang says he has a 3-month-old son named Miles. Hurley suggests they should get together for a beer some time. Silence. Dr. Chang takes them to a hidden location. He tells Miles he’ll get a ride back with Radzinsky. They’re building the hatch! They’re pounding the numbers – and Hurley knows the numbers. He tells Miles they’re building the hatch – “The one that crashed our plane.”

Sometime in the past: Some guys kidnap Miles. One, named Bram, says Miles’ apartment is being watched. They’re trying to talk Miles out of working for Widmore. They ask him if he knows what lies in the shadow of the statue. He says no. Then they says he should go with them to find out. He’ll learn why he has a gift and also learn about his father. Miles says he stopped caring about his father a long time ago, but he does care about money, so it’ll cost him double. He’s told they won’t pay him anything – that all the money won’t fill the empty hole. Then, they toss him out of the van. They tell him he’s playing for the wrong team. He asks what team they’re on. Bram says, “The one that’s gonna win.”

On the island: Hurley tells him the hatch will have button to push to save the world. Then, they talk about Miles’ dad. Miles slams on the breaks and says he doesn’t want to hang out with his dad or know him better. Miles tells Hurley he never knew him until now. Hurley suggests Miles is in pain. Miles takes Hurley’s notebook. Hurley is writing “Empire Strikes Back.” Hurley says it’s 1977, he figured he’d make life easier for George Lucas by sending him the script with a few improvements. Miles says that’s the stupidest thing he’s ever heard. Hurley says, “At least I’m not scared to talk to my own dad.”

Sawyer returns home. Jack tells him Roger thinks Kate had something to do with Ben’s disappearance. Sawyer is summoned by Phil to come back to the office. He says he knows who took Ben. Then, he pulls the security tape and says, “You.” Sawyer says he has an explanation. Phil says he didn’t talk to Horace yet. He says no. Sawyer hits him then tells Juliet to get some rope.

Sometime in the past: Miles returns to talk to the father who lost his son. Miles tells him he’s going on a boat trip for a while and he hands him an envelope full of money. He says he lied to him about being able to talk to his son. Miles says it wouldn’t have been fair to his son to keep the lie. He says, “If you needed your son to know you loved him, you should have told him when he was alive.”

On the island: Miles and Hurley return to the camp. Hurley apologizes to Miles about saying he was afraid to talk to his dad. Hurley says the best thing he ever did was give his dad a second chance. Miles says he never knew his dad and he doesn’t want to. Hurley says that was Luke’s attitude, too – in “Empire.” He says, “Luke found out Vader was his father, but instead of putting away his light saber and talking about it, he overreacted and got his hand got cut off. I mean, they worked it out eventually, but at what cost? Another death star was destroyed, Boba Fett got eaten by the Sarlacc, and we got the Ewoks. It all could have been avoided if they just, you know, communicated. Let’s face it. The Ewoks suck, dude.” Miles walks off and sees Dr. Chang reading to a baby. His mother is there to take baby Miles. Dr. Chang leaves the home and tells Miles he needs him. He says the submarine has arrived with scientists from Ann Arbor. They go to the dock. Farraday gets out of the submarine! He says, “Hey, Miles. Long time no see.” WHAT!?!?

Next week, the story of the Oceanic 6 from a whole new perspective. Then, in two weeks, everyone has to choose sides.

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