DWTS Season 8: Down to 8

The judges weren’t so hot on Steve-O Monday. Will he be surprised to be the next star cut? Or will it be someone else? Get my recap of the elimination after the jump!

The judges chose Lil’ Kim & Derek’s Viennese Waltz to start the show. It was just as lovely as it was Monday!

Watching the recap of the performances, I had no idea Melissa’s heel got stuck in her skirt! No points for that. Here are the standings:

9. Steve-O & Lacey

8. Lawrence & Edyta

7. Ty & Chelsie

6. David & Kym

5. Chuck & Julianne

4. Melissa & Tony

3. Shawn & Mark

2. Lil’ Kim & Derek

1. Gilles & Cheryl

The first couples safe are: Shawn & Mark and Lil’ Kim & Derek.

Etta James performed “At Last” while real-life couple Maks & Karina danced. I love this song, but but it almost seems like Etta doesn’t. She kind of seemed to struggle through it. Or maybe I’ve just come to like Beyonce’s version. Maks & Karina did a great job dancing! They were sweet!

The next two couples safe are: Gilles & Cheryl and Steve-O & Lacey.

Two more couples safe: Chuck & Julianne and Melissa & Tony.

Why the time fillers? Don’t we know the stars can’t dance and aren’t initially comfortable in all that make-up, sequins and spray-on tan? I’d rather see performances. That’s what we get after the time filler. The Las Vegas show “Le Reve” takes the stage and they are fantastic! Perhaps I should go to Vegas and see this show…

Demi Lovato performs “La La Land” with Lacey and someone named Tory performing. I’ve never listened to Ms. Lovato. I suppose if I were younger, I’d totally rock along with this. Instead, I hit fast forward.

The next couples safe is: Ty & Chelsie.

This leaves David & Kym and Lawrence & Edyta to dance off.

David & Kym are first with their Viennese Waltz. Again, David does not look like he’s enjoying himself. He looks almost angry. This still bothers me. Kym smiles quite a bit during this dance. What’s wrong with him? Does he want to go home? Len said he enjoyed it Monday and enjoyed it again. He thought David had more expression (um, not while he’s being judged). Bruno said David works well under pressure. He thought their relationship was better. Carrie Ann said the attitude turn was strange but she felt a connection. SCORE: 24

Lawrence & Edyta give the Paso Doble another shot. I don’t know what it is about Lawrence, but I get the feeling that he’s just not into this. He has the angry bull part down, but it’s almost like he’s angry that he’s still on this show. Why does it look like he’s counting steps? Bruno said we’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg with what Lawrence can do. He said Lawrence needs to learn not to separate himself from his partner. Carrie Ann said the music is difficult to dance to and Lawrence stayed with it. She loves watching his power on the dance floor. Len said there was real improvement.  SCORE: 20

In case you can’t tell from the recap, I’m completely OK with either of these couples going home. I’m bored with them.

The couple going home is: David & Kym. WOW! He must have had very few votes!

Next week, the couples will do either a jive or a rumba! I’ll be back with a recap of that show – and hopefully warmer feelings for Lawrence (don’t hold your breath, though).

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