DWTS Season 8: Top 9 Perform

Can Gilles and Cheryl pull off another perfect score? Who’s hurt this week? Who becomes the week’s new low scorer? Get my recap of Monday’s show after the jump!

Couple: Chuck & Julianne

Dance: Viennese Waltz

No one can say these two don’t have chemistry! This was a lovely little dance. Chuck looked like he was trying very hard.

Len said Chuck has finally come out of hibernation. That got Chuck to do a little dance. He said Chuck has to get his footwork better, but it was much better. Bruno said Chuck is emerging from the shadows of beautiful Julianne. He thought Chuck was really performing. He said Chuck needs to keep his confidence all the way through. Carrie Ann said there was a questionable lift in the beginning. She thought Chuck lost his focus. She’s irritated because it’s not coming together for Chuck. The judges all talked over each other after that.


Couple: Lawrence & Edyta

Dance: Paso Doble

Lawrence was the matador and Edyta was his cape. I thought this dance was more about poses than steps until it was nearly finished. This did not make me want to scream, “Ole!”

Bruno called Lawrence the Prince of Darkness – strong, powerful, fearless. Bruno thought it started off badly, then Lawrence got his feet moving. Carrie Ann thought Lawrence has a limited range of motion, but he uses it well. She said the music was difficult and Lawrence did a good job keeping up with it. Len said he liked the intensity Lawrence has. He said the dance quality is not quite there. He thinks this is Lawrence’s best dance.


Couple: Shawn & Mark

Dance: Viennese Waltz

Shawn was wearing a beautiful white dress. These two almost looked like a couple of newlyweds doing their first dance! This was so pretty! Loved it! The crowd gave her a standing ovation.

Carrie Ann said they proved simplicity is the best route to success. She says they didn’t overdo anything. Len said they showed the romance. He said Shawn’s footwork wasn’t right – she should have been stepping forward on her heel. Bruno said Shawn is pretty as a picture. He said the dance had great musicality.


Couple: Melissa & Tony

Dance: Paso Doble

WOW! If you didn’t watch Melissa’s face, this dance was great! She had to try very hard not to smile, and at least once, I saw her grin wide. I think her feet made up for it – her skirt was really long and it was sometimes hard to see them!

Len said Melissa is an excellent dancer and that routine was difficult. He said there were a couple of little blunders. He said it lacked aggression. Bruno said Melissa went for it and most of it was beautiful. He said she made mistakes and lost her concentration. Carrie Ann said the choreography was fantastic. She appreciates that Melissa is challenging herself. She thought Melissa was off-balance and there was a questionable lift.


Couple: David & Kym

Dance: Viennese Waltz

David started off looking angry. This continued for much of the dance. Kym managed to smile. Seriously – David’s angry face is bothering me. When there’s no close-up, I think the dance looks good. But those close-up shots are confusing me.

Bruno said David started well, then he looked like a dog on a lamp post. He said tricks weren’t necessary. He said it worked when the dance was classic. Carrie Ann said there’s a disconnect – they’re not moving in unison. Len loved the story. He thought it was a good performance and a difficult dance. He was pleased with it.


Couple: Gilles & Cheryl

Dance: Paso Doble

I like it from the beginning – Gilles is shirtless. I believe this is a first this season. Cheryl put some little jacket on him while they danced. This was a hot paso! It was fast and slow. Oh my gosh! This was even better than last week’s dance! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! Standing ovation from the crowd AND Carrie Ann and Bruno!

Carrie Ann said it was breathtaking. She said what they do is make them feel like she’s watching someone take it to the core and the essence of the dance. Len thought it was a tad hectic in place. He liked the passion and fire in the belly. He didn’t know about the top off (it distracted Len). Tom said Len has pec envy. Bruno said Gilles was going for the kill. He said it was a battle for supremacy. He says the sexual tension was like a snapping point. He said Gilles nailed it.


Couple: Steve-O & Lacey

Dance: Viennese Waltz

OK. Watching Steve-O dance with Wee-Man was funny in their rehearsals. I have my fingers crossed for Steve-O. He started the dance off as a mime (minus the makeup). This might be Steve-O’s best dance this season. He did not appear to be in pain. He moved quite well. This was kind of sweet.

Len said it was Steve-O’s best dance. Bruno said he liked the Marcel Marceau influence. He said Steve-O’s timing was on, but Steve-O has a lot of work to do. Carrie Ann said there was a sweet innocence to the dance. She said Steve-O needs to work on his posture.

SCORE: 18 (Steve-O’s best score yet!)

Couple: Ty & Chelsie

Dance: Paso Doble

Ty should be good at this – he’s used to tackling the bull! Ty had the intensity in the dance.I thought he looked like he was concentrating a bit much, but I wasn’t sure if he was just waiting for the music. I didn’t like this as much as last week’s dance, but it was good.

Bruno said it was robotic that he thought it was a Transformer doing the dance. He thought it was too stiff? Carrie Ann thought Ty was thinking too much. Len said this dance was not quite as good as the last two Ty has done. However, he thinks Ty’s doing better than he did in the first couple of weeks.


Couple: Lil’ Kim & Derek

Dance: Viennese Waltz

I never thought I’d say this, but Lil’ Kim looked like a princess! She was so graceful and elegant – very unlike the rapper she is. She was so good tonight! She scored a standing ovation from the crowd.

Carrie Ann said she was beaming like she was Lil’ Kim’s mom when she watched her. She said Lil’ Kim and Derek compliment each other so beautifully. Len said it was lyrical, had great musicality. He said he was looking at her feet and thought the dance lacked content. Bruno said he had a huge smile on his face because she made the Viennese Waltz look sassy and sexy. He said she was in total harmony with her partner.


Tuesday night, Etta James and Demi Lovato will perform. The Las Vegas show “La Reve” will also show off their moves. The dance off will also return tonight!

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