DWTS Season 8: Top 8 Perform

I’m wondering which Ty will show up this week – the one who was starting to wow me or the one who should have shined in the paso doble but didn’t?

Get a recap of Monday’s show after the jump.

Couple: Ty & Chelsie

Dance: Jive

Fingers crossed! Well, he’s wearing a cowboy hat and big belt buckle, so I’m optimistic. This was not awkward. I think Chelsie did a good job choreographing this for Ty. He seemed to be having fun. It looked like he lost the steps a little toward the middle. It seemed like Chelsie kept looking at him either cheering him on or telling him what to do. This was better than last week, but not much.

Len said Ty is charming, but it’s like he’s bewildered. He said Ty tries hard, but it took a long while to get started and when it started, it wasn’t that good. Bruno said the line dancing was good, then the jive started. He said none of his kicks were right. He thought the timing was rough. Carrie Ann said it was an exciting jive. She thought he was suited to the fox trot and lindy hop. She didn’t think he found his footing.


Couple: Shawn & Mark

Dance: Rumba

Wow! This was hot! Wait – she’s 17. Should I say something like that? This was fantastic! Loved it!!! Shawn was so graceful! You would have never known she was out of her comfort zone watching this. The audience gave her a standing ovation.

Bruno said it was beautifully pure – almost angelic, the innocent side of romance unfolding. He wanted a little more hips from her. Carrie Ann could see the discomfort in Shawn’s eyes in the beginning, but thought it came to life in the second part of the dance. Len said the rumba is like a fire – it can warm and it can burn. He thinks they got it just right. He enjoyed the whole performance.


Couple: Lawrence & Edyta

Dance: Jive

Warren Sapp tried to get Lawrence to loosen up and have fun with the jive. I’m hoping this will make Lawrence shine because he’s been kind of dull all season. Lawrence looked like he was trying to have fun. The kicks looked like they hurt him. It seemed slow for a jive. Eh.

Carrie Ann said LT got his groove back. She said it was more enjoyable to watch. Len said it was a basic dance. Lawrence showed the lighter side of his personality, but would have liked to have seen Lawrence be a little lighter on his feet. Bruno said the reboot worked. He said Lawrence never lost timing. Bruno said it was his best performance to date.

SCORE: 22 (his best score yet)

Couple: Melissa & Tony

Dance: Rumba

Does Melissa have a real tramp stamp – or does she just like putting sparkly stuff on her backside? This is the second time I’ve noticed this on her back. OK – on to the dance. It was sexy! The dance was really good! I think it may be her best dance yet! Standing ovation from the audience.

Len said it was clean and precise, but said it could be more Earthy. He thinks her dances look balletic. He said she’s a fabulous dance. Bruno said she’s effortless to watch. However, he wants to see Melissa the Man Eater. Carrie Ann was impressed with the emotional quality – she believed it. However, she thought Melissa needs to work on her hips.


Couple: Lil’ Kim & Derek

Dance: Jive

I’ll go ahead and say it: I hope whatever Kim wears is protective up top or else I’m afraid there could be a wardrobe malfunction! Hmm – jailbird and sexy guard. This was fun. Kim kicks seemed a little awkward. It was more like an act than a dance to me. I was not as wowed by this one as the audience, who jumped to their feet as soon as it was over.

Bruno said he’s guilty of love in the first degree. He thought Kim rocked. Carrie Ann stood up and gave her a “Wooo!” Something fell off of Carrie Ann. She said Kim brought pizazz and thought it was mind blowing. Len thought it was fun and had energy. He thought Derek got carried away with the story that it lacked jive. Don’t mind the boos Len – I’m with you! Len thought it was a theatrical performance. He enjoyed it, but did not consider it a ballroom jive.


Couple: Steve-O & Lacey

Dance: Rumba

Well, this will be a challenge. Steve-O as the romantic lead. I started out watching his feet and thought this wasn’t bad. Then, I looked at Steve-O’s arms and face. Um, not good. He should have worked on that a little more. It was sweet at the end. The audience was back on its feet.

Carrie Ann said there was something oddly mesmerizing. She thinks it’s Steve-O’s commitment and honesty. She said he still needs to work on his grace – a long way from last week. Len said you can’t confuse movement with dancing. He said it lacked hip action and foot work. He said it was no good. Bruno said Lacey looked hot. He said Steve-O has the charm of a confused puppy. He said the dancing was bad.

SCORE: 16 (wow – a 4 from Len and a 5 from Bruno!)

Couple: Gilles & Cheryl

Dance: Jive

This was insane! It was so fast! I love that Cheryl is making it difficult for Gilles – proving that he is in this to win it! How does he make it look like he’s been doing this forever? This is my favorite dance of the night! The audience was on their feet right away!

Len said it showed a lot of the qualities you want to see in the dance – foot work and all. He said Gilles lost a step and thought the dance was a bit frenzied. Bruno said any faster and they would have achieved the speed of light. Bruno called it another great performance, but said there was a mistake. Carrie Ann said Gilles can do sexy and showy. She thought there was something odd about his arms (Gilles said he has a hurt shoulder).


Couple: Chuck & Julianne

Dance: Rumba

What in the lace is Julianne wearing? Oh, I get it – sexy. This dance was sexy. Might be one of the best rumbas of the evening. I don’t envy these two having to put on this show in front of an audience!

Bruno said he’ll have some more of that. Carrie Ann said, “Me, too! WOOO!” Bruno said it was not technically perfect, but thought it was a step in the right direction. Carrie Ann said it was the most passionate, sexy number of the night. She said Chuck needs to work more on technique. Len said parts of it were more suitable for the bedroom than the ballroom. He said Chuck has great lines, then poor lines. Sometimes, he’s mechanical and sometimes casual. He thought it was too raunchy.


Tuesday night, a routine choreographed by one of the original Pussycat Dolls. Rascal Flats will perform along with the cast of Broadway show “West Side Story.” Next week, there’s a group dance and the couples will perform two dances in one night for the first time this season.

I don’t know why they can’t update this faster, but if you want to know which songs were used on the show, go here.

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